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Chapter 7

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The aftermath... and an interesting dream.

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Hello peoples!!! I know this hasn't been updated in a while - at least it feels like a while to me - but I have had a mental week. Homework, coursework (how I hate the stuff), exams... school basically. And not to mention this heat wave!!! Is anyone else in the UK getting one? It is brilliant, but exhausting - I have spent every spare moment swimming. I'm not even joking. Anyways, lucky for you guys, my fingers began to itch and next thing I know I'm on my laptop,writing again!! I'm getting really into this story and hope you all like it!! XD Thank you for the reviews and ratings - they really do mean a ridiculous amount to me! I love you all! Now shut up and start reading! XD


It's hot. Gorgeously, deliciously hot. Like the man currently whose torso is currently hovering above mine. His eyes are closed with pleasure, but I can't take my eyes off his face as he tilts his head back, the black hair falling around the perfectly tanned face.

I moan as he grinds his hips into mine and he echoes me.

"Mmmmm, you like that?" he purrs. I can only continue to groan in complete ecstasy.

"I know you do," he whispers, lowering his lips on to mine. They're warm, soft, wet; interrupted only be the cold metal of his lip ring. I bring one hand up to his face, the other to his lower back. I imagine that I can feel the tattoos writhing under my hands as I pull him closer.

Needless to say, I'm incredibly hard and he's doing nothing to help, just continuing to grind. "Mmmf... Frankiiieee..." I moan.

"Yes Gerard?" his voice is like melted chocolate, like those eyes I am so desperate to see.

"I'm, so..." My voice trails off as he grinds his hips even harder, teasing me by not actually doing enough to help me ease the pressure.

"Oh I know," he replies, his voice teasing. His hands stroke down my sides, leaving trails of fire where they touch my pale skin. In this half light, he looks even darker then me. Even more beautiful. I still can't see his eyes though.

When those hands reached my waist, I began to moan again. Teasingly slowly they move inwards, before wrapping around my hard length. I'm not sure when my clothes were removed, but as his hands begin to move, all thoughts leave me.

"That's right; moan like the bitch you are." He breaks the kiss to whisper to me. I can't help but be incredibly turned on by this crude order and happily do as I'm told. Through half lidded eyes I see him smile. His hands were still moving, bringing me closer my the second and his eyes were still closed.


When I woke up, I was still sweating. My boxers were embarrassingly sticky and I badly needed a shower. Then it hit me what had just happened.

I had had a wet fucking dream, about Frank fucking Iero. Who I'd known for little more than a day. And was probably just coming down off a sex induced high along with some lucky bastard. And I had to hitch a ride with his irritatingly direct best friend, who had the guts to suck face with him - something I really wanted to do.

At least Frank being out meant I didn't have to face the risk of running into him on my way to the bathroom. I couldn't stand the humiliation of admitting what the dream had been about. And I had little doubt about the fact that Frank would somehow force it out of me.

I grabbed a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt and brought them into the bathroom with me, dumping them in the sink. Then I climbed in the shower, turned it on and let the hot water and steam cleanse my body of the previous night's dream. How, after barely twenty-four hours of knowing the guy could I have a dream like that about Frank? Well, about anyone? But Frank? Ok, I'd established he was gorgeous, but he was an idiot - an from the sounds of things - man slut. Again, this was typical - just my luck!

I didn't want to leave the warmth of the shower and face the unfamiliar streets trying to find Phin's house. At least it would be warm out I supposed.

Regretfully, I got out of the shower, did my hair and put on my eyeliner. I was still slightly damp when I pulled my jeans on, making the task practically impossible and the material very uncomfortable to wear.

Before going downstairs, I grabbed my bag and stuffed in the books I'd been given from yesterday. Then I went downstairs. No one was about of course, as John had a tendency to sleep in until noon and Frank... God only knows where Frank was. I made myself some cereal and coffee, flicking through then Kerrang! magazine Frank had left lying around. I noticed the band posters in the middle were missing and assumed they were up on Frank's walls.

I carried on reading the articles as I ate breakfast, not really taking anything in. The map Frank had given to me was in my school bag, having stuffed in there after he left last night. I took it out now and began to examine the red line drawn down the streets. A lot appeared to be back alleys and i wondered if Frank was hoping for me to get mugged.

Needless to say, it was another beautiful day out - the sun blazing down, even this early. I had loads of time before school started but had no idea how long it would take me to get to Phin's. Frank had said to be there before eight, which gave me fifteen minutes to get there. I was power walking, dreading being late and missing school all together, though looking at the map I hap plenty of time. I just hoped that Frank kept his promise of calling her.

The walk was fairly pleasant; the streets were kinda rundown but pretty. However, as I made my way down the roads, following the route Frank had marked for me, I noticed that the houses were getting bigger and grander, more expensive. I was also approaching the coast, which meant the house values would be even higher. Shit, I hadn't realised that Phin was rich.

The final street I had to walk down just made me feel uncomfortable. They were massive, posh looking thing, whose windows stared down at me. They were probably horrified by the sight of a scruffy, emo teenager walking down their high rent road. I hunched my shoulders, trying to appear as small as possible and detract attention. I was usually quite good at it, but here I stood out like a sore thumb.

Finally, I reached the house number 685, the one marked as Phin's on the map. I arrived just in time to see a sleek red car pull out of the drive. The windows were down and music was pouring out. I could clearly see Phin in the drivers seat.

"Hey! Wait!" I yelled and ran towards her. I'm amazed she heard me as the music was fucking loud.

Phin's eyes widened as she saw me. "Gerard?" she asked. Or I'm assumed she asked as I couldn't actually hear her over the guitar solo that was currently making the car frame shake.

"Yeah, look sorry... Did Frank not call?" Stupid question. If he had, Phin wouldn't look so shocked at seeing you here, I told myself.

"What?!" She yelled over the music. I was about to answer when she leaned over the to her right and turned the volume down. "Sorry. What were you saying?" she asked, then continued before giving me time to reply. "What happened? Why aren't you with Frank? Did he get sick again or somethin'? Is he ok?" Her voice was calm, but when Phin asked the last question her eyes widened with worry.

"No he's fine - at least as far as I know. He said he'd call you and ask you to give me a lift to school. Is that ok?"

"Yeah, that's cool. Jump in, dude." I went round the other side of the car (catching a glimpse of Phin's house as I did so - it was massive) and got in the front seat next to her. "Why couldn't Frank give you a lift?"

I briefly explained the conversation I'd have with him last night. As I did so, the concerned looked disappeared off of Phin's face, to be replaced with a pissed-off scowl.

"Bastard!" she yelled when I was done. I winced at the volume of her voice. "Stupid, idiotic faggot!"

"Sorry..." I muttered, although I didn't see what I'd done wrong. Her angry expression disappeared and she looked apologetic; once again making me wonder if she was severely bi-polar.

"It's not you I'm mad at Gerard!" Phin was laughing now. As quick as this had come, she looked angry again. "It's Frank."


"Yeah; he's acting like a damn... whore. I swear he pulls more guys than I do and has more one night stands in the last month than most people have in their entire fucking lives!"

"Does he usually act like that?" I couldn't help but question. I was deeply curious about Frank. And jealous of the guys he was apparently sleeping with. How sick am I?

"For about half a year now, it's just been getting worse and worse. And I mean, the dudes only sixteen! It's fucking ridiculous!" I just kept quiet - listening to what was fast turning into a rant. "That's what got him kicked out of his parents' in the first place you know."

"Really?" I asked, surprised.

"Yeah, I really shouldn't be telling you this. Oh well, everyone knows it. It'd not exactly a secret - you'd find out sooner or later. He basically brought about five guys back to his place about four weeks ago. It was like this huge, multiple orgy and well... his parents weren't happy. I mean, they were kinda religious so having a bi son wasn't exactly too hot with them, but bringing that many guys home at once was just taking it too far. Frank bitches about it, but I don't blame them to be honest. And now they've just made it worse - he doesn't have to worry 'bout anyone hearing or walking in or whatever, 'cos John is completely clueless."

"How did he end up living with my uncle anyway?"

"After his parents kicked him out, Frank lived round mine for a bit. My parents weren't too happy with it and Dad knew John so he sorted it."

"Oh, I was wondering but didn't really have the guts to ask Frank." I said.

That made her chuckle. "Yeah, he can be a bit pyscotic at times."

We spent the remaining five minutes making small talk. As I said, Phin was likeable enough and she made me laugh a lot. We pulled into school, and found a parking spot easily enough. I was just about to get out when Phin stopped me. "Look, Gerard. I don't really mean anything in particular by this but..." She hesitated looking worried. I was surprised. Phin was so confident and direct, what could make her uneasy? "Just be careful around Frank. He's not what he pretends to be." Her green eyes stared up at me, trying to communicate other than with words. I had no idea what she meant, so just nodded.

When I arrived in school, I looked eagerly round for Frank. He wasn't there and I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that the guy who was so present during my dreams was so distant in reality. I followed Phin round like a shadow, only splitting from her when we had different classes. I barely walked ten metres away from her side when the mutters and taunts began again. They bothered me more than I'd like to say.

I didn't see Frank again until lunch. We were all eating in what seemed to be the usual place when he sauntered over, looking extremely pleased with himself. What Phin had said, about him not being what he pretended to be went through my head. It was a bit of a shitty warning - she could have at least mentioned which part of him was pretence.

Then Phin shocked us all by jumping to her feet and slapping Frank around the face. Hard.

"What the fuck?" he yelled, more surprised than hurt.

"I could ask you the same!" Phin shouted back. The entire group fell silent, cigarettes and sandwiches momentarily forgotten about.

"I-" Frank began, only to be cut off by Phin.

"Are you determined to catch some sort of STD, or are you just stupid?"

"Neither - I just don't really give a fuck!"

"Oh, don't give me that shit!"

"Phin - it is none of your motherfucking business what I do, or don't. And whether I give a fuck or not is not for you to decide!"

A few of the guys had got to their feet by this point as it was likely that either of the two were about to swing a punch. Frank's cheek was already an angry red colour. Phin looked so angry she was going to burst. I was not even exaggerating. Then she did something I really didn't expect.

Phin closed her eyes and took a deep breathe. Then she leaned forward and whispered something in Frank's ear. He paled. She leant back, with a look of vindictive pleasure on her face.

Frank swung his fist at her.

God, only knows how Phin managed it, but she ducked, missing the punch that was aimed for her face. Andy immediately rushed to her side, whilst Jared and Kyle hurried to Frank in order to restrain him. He didn't look angry anymore though, just hurt. Phin looked smug and turned, sitting down at the other end of the group with her boyfriend right behind her.

>Frank's POV<

My mind was still reeling in shock as Phin sat down with her back to me.

Of course you don't give a fuck, you take them.

On the surface that didn't sound too bad. But it was linked with memories better left forgotten. Memories that I locked up, left to gather dust and hated. Ones that only resurfaced at night, or when prompted the way Phin just had. She was the only one who knew - apart from the people who had inflicted them of course. And she knew how they affected me. What had I done to make her want to hate me so much?

Listlessly I sat down near Gerard, who was staring at Phin in confusion. I heard Kyle mutter something to Jared behind me and they came and sat down to my right. Bob and Amy were on my left, Gerard directly in front of me.

"Hey man, you ok?" Jared asked. It wasn't often he conveyed anything that was not a direct result of testosterone, but he actually seemed concerned.

"I'm fine." I replied. I'm not o-fucking-kay! I screamed. Only on the inside though.

I turned to something simple - something that put me in control and would bury the turmoil of emotions that was currently swamping me.

"Miss me, Gerard?" I asked. His head snapped round to me, his eyes wide and wary.

"Chill dude. I'm not gonna bite." I smiled. "Not unless you want me to." Gerard just blinked back. God, this kid was fucking hilarious. "Soooo.....? Good dreams?" I pressed on with the one sided conversation. Gerard's pale skin turned even whiter, which I didn't actually think was possible. Then he blushed a deep crimson colour. I laughed, knowing I'd hit the nail right on the head. "Come on babyyyy.... We can't control what we dream, can we?" He just turned an even brighter red, again proving that anything is possible.

"Leave it, Frank." I turned in the direction of the voice, feeling surprised. Bob Bryar rarely spoke unless it was discussing weed. He certainly never stood up for anyone - excluding himself of course. He certainly never stood up to me.

I just shrugged and lay back into the grass, thinking. So, Gerard had dreamed about me. That was... interesting. Perhaps, for a while at least. I should re-concentrate my energy from fucking as many guys as possible to just fucking this one. That had been my plan already of course, but I thought i should probably wait for a tiny bit, at least until he felt more comfortable around me. But if he was having dreams about me, he probably already was comfortable enough. Hmmmmm....

I spent the rest of break plotting. How to get Phin back on my side and how to get up Gerard's backside. (hahaha - I was brilliant at puns).

I'd forgotten my iPod so I could hear what people were talking about. They thought I was asleep, which wouldn't have been that unlikely, considering the night I'd just had.

Quite a few people were questioning Phin on what she had said to me. She was refusing to tell them, so I knew she didn't completely hate me guts. Truthfully, she probably didn't hate me at all. We were like siblings - always fighting and continually making up. Although I sincerely hoped there were no siblings who made up the way we did.

Then of course there was Gerard. He had seemed comfortable around Bob yesterday, and was now chatting amiably enough with the older guy, Amy, Kyle and Jared. The last three were doing most of the talking. I just lazed in the sun.

When the bell rang, I stayed on my back, knowing it would fall on Phin to wake me up. Sure enough, I heard her voice ordering Andy and Lissa to go ahead - she'd catch up.

"Come on lazy bones." She murmured softly, poking my sides. I groaned, still faking sleep. "I know you're awake. That you were never asleep."

"Fine, you got me." I rolled over and stood up. Most people were crossing the tarmac outside school by now. "If you thought I was asleep, would you have told the others what you said to me?" My tone was accusing.

Phin's face fell. "I'm sorry 'bout that." She looked it too. "I'm just worried 'bout ya. I was being serious when I said you're gonna end up catching something."

"Don't worry - I use protection and everything." She snorted.

"I'm still worried 'bout you..."

"Hey, don't. I know what I'm dong. Yes, I'm a whore and a slut and whatever, but I enjoy it!"

Phin laughed at that. "Fair enough. Look, just tone it down a bit. Concentrate on partying as opposed to fuckin'!"

"Will do." I said, before hugging her. I still couldn't believe she'd said that to me but I knew she was mad at me for dumping the new kid on her and worried about the fact I could barely keep track of who I was sleeping with. So I forgave her. But that phrase was still swimming around in my head.

Of course you don't give a fuck, you take them.

Sooooooo.....? (I'm doing that when I talk now!) What did y'all think? What happened to Frank? How does Phin know about it? What did she mean when talking to Gerard? Am I involving her too much? What did you think of the beginning? (I have never, ever written something even vaguely resembling a sex scene before) Is anyone actually going to answer these questions? REVIEW.


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