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The Creep

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Exploder turns her creep on

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Natuarlly, I screamed, startling Party and making him jump to his feet.
Man, this Exploder kid was creepy. Her blue locks covered her face like Samara from the ring, and the heavy eyeliner didnt help.
"Um hi" I stuttered, calming down a little. Her not replying started my heart rate right up again. She took Party's hand and dragged him out the tent. He made a face which said 'Nothing I can do' and let himself be manhandled by, really, a stranger
It had probably only been a few minutes, but it felt like forever until they came back. He looked absoloutly terrified, static yet shaking, yet she was grinning like a maniac.
I exclaimed, "What have you done?".
Party attempted to speak but his teeth were chattering. He sat down in the corner.
"Oh chilax! That was a test to see how you'd cope with personal fear. You seem tough enough. Him...." Transmission Exploder glanced over to the shivering wreck "Not so good"
"What did you say!?"
"Nothing much" she shrugged. "Just that I was going to kill you. I wont though, promise!"
My jaw dropped and I scampered over to the little red headed mess, trying to console him. He seemed not to be getting any better, and this worried me. Yet I was flattered, in a selfish kind of way.
It took until morning for him to recover. I think she must have said more than that I was going to die. With me around for most of the night, he wouldnt be that shaken. We headed out later than the norm as it took Flair a while to wake up from her undisturbed sleep. Just another treck across the desert, we thought, but no. Recignised creatures made themselves vissible.
'Dracs!' Exploder cried, pulling out a plain white raygun. I wondered why it wasnt decorated. There was no time for such thoughts though. I had only been thinking for about 5 seconds and I had already missed my gun thrown from Party's hands. I dived to the floor to grab it and shoot from below but my plan was flawed. I jumped straight into a rock. And this rock seemed familiar in my blurred vision. Dark red liquid stained the boulder, but it was not fresh. The shape looked identical to something I had seen before too. This must have been the rock Grace hit her head on. We were right back where we started, with a lot less energy and far more trouble.
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