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The Jealousy

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The guns are out. The tase guns. Why is that?

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I was dumbfouned. So was everyone else apart from Korse who was laughing his bald head off. "Go on Jet, don't be shy" He was in hysterics again. Candy stepped forward, her arms wide open. "Pick me"

"No" Party took her shoulders and pulled her back to his side. He looked over at Korse, who was still dying of laughter. "There HAS to be another way"

No matter how humorous this situation was to him, nobody would be rolling on the floor, giggling like a maniac. "That's not Korse" I stated. They all turned their gazes to me. "Korse is a sincere bloke. No matter how funny this is, he wouldnt be doing..." I pointed to the evil genius who was now rocking in a ball, clapping like a retatrded seal "...that"

"I think Jet's right" A dark haired girl nodded


"Oh. Electric Arsenic" She held out her hand. A firm shake. "I joined your friends when you first got captured"

"Ah, right"

"Enough meeting and greeting already" Ghoul waved his hand in our faces. "How about, whilst he's having his laughing fit, we shoot him!" He grinned like an idiot. Heart copied. Grace looked through her bag. I don't wanna kill him, he should learn a lesson. I have these taze guns though"


In a similar way to how she did a few days ago, Grace threw the guns into the air, and they promptly landed on the floor. Time seamed to be repeating itself as I said "Guys! This is serious! No messing around" But this time I was glaring at Electric and Jet, who were in deep conversation about that anime, 'Deathnote'

"I don't care about L and Kira" It was my turn to wave my hand in their faces.

"Okay. Guns" Party took the weapons from my hands and passed them around, keeping an eye on Korse, whom was still in bits from the 'Hilarity' he had witnessed. "In 3, we fire"


"Ghoul, you are an idiot! 3, 2, 1!"


We all shot at the BL/ind boss. He fell silent, and his leg started twitching. Electric was concerned "Will he be okay?" She grabbed Jet's arm. Kobra and Grace frowned.

"Who cares?" Ghoul gave a dismissive grunt.

"Lets just dump him somewhere" Heart joined Fun Ghoul in grabbing Korse's limbs.

"Someone's a big boy" Groaned Ghoul, complaining about our enemies weight. Kobra pushed him onto the floor and started walking with the blonde. The rest of us followed
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