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The New Arrivals

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2 new Killjoys arrive

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We had split up into our little groups again. We didnt really talk about what we had to do, we just set off. Me and Party went back the way we came.

"This guy is a maniac" Party Poison used vicious hand motions as he continued to complain. "I mean, yes, he hates us, but this is too far!"

I nodded, getting a little sick of his constant moaning that he had been doing for about an hour.

"Who does he think he is?" He finally took a breath. "Sorry" He took my hand.

"No worries"

I wished I had my iPod. These hour or more long walks were getting so boring. Suddenly, two girls popped up out of nowhere. I thought one was Grace. She had the same hair, a puffy afro like Jet's. As we got closer, I could see it wasnt. She wore a braclet saying "Lethal Flair". She had bright red Doc Martens, black skinnies, and a dark purple tee shirt, which bared the same words that were on her wrist. The other girl was a bit taller than Lethal Flair, but they were both pretty short. The thing that stuck out to me was the larger girls Nyan Cat shirt. She kept with the brightly coloured, random theme. Green jeans, blue hair and rainbow gloves. The black converse kinda wrecked it.

"Against Korse, fellow Killjoy?" I barely had a chance to reply before the Grace look-a-like started up again. "Hi. Lethal Flair. Call me Flair. And this is my friend Transmission Exploder. Call her Exploder. Names? Just to check your real and not drac's in disguise"

We told the quick talking killjoy, and she nodded in approval. "Exploder is a bit shy, but she'll perk up soon. So, where we headed?"

The second Party started to explain, Flair reached into her pocket and took out a metal rectangle. A familiar song started playing. I dived towards her. "Oh my God, Mona Lisa by The Summer Set!"

Brian Dales's voice blasted through the desert. It was clear Party had never heard of this band before. He stood with a curious expression on his face.

"Anyway, continue" They were the first words I heard Exploder say.

Now the new additions to our group knew what was going on, we set off again. But it was starting to get dark. We set up camp. Lethal Flair was very prepared, with a tent and blankets. Only 3 though. "Looks like 2 are gonna have to share" She smiled as me and Party looked at eachother. Exploder didnt have the same joyful expression. She sat curled up in a black flecee and watched from the corner.

My eyes fluttered. It was dark. I could just make Party out, who's arms were wrapped around me. I smiled. It soon faded as I looked up, to see Exploder staring down at me.
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