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Chapter 11

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HELLO AGAIN! Good news to all - I have figured out the ENTIRE story line!! And it's gonna be good. I'm surprised I got this up today (that sounds really weird) but my social life died over night. No; it's not that bad! I do warn you though - don't expect another update until after the weekend. It's birthday on Friday so I'm gonna be partying all weekend! Can I ask for reviews and rates as presents? I don't care I'm going to anyway! Maybe a few more chapters going green? I'd love you forever.
Anyway, you're probably bored of my rambling and shameless begging... So on with the story!

>Frank's POV<

Me and Gerard sat in silence as we drove to Phin's. Well, he drove, I sat there and thought. Not about anything fundamental, just people's reactions to me today.

For the most part, people tried to act normal. Tried being the key word there. Unless of course, it's normal for mutterings to begin when ever my back's turned. If it is, I was exceptionally death prior to losing it in front of my mates.

At least my gang were the only ones who seemed to know. Scratch that, if anyone else knew the news that Frank Iero suffered from nervous breakdowns would be prime gossip. And I'd have been bombarded with questions constantly.

To be honest after a day of feeling completely paranoid that the whole world was discussing me, how weak I was, I just wanted to go home and do nothing. It was Friday night though, and I didn't really have the heart to not go out. So we going to Phin's.

Me and Gerard went to work first, stopped back at the house to grab toothbrushes and stuff (as the plan was to sleep over) and left for the up-market part of town. Lissa and Bob were meeting us there and of course Andy would be coming as well.

As they were all paired up, it would probably extremely awkward for me and Gerard. However it would give me a prime opportunity to make a move.

We pulled up in Phin's driveway and got out of the car. As I locked it, I noticed Gerard smiling to himself.

"What's up?" I questioned.

"Huh?" I saw one of his eyebrows raise behind his sun glasses.

"I found out - when I was checking my emails, I mean - Mikey might be coming over!"

"Uh, Mikey?" Who the fuck was Mikey?

"Yeah - he's my younger bro'." I nodded, remember the kid who Gerard seemed to be continuously emailing. I had teased him about it - saying Mikey was his boyfriend - until I found out they were brothers. Then I pitied him and stopped winding him up. Well, about Mikey at least. For the most part.

We stepped inside Phin's, music filling our ears immediately. I swear the girl never stops playing the stuff. That said, neither do I.

We found Phin in the kitchen, sitting on the table and talking to Bob and Lissa, who were leaning on the counter opposite. Bob had his arm around Lissa and all three of them were drinking beers.

"Hey guys." I said, sitting on the table next to Phin. Gerard was left hovering awkwardly as per usual. The three of them greeted the two of us.

"What do you wanna do tonight then?" Phin shot at us.

"Nothing overly active - I'm really not in the mood." I admitted quickly. I was slightly ashamed that the flashback was still affecting me like this, but then, I'd had a nightmare the night before and didn't get much sleep as a result. I'd just sat around playing my guitar, which - whilst calming me down - didn't help with sleep deprivation.

"Movie marathon?" Bob suggested.

"Horror movie marathon." Phin corrected. I grinned. Nothing beats a good pile of blood and guts.

"Go for it." To my surprise Gerard looked pleased at this choice. I'd have thought he was too much of a pansy to enjoy a decent horror movie. But then, after the past few weeks, I'd have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not notice he liked some dark shit.

Lissa on the other hand, did not look too happy at the proposed activities. "Guys, seriously - are we gonna waste the entire evening watching horror movies? I fucking hate the God damn things."

"Awww, poor baby." Phin sniggered. "Don't worry - I'm sure Bob will protect you." Lissa hit her, only causing the other girl to laugh harder.

When Lissa leant back on the counter, Bob snaked his arm round her waist and bent slightly to whisper something in the girl's ear. She relaxed and pressed a gentle kiss to Bob's cheek. This kinda surprised me as Lissa didn't usually go for public displays of affection.

"Well," Phin continued. "That sorts Liss' out." This earned her two glares. "I'll be looking after Andy, which means that Gerard's gonna have to be the one to cuddle Frank when he gets too scared!"

I shoved her off the table, and she landed on the floor laughing. Then I reconsidered. "Yes, I'm completely spineless. You're gonna have to look after me Gerard." I said in my best baby voice, giving him puppy-dog eyes. I will never get tired of seeing that blush - it was freaking adorable.

Andy chose that moment to arrive. I wondered what he thought when he walked into the kitchen - me pouting like there's no tomorrow, Phin in stitches of laughter on the floor, Gerard bright red, Bob sniggering and Lissa still looking kinda offended.

"What did I miss?" he asked.

"Your head?" I suggested. He just gave me the finger and reached for a beer where they stood on the table.

"Hands off my motherfucking alcohol!" Phin screamed from the floor. Andy jumped about half a foot in the air, making the five of us burst into laughter. How the girl had actually seen him taking a beer was beyond me.

"Right!" she yelled popping up from under the table. "I'll make popcorn, you know where the TV is - choose between the Shining and Nightmare On Elm Street."

"How the hell did two beers go to your head that quickly?" Lissa wondered.

"I was lying on the back with my feet in the air!" Phin whinged. "It wasn't my fault!" We all stared at her in shock. She rolled her eyes. "God, take a joke why don't you? Now to the lounge with you!"

Four of us did as we were told. Andy stayed in the kitchen.

"So Elm Street or Shining?" I asked.

"Which one is scarier?" Lissa replied. She really hated horror movies. Sucks for her - her boyfriend loves them.

"Uh, Elm Street, I think." Bob answered.

"The Shining then."

"I prefer Elm Street though." I moaned.

"Personally, I agree with Frank." Gerard said. Lissa groaned in return and we started bitch fighting over The Shining vs. Nightmare On Elm Street. When Phin and Andy came in ten minutes later (it takes two to make popcorn can I just point out), we were still arguing. Gerard had sided with me; Bob with Lissa.

"Phin?" I said quickly. "Nightmare or Shining?"

"Nightmare. But you're the guests so you decide."

All eyes turned to Andy, who it seemed, had the final vote.

"The Shining." He said. Gerard groaned, whilst I collapsed on the floor in defeat. "Sorry - I've never seen it before though."

"Stop bitching and put up with it Frank." Phin said. "We'll watch Nightmare On Elm Street afterwards." That stopped Lissa grinning and she flopped into the sofa behind her. Bob followed and the two curled up together.

Gerard had got up and sat on one end of the bigger couch. I sat next to him and he shifted away. This was going to be fun. Andy on the other side of me to Gerard. This kinda surprised me - I didn't think the dude like me much because of jealously over Phin. Said girl was currently loading the DVD player. When she stood up, she killed the lights and sat at the other end of the sofa. Andy immediately adjusted his position so his head was in her lap. Phin rolled her eyes but didn't say anything, just used the TV remote to press 'Play' and start the movie.

The first half hour or so passed uneventfully. We absent mindedly ate popcorn, whilst staring at the screen. At some point, Lissa decided the movie was too scary and began making out with Bob. Andy just lay there, letting Phin play with his hair (a mistake in my opinion - next time he looked in the mirror his hair would probably be plaited). I decided now was my chance to make a move. I shifted closer to Gerard, he tensed but I leaned back and he relaxed again.

Ten minutes later, I moved closer. We were nearly touching now and he was tense again.

Five minutes after that, Gerard was so wrapped up in the movie that when I shifted again so the left side of my body was pressed up against his right side, he didn't even bother move. Just leant forward to minimise the contact between us.

Roughly two minutes later, he leaned back again. I put my head on his shoulder. He tensed for a moment then relaxed and I grinned.

Another five minutes later, I moved my right hand so it stretched across my body and onto his chest. I used my left hand to grab his right and began rubbing circles with my thumb. In the light of the TV screen I saw Phin grin at us.

After ten minutes, I lifted my head and rested my chin on Gerard's shoulder so I was breathing in his ear. I felt him shiver where our bodies touched.

I remained like that for a while, just breathing on him. Then I leaned forward so my lips brushed his ear and whispered, really gently. "I wanna suck you off, Gerard." Unsurprisingly, he jumped up and I collapsed on the sofa.

"I need to go to the bathroom." He said in reply to the questioning looks everyone was giving him, then ran out. I caught Phin's eye and she raised an eyebrow. I just grinned and she rolled her eyes before turning back to the film.

>Gerard's POV<

What the fuck just happened? Did Frank really just say that. I mean I knew the guy was gay or bi or whatever, but why the fuck was he coming on to me? He wasn't being serious, surely?

I found Phin's bathroom and turned the light on, locking the door behind me. In the colossal mirror above the sink I could tell I looked even paler than usual. I didn't actually think that would be possible. I leaned on the sink and splashed my face with cold water, trying to calm myself down. Not easy when Frank fucking Iero was coming on to me. I mean, I didn't like the guy. I lusted after him, admittedly, but I didn't like him.`He was a dickhead.

I shivered at the thought of how his hot little body had felt against my own and how his breathe blew across my neck. How his lips felt against my ear as he whispered something I'd been longing to hear him say to me for weeks. I groaned. If he came on to me, seriously, there was no way in fuck I'd be able to resist.

And then, when he rejected me the next day my heart would be broken. Because that was the thing about the two of us - I wanted to be more than a quick fuck. He wanted me to be a quick fuck. Frank was a dickhead in the literal sense of the word.

It was ironic really. Before I came here, a quick fuck was all I ever wanted off of anyone. But that was a drug, alcohol induced craving; not me. Frank wanting a quick fuck, was Frank. If that made any sense what so ever.

And now, the first time I actually wanted someone, it was someone who clearly was thinking about nothing other than getting in my pants. Typical: I was a fucked up shit! Well, that's life, I guessed. One thing was for sure though - I wasn't tough. I could never cope with getting hurt; physically or emotionally. Getting with Frank would get me hurt. So I was gonna stay away from him, like I promised myself I'd stay away from drugs when I fist arrived here. So far I had resisted drugs - why couldn't I do the same with Frank.

I splashed some more water on my face and then dried it with a towel. I turned the lights out, unlocked the door and went back to the lounge.

Phin was halfway through setting up another movie and most of the popcorn was gone.

"You took your time," Frank commented from where he was sprawled on the sofa. He and Andy were taking up the entire thing to themselves. I didn't care though - it gave me an excuse not to have to sit there. I shrugged and noticed someone had brought in some more fizzy drinks whilst I was in the bathroom. I grabbed one and sat down in front of the sofa.

It was only when the lights were turned out and the movie had started that I realised this may not have been such a good idea; Frank was still behind me, lying down this time. I glanced at Phin and Andy to see she was sitting on his lap, so there was loads of room for the short boy intent on harassing me.

Within fifteen minutes, Frank had one of his arms draped round me. Within twenty, his head was resting on mine. I refused to leave this time though - I wasn't going to give him the pleasure of knowing he'd got to me. He had though. I tried to shift away, but his arm held me in place with surprising strength for a midget. By the end of the movie, both of Frank's arms were wrapped round me; one across the front of my chest, the other dangling dangerously close to my crotch. The bottom of his face was buried in my hair, meaning I could feel his breath across the top of my head. It was strangely relaxing, considering how tense I was.

When Phin put in the third movie, everyone was hyper from the popcorn and fizzy drinks, and slightly drunk from the beer. No one bothered watch it - just talk, argue and have the occasional wrestling match (mostly between Bob and Frank). It was very cheerful and despite Frank following me around, simply to invade my personal space, I found myself grinning and laughing with the rest of them.

By midnight, the movie had finished and we were all pissed enough to tell the jokes being passed around funny.

"What do you call a woman with one leg longer than the other?" Bob yelled. We all looked at him blankly. "Eileen!" We all laughed - that is how drunk we were.

"Ok - my brother told me this one." Andy panted in between laughs. "A boy loses his job at the local chippy. His father, being a concerned parent, went to ask why. 'Well,' said the chippy owner. 'I found him in the back room with a potato peeler up his arse' ("Oh God; I can see where this is going." muttered Lissa). So the father asked 'Can I see the potato peeler?' 'No,' said the owner, 'I fired him too!'" We all fell about laughing.

"And the boy was called Gerard; the peeler Frank." Phin muttered from where she was rolling around laughing (and very drunk) on the floor. I turned bright red and Frank hit her.

"Excuse me!" he yelled. "I dare say I would have a higher job in a chippy than a potato peeler!"

"What like a dustbin boy?"

"Exactly. Although, if Gerard worked there, you probably would find me up his arse!" Everyone fell around laughing again as I flushed even more.

"Oh Gerard," Lissa slurred from the armchair she was draped across. "It's honestly worth teasing you just to see you blush! You look freakin' adorable." Bob elbowed her and - to my shock - Frank glared at her. Lissa saw and laughed even harder. "Don't worry Frank - I'll let you have Gee's arse."

"Good," I just flushed even further and stared at my feet, letting my hair fall across my face to cover it's redness.

"You know what I'm in the mood for?" Bob said thoughtfully, halting the laughter and diverting the attention away from me.

"If you say weed Bob, I am going to kill you." Lissa said, sounding much more sober now.

"I wasn't going to say weed, though that is a point. No, no, no," He continued hastily as Lissa's eyes skewered him. "I am in the mood for a party!"

"Well that's decided what we're gonna do tomorrow then!" Phin grinned.

"What?! You cannot organise a decent party in less than a day!" said Bob incredulously.

"Why the fuck not?!"

"'Cos you just can't! It's impossible!"

"Wanna bet?" Phin's voice went snide.

"Sure - twenty bucks you can't get together a decent part by nine o'clock tomorrow!"

"Well, you mean nine pm later today 'cos it is now two minutes past midnight!"

This caused Frank to yell: "TWO MINUTES PAAAAST MIIIIIDNIGHT!" at the top of his voice.

"Wrong lyrics..." Andy slurred. "Now shadd'up - I wanna sleep!" We laughed. Lissa turned the lights out and we collapsed around the room. I was exhausted as well, perfectly willing to sleep. Frank seemed to have other ideas.

Ooooooh! What's Frank gonna do. I can promise drama in the next couple of chapters - drama be all I'm saying right now. You wanna find out what I mean - you're gonna have to read the story. As ever; I love you all. Try and get this green - for my birthday! XD


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