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The Question

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A very hard decision indeed

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We didnt have to wait for too long. Korse reappeared within a day. He came with both Jets, who were standing side by side
They looked exactly the same. When they talked, they sounded the same aswell. The pair tried to convince us it was his own self.
"Times up" Korse interupted. We'd only had a minute to tell them apart. "Party Poison, discuss with your fellow killjoys and come and tell me which one you think is yours"
It was impossible to find out which was our Jet. We had to guess.
"The...left one" Party told the BL/ind boss.
Korse placed a gun on the left Jet's head. He left it there for a moment, then took it away. "Well done. You figured it out. Now Jet Star must make a decision...But I shall let you greet eachother first." He stood back, watching as we talked to eachother
"Okay! Enough!" Korse clapped his hands. We became silent. "Jet..." There was a long pause. "Excluding you, which killjoy do I kill?"
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