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The Madness

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An...intrseting convosation takes place

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I don't know what everyone was going on about. Kobra? Kobra who? Jet Star.

'I hardly know him. Kobra Kid loves you'

Like I said, Kobra who?

'Kobra Kid'

Never heard of him

'Youve hugged him for god's sake!'

Did I?

'Noo, DUH you idiot, why would your innerself lie to you?'

I must be going cr...

'Don't worry. No need to finish that sentence off. Just leave Jet, go back to Kobra...jerk@

Why are you, I mean, I...why am I calling myself a jerk

'Becasue you are a jerk'

Oh shut up!

'Make me'

I screamed. But no body seemed to notice. Its as if sound never came out of my mouth

'Ha ha, thats not gonna work'

How come?

'Im not gonna let you. You start seeing your sences now Missy, or you are going to regret it'

I think you're gonna regret it if you don't shut your trap

'Either way, you're gonna regret something'

Stop confusing me!

'Stop confusing yourself'

This is exactly what I mean!

'Just do as I say. Forget Jet Star'

But I can't! He...he's just amazing

'Really? You hardly know him!'


'Master of comebacks much?'

Oh my God! Leave me ALONE

'Well, that's under your control'


Now they started to notice me.

"Are you okay?" A muffled voice

"Whats wrong?" And another. I felt a touch on my back, but I saw nobody. What was happening?

"I think..I think I'm going crazy"
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