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Chapter 9

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Truth or dare - how mature

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I don't know whether I said this in the last chapter (and cba to check tbh) --- but I LOVE THIS WEATHER. I'm not sure how I got this chapter written, cause every spare moment has been spent sun bathing.
On a completely different note, my brother knows I'm writing a story and decided to read it (how he guessed my password I'll never know). He was slightly horrified when he realised it was about guys hooking up. Oh well, he knows I'm obsessed with My Chem - now he knows the full extent. Ohhhh well.
I'm also gonna add that I'm currently raping the replay button for MCR's Heaven Help Us.
Anyways - hope you love the chapter!!

>Frank's POV<

It didn't take long after Gerard's arrival for my life to get back on track. Me and my mates were partying every Saturday, getting pissed out of our brains and occasionally stoned. Lissa and Bob hooked up - to no one's surprise but their own. I had a few one night stands, only to be ignored by Phin the next day. That didn't matter though - I'd wait until there was a bit of distance between her and her boyfriend (not that that happened often) and whisper the obscenely dirty flirty little remarks I knew she was a sucker for into her ear. The only thing that had become impossible for me was going out after school, since Gerard always wanted to get straight back to John's so he could hole up in his room with his laptop. (What did he do with it anyway - surely online porn isn't that great?)

I was a little surprised to walk out of school one Wednesday afternoon to find Andy and Phin sucking face and leaning on my car. Gerard was on the other side, talking to Lissa, Lena and Bob, occasionally shooting glancing at the couple making out like there was no tomorrow. Everyone else was used to their public displays of affection.

"Hey," I walked over the four talking students.

"What's up dude?" Bob replied. His arm was around Lissa.

"Not much. What are they," I jerked my head in the direction of Phin and Andy, "doing making out over here instead of in the back of Phin's car?" I didn't have to look to know that Andy flipped me off at the last comment.

It was Lena who replied. "Phin invited us all round to her's. She decided that she should deliver the news to you in person." The petite blonde shrugged and grinned evilly. "Then she got distracted."

"Fair enough," I smiled back. Gerard was staring at them again, I noticed. "What?" I asked him, kicking his ankle to get his attention. "Never seen two people suck face before? I'll give you a lesson if you want."

He turned his usual shade of crimson, but glared at me simultaneously - an expression I hadn't seen since the first day I'd met him. Ooooh, feisty!

"You up for going to Phin's then?" I questioned.

He shrugged. "Yeah, I guess."

"Better get going then, just give it about a minute."

"Until what?"

"A teacher noticed the X-rated performance currently taking place in the school parking lot."

Sure enough, within sixty seconds the shrill voice of a harassed female teacher yelled out Phin and Andy's last names. They broke apart and gave the woman evil grins that were scarily identical considering how different the two looked.

"See y'all at mine." Phin announced before turning and walking over to her cherry-red car that gleamed in the sunlight. Various members of our gang appeared from where ever they had been hiding out (Kyle arguing with some 'tough nuts', Ollie chatting to Adrian, Jared chatting up some cheerleader - who looked devastated as he walked away - and Lee accompanied by Amy; no one even wanted to imagine what they had been doing.) and headed to their cars.

It was about a twenty minute drive to Phin's, but of course we were all racing. I made it in seventeen, which I was quite proud of. Kyle had beat me there but the guy's a fucking maniac so I'm not surprised. Within the next five minutes the rest of the gang had arrived. If we went anywhere else the seven cars would have spilled out of the driveway but Phin's house is massive. That, combined with the reason that her parents are never home, is the reason we nearly always ended up round here.

As we were waiting around for others, I noticed Gerard looking uncomfortable as he stared up at Phin's house.

"What's up?" I said, curious.

"Nothing," came the answer. I raised an eyebrow disbelievingly, making him roll his eyes when he saw this. The kid's picked up quite an attitude. Clearly California is having a big effect on him. "I just think that it's weird. How some people have enough money to afford all this" - he gestured to the house in front of him - "and others don't have two cent to rub together. It just.. doesn't seem fair."

"That's life I'm afraid." My statement meant to come out patronising, but instead it just sound sad. Neither of us talked as we waited for everyone else to turn up.

The mood picked up quickly enough as Phin unlocked the back door and lead us through. The floors are marbled and the walls, a soft blue colour. The whole place is lit up though, and feels homey as opposed to unwelcoming. The thirteen of us traipsed into the kitchen, where we helped ourselves to fizzy drinks, beer and junk food. Then we climbed the two floors to get to Phin's room; talking, joking and pushing each other around as we did so.

When we arrived, we just collapsed on the floor. For a while we stayed like that; bitching about school and the idiots who go to it. Someone had turned the radio on and despite the huge amounts of sugar we were consuming, everyone was relaxed. The air-con and peaceful atmosphere was extremely pleasant after a hot, busy day at school. I laid on Phin's bed, staring up at her ceiling. She had stuck what seemed like every picture she'd ever taken up there, along with band posters and calendar cut-outs. It was amazing really - a collage of memories and dreams. I looked at the photos - there were quite a few of me, always laughing at the camera. I didn't remember when a lot of them had been taken, but most had pleasant memories attached - I laughed softly to myself as I recalled certain pictures being taken. I think everyone else was as entranced as I was (Gerard was the only person in the room whose face wasn't up there) because we all just lay there for quite a while.

Finally, Phin sat up. "Soooo....? What are we gonna do?" She looked round expectantly.

"Truth or dare." Amy said lazily from where she was lying with her head on Lee's chest. There were groans and weak protests from around the room but we all reluctantly agreed as not agreeing would mean having to think of an alternative. No one could be bothered to think at a time like this.

We gathered round in a loose circle, sprawled out on the wooden floor or sitting cross legged on the bed. People were nervous now - excited. It had been a while since we had last played this and we were all eager to discover the secrets that others were trying to keep hidden - or see them embarrass themselves completely.

"Right Gerard hasn't play Truth or Dare with us before so I'll explain the rules-"

"I have played Truth or Dare before." Gerard interrupted, looking embarrassed and a little annoyed.

"Not with us you haven't!" Lissa announced. We were all grinning or blushing at this point at some memory that came as a result of playing this childish game.

"She's right. Since we don't want to scare you off and my parents are supposed to be home tonight, we're gonna go easy for once. So; simply enough someone spins the bottle. If it's neck-y thing points at ya, you have to choose truth or dare. The first person to think up a truth or dare shouts it out and you have to do slash answer what they said. If for whatever reason ya won't, you have to remove something you're wearing. We usually go down to starker's but 'cos I really don't want my parental units walking in to that scene, we'll say down to underwear. The first person to get down to their underwear loses and has to down a full glass of Jagermeister. The only time you don't have to take something off is is some else feels the question or dare isn't fair. Simple enough?"

Gerard nodded at Phin's instructions.

"Great. In terms of dares; you can't tell someone that you're being dared to do it if ya do something that involves someone out of this room. Kissing is allowed - touching up is not. Can't repeat questions or dares. Breaking furniture or people ain't gonna happen and ditto for anything illegal. You got me?" Everyone nodded and shifted closer. "Let the games begin!" Phin yelled and spun the bottle that had been place in the middle of the circle.

The first person chosen (by the supreme rule of the bottle) was Lee. "Dare," he said, from where leaning back into Amy's lap.

There were a few seconds of silence, then Adrian said "I dare you to not touch Amy again for the rest of the game. No hand holding, no kissing, no sitting on each other. Nada."

Lee and Amy stared at him in horror, making the rest of us laugh. "Fine." Lee scowled and moved away from his girlfriend. "Remind me to pay you back for this at some point."

Still chuckling, Phin leaned forward and spun the bottle again. It pointed at Jared. "Dare."

"I dare you to come on to Ben next time he's at the same party as us." Frank grinned.


"Yeah you know - the one who's girlfriend you shagged a few weeks back." More laughter.

"Great!" Jared's response was dripping with sarcasm.

The bottle was spun again. Amy. "I dare you to make it as hard as possible for Lee to stick to his dare." That one, she agreed with happily.

Phin. "Truth."

Truth's were always harder to decide on as everyone knew everything about each other in this group. However Lena came up with one that surprised us all: "Is it true you slept with Jared after the party last Saturday?"

"What?! Who the fuck told you that?" Phin exploded..

"Just a rumour." Everyone stared at the two girls and Andy, whose face was looking slightly strained. I guessed he was upset by the rumour - true or not.

"Well no. It isn't true. Definitely not." Phin said firmly, glaring at the blonde girl, who looked slightly embarrassed.

The game continued. Adrian was the first person to lose an item of clothing after being dared to eat twelve bananas on the trot. He did quite well actually - nine disappeared before he gave up and removed a shoe.

The bottle landed on Gerard after a few minutes and he hesitantly picked "truth."

I launched in before anyone had a chance. "What are you most afraid of? Object wise I mean."

He shifted uncomfortably. "I don't like needles." I was surprised by that. I mean, he worked in John's tattoo parlour with me without appearing freaked. But then again, now I thought about it, he didn't go near the equipment much, just cleaned up or manned the front desk. I nodded and stored away the information for later use.

Bob was glaring at me and Gerard looked embarrassed (again). "It's ok," the older man announced. "Frank's scared shitless of spiders." I shuddered involuntarily.

Ollie laughed. "Spiders? I never knew that!"

"Shadd'up." I frowned. "Have you never seen a spider? I mean they're small, ugly, have eight legs - that shit really is not natural!"

"Yeah, but bar the eight legs bit, we could say any of things 'bout you Frankie." Phin grinned at me. I grabbed an empty coke can from the floor next to me and lobbed it at her head. She ducked easily and it hit the wall behind her.

After playing for about half an hour, every one of us was topless but most still had the majority of their clothing on. I admit to starring a bit at Gerard's bare pale chest; admiring the muscles that were hinted at under his skin. We were all slightly drunk by this point as well and the initial excitement had worn off.

I was the last person to play - not that I knew that at the time. The bottle pointed at me and I said "Truth", as I really couldn't be arsed to get up and do a dare.

There was a few moments of silence, then Gerard asked (in that gorgeous voice of his... hang on how much had I had to drink again?) "What's the worst experience you've ever had?"

I rolled my eyes and was about to launch into the story of being cornered in the bathroom by a MASSIVE spider when it hit me. A flashback, worse than I had had in years. Voices dripping with spite and malice rand through my ears, faces contorted with hatred spun before my eyes and pain wracked my body. I couldn't help but scream as the memory assaulted me and I collapsed on the floor.

You're fine; you're safe; you're in Seraphin's house! My mind told me. "Nooo! Leave me alone! Please, please - I'm sorry! Just leave me alone please!" My voice screamed.

The only part of my brain still registering reality, felt Phin by my side, whispering comforts to me, whilst Kyle or someone ordered everyone out.

The rest of me was still trapped in my waking nightmare: a dark street, a cold floor, blood, demon's laughter and never ending pain.

At least until I blacked out.

>Gerard's POV<

Everyone had left, gone home, apart from me and Andy. We were waiting in the kitchen - him sipping beer from a half empty can.

I was fidgeting, nervous - what on Earth was wrong with Frank? I felt unbelievably guilty about the whole thing. After all, it was my stupid question that had sparked the fit or whatever was happening to Frank. I never expected that sort or reaction though, or I wouldn't have said anything. It was odd though - for the first time, I could actually believe Frank was younger than me. As he contorted on the floor, his expression was over whelmed with pain and it made him look younger - more vulnerable. I wanted to go over to him and try to help; repair what ever damage I had done. But Phin had ordered everyone out - told them she'd deal with it. Most people took this as a cue to go home, but I couldn't leave without Frank, and Andy wouldn't without saying goodbye to his girlfriend.

Again, I wondered what was happening to Frank. Was he still fitting? Was he gonna be ok? And, most importantly, what on Earth was he seeing to cause this strong, arrogant guy to just break down like that? I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to know.

Eventually, Phin appeared. She seemed to have aged about ten years and looked very stressed. Andy walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her. She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

"Could you please go home?" Phin asked in a very quiet voice. Andy nodded. He looked sympathetic but rather annoyed at his girlfriend's reaction.

"Sure." I said, moving over to Phin. "What's wrong with Frank anyway?"

The girl hesitated, her face filled with sorrow. "I'm not gonna tell you. Sorry - but it's not my secret. Let's just say he... something happened a few years back. We don't really talk about, try not to think about it but sometimes... the memory just hits him. It hasn't happened in ages but, what can I say? Sometimes it does. just don't tell anyone about this. It's bad enough without the whole school bitchin' 'bout it."

"Yeah sure, I wouldn't have said anything anyway." I replied. Andy nodded in agreement.

"Thanks," Phin smiled but looked weary. "Gerard are you ok to drive yourself?"

"Yeah - I got my license a year ago."

"Cool. See ya." Phin reached up to kiss Andy one last time, before heading back upstairs.

>Frank's POV<

To put it bluntly, when I woke up, I felt like shit. I had a pounding headache and felt sick to the stomach. Worse then that, the memories that I had worked so hard to bury had resurfaced and were fresh in my mind.

I rolled over in the bed I recognised as Phin's. Soft music trickled through the house and I could hear her singing along. I felt grateful I wasn't alone, even if Phin wasn't physically in the room.

I tried to concentrate on her slightly out of tune voice instead of the thoughts that flashed round my head.

You're scum.

Faggots like you deserve to die.

Rot in hell!

Who could love a shit-faced whore like you?

The voices of three years ago had faded, but I could still remember the sharp words that were spat at me as I discovered first had that the world was cruel and evil. I swear I had gotten over the damn event but sometimes it'd just hit me. I was pathetic.

I gritted my teeth and buried my face into the pillow. How could I just break down like that? Especially in front of all of my mates like that! They probably had lost every shred of respect for me after witnessing that.

I bit my lip in an attempt to stop the tears that threatened to leak from my eyes. I would not fucking cry like some sort of kid who needed their mommy.

"You ok?" I heard Phin's voice from the door, echoing what she had said to me that night. As I did then, I nodded, without showing her my face. And again in the same way she had then, my best friend came and sat beside me. She pulled me into her arms and I just cried. I could never believe when she didn't reject me after seeing me like this. I was a completely fucked up loony who couldn't even control his own memories. But Phin didn't seem to care - she just hugged me until I fell back into an exhausted sleep.

Hahahaha! Oh I do love this story. Infect I love My Chem in general. I am completely obsessed, Which I hate. It's so fan-girlish. But (and I'm not just saying this) it is genuinely their music I love. And the fact it's fun to write fan fictions 'bout them. But if they wrote shit music I wouldn't write fan fictions. Just thought I'd clear that up. Still listening to Heaven Help Us.
Anyways - the important stuff! What did y'all think? Terrible, bad, ok, good, amazing? (the last one obviously XD) What do you think happened to Frank? And I need your opinions; do I make him and Gerard hooking up long and painful, or just cut to the romance? Either way, I'm gonna warn you this is not gonna have a happy ending... Or maybe it will! I'mma keep you all guessing XD


PS: Now listening to My Way Home Is Through You.
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