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The Cameras

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Things are explained, but not all

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"David! I am pleasently suprised with your acting skills" Korse smiled as I re-entered the warehouse with Grace, Electric Arsenic, Jet Star and Fun Ghoul.

"Thank you boss" The body on the hay stood up and brushed itself down.

"Kids, meet Dave. He's been playing me all this time" The identical men shook hands. Grace looked disgusted and baffled at the same time. She asked "All this time?"

"Ever since Jet was kidnapped. Now, I can assure you that I am much more evil than what Dave portrayed. I set this whole thing up

"When Jet was first captured you see, he was hidden in a secret location. Then you come along, and rescue a clone! Oh, that was hilarious. Ghoul, when you let your friends free for the second time, did you notice anything intresting in that box? Cameras maybe?"

"Uhh, no"

"Oh what poor eyesight you have. But yes, cameras...Oh damn! Dave, get those pink pills over there and feed them to the sleeping beautys please..."

Dave did as he was comanded and Kobra and Heart woke up, drowsy.

"...Ah, where was I? Cameras! Kobra, take a little look at this video"

I never noticed the projector Korse was using now. The video was grainy, but you could see what was happening. Jet and Kobra were in a room, and the BL/ind boss (Or Dave) entered. He gave them both this greeny-blue liquid, and their bodys slumped. Jet was taken out of the area. The film flickered and now the warehouse we were in was shown. The man was walking in, carrying Jet. He dumped him down on the hay, and started looking through the crate at the back. He took out a metal oval, which had some writing on it. It looked like "Brian". Who was Brian? The evil genius (or actor) picked up a hammer...

I couldnt watch the next bit. Party told me it was gory, and belonged in a horror ovie. Basically, Jet's brain had been replaced with the artifical one. It had said "Brain" not "Brian"

Korse shut of his little presentation he had exhibited. "So, yet again, you have gone away with a copy! That medicine, it made Kobra lose the memory of Jet being taken away

"With a mechanic brain, I bet you wonder how he could speak and such. See, I have a mic, and what I put into it, comes out of Jet's mouth. Dear neice, care to try it?"

Electric snatched the microphone from her uncle. "Korse is a douchb---" She spluttered as Korse grabbed her neck.

"Korse is a doucheb---" Jet also copied the wheezing.

"Let go off her!" Kobra demamnded. He did, and the girl crawled back to the group.

"The real brain is in a top secret place. Your next little adventure will be to find it. Everything else will be explained then" Like he always had done, Dave clapped his hand and in a puff of smoke, him and Korse were gone
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