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Chapter 10

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The day after; what the hell is up with Frank?

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Hey people. I know this kinda sucks but I need to build up a bit before putting the drama in. I promise there will be lots of drama (possibly our two favourite boys hooking up as well XD soon, but I have literally no time to write at the moment - damn GCSEs to the deepest pit in hell. Oh well, please review and rate anyways.


>Gerard's POV<

To my disappointment, neither Frank nor Phin were in school the following day. I hung round with Bob and Lissa, but felt more part of the whole group today as they were all discussing one thing - Frank.

No one had any clue what had happened to him the previous evening, or what had brought it on. We speculated all lunch, wondering what the fuck could have broken a guy like Frank. It was obviously really bad if it was still jumping out at him like that, and more to the point, Frank was one of the toughest guys any of us knew.

Lissa did admit that she'd heard Frank have a dream one night when they both slept over at Phin's one night.

"He was like, crying." She said. "Muttering - telling people to leave him alone. I was half asleep at the time, but Phin woke him up. In the morning we were laughing 'bout it - he said it was some idiotic nightmare but I didn't really believe him. I certainly don't now."

"What do you think happened though?" Jared asked for what seemed like the millionth time today. "I mean it must have been goddam bad for a guy like Frank to get freaked by it. Remember when he laughed at Saw? I nearly fucking puked!"

"You nearly puked at Saw?" Kyle laughed. "That's some of the most idiotic shit I've ever seen."

"Shut up. It's fucking sick. And anyway I bet you didn't laugh at it!"

"True, but feel sick - I swear you're a pansy sometimes Jared!"

This ensued in a ten minute argument about whether Saw was scary or not. I leaned against a tree, careful to stay in the shape. I knew the debate wouldn't last too long and I was eager to get back on to the subject of Frank. Yes, I was obsessed with the guy, and I was entirely curious in regards to his flashback.

"Anyways," Amy said. "Back to the important goss'. What do people think happened to Frank."

"Personally, I have no idea." Lissa said slowly. "But back before high school - when he first moved here, I dunno if anyone remembers but he was really shy... a complete introvert."

"I do actually." Ollie muttered, when she paused. "He had brown hair back then, I think. He was in a couple of my classes but I didn't really know him that well."

"Yeah, he used to get picked on all the time... He was just this scrawny, New Jersey kid who liked guys too much for his own good. So no one really wanted to have anything to do with him." Lissa continued. "I don't know but the thing is, one day I'm waiting round outside school one day and the two of them arrive together. Him and Phin have been best mates ever since. And of course Frank became the overconfident whore he is today!"

Although the conversation was fairly serious her last comment earned a few chuckles.

"Do you think Phin knows what happened?" Andy asked, leaning forward. He was obviously jealous of Frank's closeness to his girlfriend. I didn't blame him - I was too.

"I reckon." Lissa nodded. "She'd never tell us though."

"If we played truth or dare again?" Lee suggested.

"Oh yeah, that's a great idea!" Amy's voice dripped with sarcasm. "And then just go through the whole thing again."

"She's got a point." Bob muttered.

"Of course she does!" Adrian rolled his eyes. "It was a fucking stupid idea!"

I agreed with Adrian. "But what do you think happened?" I pressed, eager to hear people's theories.

"Something at home?" Ollie suggested after a moments pause. "I mean, he did used to look pretty beat up at school and they did kick him out."

"Maybe," Lissa agreed. "But after he became mates with Phin those stopped. I reckon it was kids our age."

"I reckon he was beaten up real bad or something." Kyle stated. "Just one time in particular - got hospitalised or something. That would explain the flashbacks and 'leave me alone' comments."

"I'm thinking rape." We all turned towards Lena, shocked.

"W-what?" Ollie spluttered.

"Well it would make sense - Frank's tough enough to hold his own in a fight and strong enough to repress memories if he got beat up. Rape's fairly horrific."

"You have a point." Bob said.

"Yeah," I murmured and tried not to flush when everyone's eyes turned to me. "But Frank kinda... sleeps around-

"He's a complete whore; know that." Lena cut in.

"Yeah, thanks for that," I shot a glare at her. "What I mean is that if he was... sexually violated. Surely he wouldn't go sleeping around; he'd do the opposite."

"True," Jared nodded at me. "But this is Frank we're going on about. Fuck only knows what happens inside his head."

We went on discussing theories all through lunch. As the hour progressed the ideas got wilder and wilder - until we reached the point that Adrian was insisting Frank got abducted by aliens. No one was being entirely serious by this point.

I went to my last two lessons of the day - science and music. No one talked about Frank now; we didn't want the other kids to find out. Not that the guy couldn't handle it, we just figured either he or Phin would kick the shit out of us if they came back to school and all everyone was talking about was him having some sort of episode.

I drove back to John's when school finished, and went up to my room on the top floor. I had an hour before I had to be at the shop and wanted to check my emails since I hadn't after yesterday's drama.

I logged on to discover that I had two new messages - both from Mikey. I read through them, laughing at a story he told me about a load of middle schoolers staring at Ray's 'fro when he went down the park with Mikey. Apparently one of the girls came up to my friend and told him one day his hair was going to rule the world. I was in stitches by the time I finished reading. I typed out a hasty reply and then left to drive to John's tattoo parlour.

"Hey kid." He greeted me when I arrived. There were two people in; one a massive guy around thirty, having an intricate design inked into his shoulder by my uncle. The other was a twenty year old woman, having a vast tattoo sleeve tapped into her right arm. I tried not to look too closely at the needle that pierced their skin and marked them for life.

"Hi John." I replied. "What do you want me to do today?"

"Do you mind manning the front desk? I'm busy up here. Frank can sort through the accounts in the office since I know you ain't too bright when it comes to math." John grinned up at me to show he was only joking around.

"Yeah that's cool. Frank isn't here though."

"Why not?" My uncle paused with the tattoo for a moment to glance up at me, frowning slightly.

"Uh... He's ill I think. I'm not sure what's wrong with him but I do think it's better he stayed home." Well, I wasn't exactly lying but I hoped that Frank would actually be home by the time work was over.

"Kid's always ill." John shrugged. "Well, up front."

I obeyed and headed to the front of the shop to sit behind the front desk. I'd taken a magazine with me and flicked through it, in between booking appointments, checking people in and answering calls. The four hours I was required to work passed fast enough, and after a while I was on my way back home, John hanging around to lock up.

When I arrived home, I grabbed an apple from the kitchen and ran up to my room. I was dying for a fag, and was eager to write a fuller reply to Mikey's email.

As I dashed past Frank's room, I heard music coming from the inside and paused outside. It was softer music than Frank usually played - he preferred the aggressiveness of screams and thrashing guitars. I hesitated before knocking on Frank's door.

A moment later, Seraphin appeared at the door. Like the music playing she appeared a lot softer today - her make-up grey as opposed to black, with faded blue jeans on and a white t-shirt. She looked kinda tired.

"Hey Gerard." She murmured, smiling. "Come on in."

Phin turned and walked back in to the room, collapsing on the bed next to Frank. He tilted his head forward and grinned. He too, looked tired.

"Whas'sup?" He asked.

"Not much," I replied, closing the door behind me. I was unsure of what to do with myself but settled with leaning on the wall next to the bed where the two friends were sprawled. "I told John you were ill - when he asked why you weren't at work I mean."

Frank looked a little surprised at that. "Thanks dude."

"No problem - you look like shit anyway." Phin lifted her head when I said that. I bit my lip, wondering what the fuck made me blurt that.

Frank just grinned. "Again - thanks dude. I feel it. Got zero sleep last night."

"Ditto," Phin muttered then grinned. "And since you're a teenage boy, you're gonna turn that into something it's not."

"Well it could be taken that way." I admitted. Frank snorted and Phin sat up.

"Sooooo.....? How was school?" She stared at me as she said this and I guessed it meant 'was everyone talking 'bout Frank'.

I nodded and she grimaced, understanding me. "It was ok - boring. But that's school, I guess."


"What are we gonna do?" Frank asked. "I don't know about anyone else, but I'm in the mood for getting completely smashed!"

"Yeah, not gonna happen dude." Phin punched him lightly. "Unless you wanna get drunk on your own..."

"You boring woman." That comment earned Frank another punch.

"Well, I'm starving." Phin said.

I chucked her the apple. "Thanks dude." Was that a catch phrase she and Frank shared?

We just spent the rest of the evening talking about general shit. At one point Frank and Phin got into a heated debate about whether it was acceptable to test medical products on animals. It was very amusing listening to the two of them.

At around eight, Phin announced she had to go home. I walked her out, guessing I was no longer welcome in Frank's room.

"Do you see what I mean now?" She asked just before she stepped out the front door. "'Bout Frank not being what he pretends to be?" I nodded mutely. "Just look out for him. He hasn't been like that for years and I don't want him to... do anything stupid."

"Don't worry, I'll try and help." I promised her.

"Thank you." Phin turned to leave before adding: "Just don't get yourself hurt in the process."


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