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The Switches

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Kobra is upset at Electric's odd behaviour

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We'd been walking for what seemed like hours. It could have been, but no one had a record of the time.

"Where are we dumping this guy anyway?" I wondered.

"No idea" Huffed Kobra. "Electric has the map. She probably knows" We simultaneously turned to face her. She was looking all googley eyed at Jet, who was blushing. Grace's eyes were slits as she shook her head. Kobra sighed. "Whats wrong with me?"

"Huh?" What was he on about?

"She liked me, now she's off with Jet in a finger snap!"

"Oh! Thats not you!"

"Who is it then?"

I looked over at Electric Arsenic again. "Her" I spat. It was like a mini ephiny. I had suddenly realised my dislike towards thsi girl. Thinking its just fine to join in our group, making us lose our weapons, leading poor Kobra on..."She's just not nice"

"No no no! Its not her! She's the most wonderful person in the world. I must have done SOMETHING"

"Oh! Kobra!" I put my hand on his arm. Ghoul's puppy eyes looked up at me and I removed it at once.

"There's no 'Oh you' about it. Unless you're scolding me"

I felt really sorry for him. This girl had hypnotised the poor lad. My hand stayed on his arm this time.

"I'll give her a peice of my mind. Just wait"


I couldnt believe it. I was just watching, so confused. It looked like the couples had all been switched. It wasnt right.
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