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Chapter 8

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This is very much a filler - the summary of the first few weeks of Gerard living in California.

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OMG!!! I cannot believe it! I posted the last chapter less than 24 hours ago and it had already gone green!!! I cannot even begin to describe how much I love you guys! As a thank you - here is another chapter. I wasn't going to post it so soon because I can't really be bothered to write at the moment. But I saw the GREEN and just had to type something! XD
Anyways, nothing really happens in this, but I do feel it is necessary for the story to progress. The next update is already being written in my head so it should take too long for it to be posted. Again, I love you!!


>Gerard's POV<

The next few weeks passed with less drama than the first two days.

Frank went out again, once or twice a week. I had got Phin's number after the first time though, so she knew when I was coming. She'd usually ignore Frank for the following day, until he would sidle up to her and begin whispering things in her ear that I'd rather not know about. If Andy wasn't about, he'd place butterfly kisses on her neck until she melted against him. I couldn't help but hate Phin for this, even know I knew my jealously of the way Frank treated her wasn't her fault.

At weekends, I had the loft to myself for almost the entire two days. Frank would work in the tattoo shop on Saturday, then disappear off to some party. He wouldn't reappear until late Sunday and then he was in a hung over stupor, or occasionally, still drunk.

He came on to me a few times. I hated to admit that I loved it, but when sober, I was way too nervous to act upon it. Even if I did, I knew Frank would just reject me at a later date. When sober, he'd make all of these stupid comments that annoyed me to no end as they had a habit of hitting the nail right on the head. Frank always seemed to know when I dreamed of him (which happened embarrassingly often), when I was craving a drink, or when I desperately missed my little brother. Frank would use these weaknesses to upset and annoy me to the best of his ability. He got to me more often than I'd like to admit. In fact, Frank seemed to take pleasure out of driving me to despair. He learned that I hated being turfed out of bed, woken up without coffee, teased about my looks, or insulted for my artwork. So of course; he did this when ever possible.

That was mostly when we were out of school though. When we were in the brick confines of that place, he was distracted by gossip and drama that his friends continually bitched about. Thankfully, I had learned my way around the place fairly quickly, which was a relief as I hated having an escort. However, this did mean the words 'fag' and 'emo' followed me around much more frequently. I also learned who it was best to keep away from. The jocks who threw these words at me hadn't tried to touch me yet, but I didn't doubt that if I wasn't friends with Phin and Frank's group (they seemed to be the unofficial leaders), I would have had the living shit kicked out of me; the same way I saw some of the nerdy kids being beaten up. The taunts didn't bother me too much - especially as I had somehow ended up with more friends here than I ever had in New Jersey.

I still missed the place though. My parents, and Ray but Mikey especially. We emailed each other nearly every single day and he seemed happy enough; bitching about homework, complaining about jocks and moaning about having to get up for school. Even know I wasn't with Mikey, and couldn't talk to him properly, he always made me laugh. I emailed Ray a bit too and he seemed amazed that I was actually getting along ok here.

Personally, I was just worried about getting back to Jersey - worried that it would happen, worried that it wouldn't. I missed my family so much, yet somehow - I was happier here. I missed my old life, but could see that it was a bit of a hole, and that my lifestyle of getting wasted daily and ending up sleeping with random strangers weekly was going to land me deep in the shit. And somehow, I had ended up with friends here - even if they did scare the living shit out of me at times.

Despite the fact Frank and Phin's group seemed to be largely made up of druggies, for the most part I'd resisted the temptation of the drugs (though I would occasionally share a joint with Bob) and rarely drank. I still wanted the stuff, but now I wasn't partying so hard, it was difficult to get my hands on it. Not that I had the money to spare - John kept me and Frank working hard in the tattoo shop but we didn't seem to ever get much money out of it. As with a lot of things here; I didn't mind too much. Even the bright sun didn't bug me too much anymore.

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