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The Desert Star

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Double cross to the max

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Crazy. That was it. It wasnt me or her, just some stupid illness. And playing love doctor could cure it. Probably a little to sure of myself, I sauntered over to Electric who was just standing there, in a different world. "You'll be okay" I mumbled, humbling myself up again. She didnt respond. "Jet, could you carry Korse with Heart? I want to walk with Electric" He glared at me, and marched away. Looks like I had competition. "Speak to me...please?" I shook her shoulders.


"You're back on earth, eh?"

"Umm, yep, I guess"

"What happened?"

"I dont know"


Great choice Kobra. Tell Jet to come and carry our enemy with me. But then again, I could question him. I may not be the highest grade of intelligence, but I was convinced Electric was faking it. Kobra was nearly crying. Even if she was demented in some way, it wasnt fair.

Jet grunted, taking Korse's legs. He didnt show any sign of emotion. Had we been double crossed? I looked at the evil genius. Evil...not THAT evil

We finally found a warehouse. Grace had taken over from Electric's original authority and said to dump the body there. We did as she commanded.

It smelt of ash and cider. There were old newspapers scattered across the floor. 'The Desert Star: 1893' Really old. Near the back of this abbandoned building was a large crate. My curiosity didnt let me go past it. Peeking my nose over the edge, I saw what was hidden inside. Skin. Human flesh and skin. Ew. Then I lifted it up, to see robot parts. The odd metal leg and arm, but mainly wires. I dropped the blanket of cells and ran out of the shack, not noticing the logo on the side of the door.




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