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The Test

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50/50 chance. Win or lose.

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"Not so fast" It was Korse. "I see you let your friends free" He glared at me and shook his head "What are we going to do with you?"
We all stared, dumbfounded. He clicked his fingers.
Out of nowhere, Candy, Party, Electric, Grace and the Jet clone appeared.
"What the..." Candy was baffled. We all were.
"Im going to tell you whats going to happen..." Korse was cut off by Electric
"Kobra!" She ran to him "and...and Jet. But..." She looked back at the copy.
"Let me explain" The evil mastermind continued. "I shall take the two Jets back with me. I will appear sometime after that with the pair in tow. You will have to know which one is not the clone. If you fail, I shoot both Jets and I might kidnap one or two of you. If you succeed, you get your Jet back but he will have to make a very hard decision. Farewell"
He clapped, and him and the two Jet Stars dissapeared
We were all frozen with shock. We quietly greeted eachother and then stood there, jaws open.
"What do we do now?" I turned to Party. He took my hand
"Just Wait"
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