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Chapter 13

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A day out for the boys.

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N'awwww - thank you for all of the happy birthdays I got in reviews - they made me laugh really hard some of them. Especially the one telling me they hope I 'consume lots of mind-altering drugs' or however they put it. XD Sorry, for the wait - but seriously Friday and Saturday were spent partying, then Sunday and yesterday were spent revising for my French exam. So I've been kinda busy. I'm also starting a new story, but this will take priority over it so no worries if you're not reading it. If you aren't - READ IT!!! lol. Don't forget to review and rate!
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>Gerard's POV<

I woke up the next morning freezing. When Frank had left, he'd taken my duvet with me and I didn't have the guts to go and get it back. I glanced at him now to see mine had just been chucked on the floor next to where he lay on the sofa. Adding that with the fact I was also hung-over from the beer chugged last night, I did not wake up in a good mood.

I couldn't believe what Frank had done last night - he came on to me, gave me a hand/blowj', and then ditched me, taking my covers with him. Which he had then dumped on the floor. I gritted my teeth and slid off of the couch to retrieve the duvet. I was tempted to pull him off the sofa, giving him a wakening just as unpleasant as mine had been. But I didn't have the guts and anyway, he looked so cute asleep, his black hair falling across his face and fluttering when he breathed gently through his nose. He looked like some innocent puppy dog. If Frank's personality was as sweet as he looked at the moment, we would be a match made in heaven. Unforetunatly, he acted as though he came straight from hell.

I crawled back onto the sofa, pulling the duvet around me and shivering slightly. It was only early - I could see the light of sunrise filtering through the curtains which had a small gap between them. Curling up, I fell back into an exhausted sleep, my dreams filled with boys who resembled puppies.

Only to be woken up again, by said boy. It was apparently a lot later than when I had fallen asleep as the room was filled with light filtering through the windows and I was the only person still on a couch. Well, bar Frank, who was straddling my waist (again) his nose inches away from mine.

"Good morning," he smirked. "Enjoy last night?"

I groaned and rolled over, pushing him off of the sofa. Frank landed in a heap on the floor with a soft 'oof'.

"Let me sleep." I told him.

"Ain't gonna happen dude - everyone is in the kitchen, eating and Phin and Lissa are gonna start getting this place ready for the party soon. Trust me on this - you do not wanna get caught in the middle of that." He looked at me seriously when he said the last part.

"Ok," I groaned, pulling my stiff body into a sitting position. Frank leaned back where he was standing; waiting for me. I groaned again and stood up, walking away from the sofa and towards him. The boy waited until I was about a foot away from him, before reaching over and kacking me without warning.

I turned bright red and ducked, fumbling with the sweat pants I was wearing. Eventually, I managed to jerk them up. Frank was just standing there - rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet.

"What the fuck was that for?" I snapped at him.

He raised an eyebrow, cool as ever. "Just wanted to check it was as big as I remember." I blushed even deeper and glared at him, wishing I (or better still, he) could evaporate on the spot. This was so fucking humiliating. Frank just carried on smirking. "Are you coming? If you don't hurry, everyone will have finished breakfast otherwise." And he turned and walked out.

I followed him - at a safe distance - across the hall to the kitchen, where the gorgeous smell of eggs and bacon were drifting out. making my stomach clench.

"Morning!" Lissa chirped, as the two of us walked in. I smiled back and sat down opposite her - next to Bob.

"Morn'," I responded. "Is there any coffee?"

"Way ahead of you dude." Bob replied, reaching for a pot filled with the delicious dark brown liquid. I had mine black and sugarless, as ever.

"So what's happening today?" I asked the couple.

"Well me and Phin have to plan this party, which means you have to be out of the house. So you boys can do what ever." Lissa answered me.

"I was thinking going shopping." Bob said. I raised an eyebrow at him. "What I don't mean the stupid window/clothes shopping thing girls do where they wander around aimlessly without ever actually getting anything. I wanna get some new CDs, Frank was saying about some guitar-y stuff he needs and Andy's camp enough to just go along with it, as long as he gets some new shoes!"

I laughed at his comment, especially when a pale hand appeared out of no where to thwack Bob over the head. I glanced up to see Andy towering over the seated Bob, with no eyeliner on - something I hadn't been able to imagine. He stood glaring at the guy still laughing in front of him, then shrugged and reached over to grab the coffee pot. Then he stalked back over to where Phin was at the stove and chatting to Frank and poured himself a cup to rival mine - again something I hadn't been able to imagine.

Lissa also looked extremely amused at the performance. "You'll have to forgive Andy," she said to me. "He's always PMS-y in the morning." Me and Bob laughed again at seeing him give Lissa the finger behind her back. Phin grinned at me, before standing on her toes (the girl is really short) and kissing her boyfriend. His expression instantly melted as he kissed her back softly.

Bob chuckled as he turned away. "So you up for going into town?" He asked. I nodded my assent and sipped at my coffee.

"Morning Gerard!" Phin said, making me jump slightly. She laughed and sat down on the chair next to Bob. Andy sat next to her, which left Frank next to me. Typical. On the bright side, both boys were carrying massive plates loaded with an assortment of eggs, bacon and toast. Phin passed round smaller plates and we dug in.

Nobody spoke for a few minutes as we just appreciated the food - Frank avoiding the bacon of course. Then Phin and Lissa began chatting about arrangements for the party tonight. I had a gut feeling Bob was going to lose this bet.

After breakfast, we sat in the kitchen, talking about general shit and waiting for one another to finish doing their teeth and getting ready for the day. Andy took the longest of course, but after half an hour, he was perfectly made up.

Then Frank, Bob, Andy and I got into Bob's car - it was the best out of the lot - and began the twenty minute drive in to the town centre where the best shopping was. The girls had instructed us to come back at half nine - ten hours away. I had no idea what we were going to do all day.

I understood when we got to the mall. I was absolutely massive, with everything from an amazing punk shop to a shitty Nike. The was a cinema bigger than the one back in Jersey, Starbucks, what seemed like an entire floor devoted to musical instruments, vinyl's and CDs. Now I understood how we were going to pass the day.

Before I knew it, it was six and we were in the music store. Me and Bob started looking at CDs, whilst Andy and Frank headed over to where the guitars were sold. I ended up spending twenty-five dollars in this shop alone.

Whilst we were there, Frank chose one of the guitars. Apparently you were allowed to plug some of the 'testers' into amps and play them - to see whether they were decent or not. Frank did so and I listened as he played a few chords. As much as I hated to admit anything positive about him (apart from the fact he was gorgeous - there was no denying that) but he was good. Scratch that, he was amazing.

I found myself studying Frank's face as he played. It was wearing such a different expression to his usual cocky one. It was focused, concentrating on making music flow out of the instrument, and happy. Not vindictively, or teasingly - just pure, simple joy. The music hardly reflected that - it was harsh, heavy metal, but it true fully was amazing. When he was done with the guitar, Frank handed it back to the shop assistant and began talking enthusiastically to them, his face filled with joyful passion.

I glanced back at the CDs in front of me. They were mostly punk records but I didn't recognise most of the artists. When I glanced back up at where Frank had been standing, only to find him leaning over the aisle (which was only shoulder height), nose to nose with me. That seemed to be happening a lot.

It was strange though. Like the first night, I found myself unable to break eye contact with him. I just stared at Frank, lost in the chocolaty brown orbs that were focused on me. They were as beautiful as the person they belonged to.

"See anything you like?" He murmured, making my flush as I understood the double meaning behind his words. I glanced away from his eyes as he spoke, only to be equally mesmerised by the way his lips moved as he did so. They stretched into a smirk and I brought my eyes up again, drinking in his face.

The black hair curled around it, looking soft and shiny. His caramel coloured skin matched it perfectly and contrasted beautifully with the colourful inked that decorated his body. The small silver ring in his lip shone in the store's light and Frank's eyes glittered in amusement at my rapture. He seemed just as entranced as i was though.

"Hey guys!" Andy's voice jolted us both out of our hypnotised state. I blushed and turned away, Frank smirked and turned towards him.

"Hey dude. Found anything you want?" I hear him ask the older guy.

"Yeah - but it's all too expensive."

"Ha, same. I'm gonna drop heavy hints around Phin for the next few months and help I get lucky on my birthday or Christmas."

"Dude that's months away."

"It's mid-September; my birthday's the end of October. It's not that far off."


My blush had calmed slightly by this point and I turned to the two boys, to see Andy lean forward and mutter something in Frank's ear, making the younger of the two boys grin.

>Frank's POV<

Andy's hair was soft against my cheek as he leaned down to mutter in my ear; "Why don't you stick to what you can obviously get? By which I mean Gerard. That kid is all over you." I grinned.

"Yeah, but why can't I have both?" I asked him. He shrugged and I turned to wink at Gerard as Bob came over from where he had been examining drums.

"Getting anything?" Andy questioned.

Bob shook his head. "I bought a couple of CDs, but instruments are so Goddamn expensive"

"Tell me 'bout it." I agreed.

"Where to now?" Bob asked.

"Ice cream?" I suggested.

"Go for it."

So we went to get ice creams. Gerard was kinda quiet as we walked over, but that wasn't unusual so no one thought anything of it. I kept an eye on him though. It wasn't like I expected him to leg it or something equally stupid but I did wander if he'd do something after having spent nearly five minutes staring at me over an aisle of CDs.

True, I'd stared back, but I knew I wasn't gonna do anything about - I certainly wasn't going to treat him differently. I kinda expected him to act even more awkwardly around me than he already did.

When we reached the ice cream parlour (Ben & Jerry's), I asked Gerard what he wanted. At first the kid didn't respond. I thought this was kinda rude, so I shoved him, sending him sprawling across the floor. Andy just rolled his eyes and went back to the menu, but Bob glared at me and bent down to help Gerard up. The latter ignored his help and jumped up to face me.

"What the fuck, dude?" He growled, looking positively evil.

Ooooh, scary. "You were ignoring me, so I shoved you. I didn't expect you to go all diva and collapse."

"I was thinking. All you had to do was tap my shoulder or something."

"What were you thinking about? How gorgeous I am?"

"Just leave it Frank!" Bob cut in. He looked angry, which was odd, 'cos he was usually so mellow. But then again, he was also usually smoking weed. "What do you want, Gerard?" He asked, turning away from me. I rolled my eyes and went over to stand next to Andy and try and decide what to get for myself.

"I'm not two, Bob!" I heard Gerard snap from behind me. A pause then - "Look, I'm sorry. Frank's just pissing me off."

"It's ok, dude. He can be a little... over the top sometimes."

"Over the top, my arse." I heard Gerard mutter and couldn't help but snort at how that could be interpreted. I could practically feel the heat of Gerard's blush.

We got our ice creams and sat down under the bright sun outside the shopping complex. I had got Cookie Dough and was enjoying eating my way around the lumps of dough in the sweet ice cream. It was melting fast and was becoming increasingly difficult to transfer the food between the pot and my mouth without losing any in between.

"Dude, that is gross - it's all down your chin!" Andy complained at me.

I just grinned at him and said "It's ok; Gerard can lick it off for me!"

The comment got me a sharp jab in the lower back and I twisted my upper body around to see Bob glaring at me and Gerard blushing bright red behind the veil of his hair and protection of his sunglasses.

"Oh don't look like that kid," Andy said to the younger boy. "You know you'd love to." I laughed.

The day continued in much the same way - me throwing flirtatious comments at Gerard, Bob glaring at me when ever I did so and Andy egging me on. We did actually get some shopping done. I brought a pair of red converse and a couple of heavy metal band t-shirts and hoodies. Andy found a pair of high tops with the 'Iron Maiden' logo down one side of each shoe. They didn't have his size - so he bought a pair for Phin. She's fucking obsessed with that band.

By the time nine came around, we were all buzzed full of sugar (we'd pretty much cleared out the sweet shop and had had two more ice creams - each) and overly excited for Phin and Lissa's party. Although Bob had put money on the two of them not being able to organise one in less then twelve hours, I knew for a fact Phin had organised one in around two. Her parties were infamous across the district as she went all out with every single one. Admittedly, it wasn't like she had them often, but that just made them even better.

So we were all excited. On the way back, Andy was driving with Bob in the front seat next to him. This meant I was next to Gerard and he didn't talk much, still feeling awkward around me. That wasn't exactly surprising though after all I'd put him through in the last twenty four hours. Oh well, I'd make it up to him tonight.

In the car, Andy drove like a maniac, whilst Bob played Queen tracks that we all belted out. I noticed that Gerard actually had a really good voice. By the time we arrived at the top of Phin's road, we were all laughing at each other's Freddie Mercury impressions and buzzing for the promised party.

The sun was just dipping beneath the horizon and provided enough light to see the people milling around Phin's house. Did I ever mention it is perfect for parties? She has some really posh stereo system that played music across the house and garden - which were huge - not to mention a pool. And free access to her parent's booze so we wouldn't run dry.

Andy cut the engine and the sound of Paramore filtered into the car. I grinned, grabbed the bags and ran into the house. Phin was waiting inside with Lissa, a huge smile painted across her mouth.

"Go dump your bags in my room," she told me. "I'm gonna lock it." Then my best friend turned to Bob - "You owe me twenty bucks!" The blonde's jaw dropped open and he wordlessly handed the girl his wallet. She extracted twenty dollars from it, then lead the way up to her room; myself, Lissa, Andy, Gerard and Bob following. We dumped the bags on to her bed and left, waiting for our host to lock the door.

"Well, boys!" Phin grinned at us. "Enjoy the party!" She cranked up the volume and we went our separate ways. I was going to get drunk, dance a helluva lot, get high, then get laid. I could already this was going to be a good night.

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