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Chapter 12

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Because I am a kind person...

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Because I am a kind person and love you all...

>Frank's POV<

Everyone seemed happy to go along with sleeping, which I just didn't get. After consuming so many fizzy drinks and bowls of popcorn, sleeping was the last thing I felt like doing. Not wanting to disturb anyone else, I tossed around on the sofa for a few minutes before realising something. Disturbing someone was exactly what I wanted to do. Three guesses which someone that was. (actually, I wouldn't have minded drawing an eyeliner moustache on Andy, considering how much he hates facial hair)

I rolled off of the sofa, careful to keep quiet. It was nearly pitch in the lounge; there was just enough light to navigate around the sleeping figures and furniture if in need of the bathroom. Or finding someone to harass.

I walked toward the sofa with the smallest looking lump on it, figuring that Phin would be sleeping on top of Andy and Bob would be curled up with Lissa. There were only three lumps of sleeping bodies so unless something weird was going on, my plan was pretty much fool-proof. That's what I thought at the time at least. Looking back, it was lucky guess work and beer guiding me.

Either way, I found Gerard and slipped underneath the duvet he was dozing under. I tried not to be obvious, but I clearly failed - waking him up as my body joined his on the couch.

"What the fuck Frank?" He hissed at me.

"I was cold." I whispered back, lying of course.

"Well piss off and find an electric heater or something. I want to sleep."

"Then sleep - I'm not stopping you."

"Uh, you kinda are."

Oh, the kid should not have said that. "Why?" I murmured, making my voice husky the best I could whilst keeping it low enough to not attract the other's attention. "Does me being here turn you on too much for you even to sleep. 'Cos I could help with that you know." I shifted my weight so I was practically lying on top of Gerard. "Just tell me what you want and I'll do it."

"I want you to piss off." came the reply.

"Anything but that sugar. Or letting you go."

"Just go away!" He hissed.


"I hate you, you know that?"

"Of course I do," Pause. I move my hands down his body and hear him inhale sharply. I grin in satisfaction. "But you don't hate this, do you?"

"Move," said Gerard through gritted teeth.

"Ok then." And I began grinding my hips against his leg. The kid squirmed, and tried to push me off or wriggle away. I grabbed his wrists, making that impossible. "Tell me what you want..." I whispered seductively. He felt so good beneath me and I when I inhaled, I could smell his breathe. It was sweet from the popcorn.

"I want..." he replied, his voice breathy now and - to my delight - lustful. "Fuck it Frankie; leave me alone."

"You know you don't want that."

"I do," he insisted.

"I hate to say it sugar, but your body's telling me otherwise." It was true - his hips were arching into mine and his breathing had picked up.

"Fine!" He snapped, still keeping his voice low but no longer whispering. "My body may want you - I'm only human - but my common sense sure as hell does not!"

I paused at that, surprised at his honesty. I quickly came to my senses and returned to the task (that I loved) of seducing him. "Well, I prefer your body's opinion." I murmured softly, releasing his hands. I pushed my mouth against his and sucked on his bottom lip, causing him to whine. "Shhhh." My hands were trekking down his body now; over his pale chest, around his slim chest, aross his hips and down to his thighs. I could feel the muscles beneath his skin. They weren't massive, or amazingly defined, but they were definitely there.

"No," Gerard's voice was little more than a moan. "Don't - please, leave it. Leave me alone."

I ignored him and pressed my mouth back over his. The kid was only wearing a pair of loose sweat pants, making it easy to snake my hands down to his cock. I was surprised to find he was already erect - I mean I know I'm hot, but didn't know I had the power to turn someone that much with a few kisses and a couple of minutes' grinding. Still, I wasn't about to start bitching about it.

I wrapped my hands around Gerard member and started to run my hands all over it. "Fuck it Frank - either get on with it or leave!" The guy sounded slightly pissed off now, but then I'm hot and sexual frustration is a bitch. I 'shushed' him again and teased him for a few more seconds, before speeding up the pace.

He groaned and wriggled around beneath me and I just gazed down, wishing I could make out his face a little better. He probably looked fucking hot right about now.

"Fraaank," Gerard moaned. "I gonna cum..." I grinned and shifted back, taking his throbbing cock in my mouth. The renewed heat and wetness caused Gerard to explode almost immediately. He bucked into my mouth, nearly choking me, and I swallowed down all he had to offer, loving the salty taste of the kid. I noted that it was very clean, thank God: Phin would kill me if she found cum all over the sofa.

I wriggled back up to Gerard's face. He had been surprisingly quiet all through the hand/blow job. "You like?" I questioned pressing my nose against his.

"I did." He replied. I could vaguely see his hazel eyes shining up at me as he pressed his mouth to mine for a kiss. I responded, letting him taste himself in my mouth - before pushing off of him.

"Frank?" He asked, confused.

"Good night sugar," I whispered in his ear, giving his cock a squeeze. Gerard moaned and shifted his weight. Then, I grabbed his duvet, ripped it off of him, wrapped it around myself and headed back to my own couch. This left him on the sofa with no covers - revenge for leaving me with a small (or large I should really say) problem downstairs. And all I wanted was a good night's sleep. Typical.

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