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The Sleeping

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The master of confusion is back.

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"What's in there? You look like you've seen a ghost" Ive opened my arms to embrace Heart but she ran straight to Kobra. Why was she ignoring me? Had I been dumped? I didnt want to think about it. Maybe she was But tsuffering from the madness too. Probably the heat. But there was something funny about it


"You should talk to your brother. He seems upset"

"Thats just his pokerface" Party shrugged. "And anyway, he's busy"

When Heart had scurried out of the warehouse, she said that she saw some signal bars on her iPhone. Kobra had volunteered to see if he could get someone to take us back home.

Back home, back to New Jersey. No more fighting, getting kidnapped or shot. Though it was a dangerous expedition, I was going to miss the excitement of it all.

"He's been in there ages!" Heart had joined our miniture convosation. "I'll check on him"

"Its not as if there's gonna be any monsters in there!" Laughed Party, but he seemed a little worried. Heart raised an eyebrow, as if to say she knew something we didnt, and headed into the building.

I was getting terribly bored and decided to sit, back to the warehouse. I swivled my gaze around and jumped up in an instant. "How could we NOT notice that!?"

The smug smiley of the BL/ind logo stared down on me, from where it was pasted to the wall.

"Shit!" Party ran in, now seriously concerned. I followed

"SUPRISE!" Korse was stood at the back, arms open. I looked at the stack of hay where the body we thought was his lay. My eyes panned around the room and froze at Kobra and Heart, laying side by side. It didnt look like they were breathing. Kobra Kid's brother rushed to his body, and vigorously shook it. "Oh. They're in deep sleep. They'll be like that for a while." The bald man paused. "Ah yes, little Chemical Candy. Would you go and get your other friends? I have some news I'd like to share"
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