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Chapter 14

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Party Time!

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Warning - drug use and swearing. As ever please review!


>Gerard's POV<

With those parting words, Phin grabbed Lissa's hand and the two girls flew down the stairs, dancing to the music as they went. I laughed, as Andy followed and Frankie ran off to God only knows where. This left me with Bob, who grinned at me in anticipation. "You coming?" he questioned. I nodded, though I had a feeling I knew where this was heading.

I followed the older boy downstairs and into the room next to the kitchen. I wasn't sure what its original purpose had been, but from the moment I stepped in, I knew what it was being used for tonight. The room stunk of pot. It was small and dark, the only furniture being a large wooden table with various pipes and bits of paper laid out to help the party go-ers inhale drugs. A guy with shaggy blonde hair was leaning against the wall, hanging on to a large bag. As I watched, he extracted a small plastic bag with dark green crushed leaves in the bottom of it, and handed it to a girl. In exchange, she handed him a ten dollar note. The boy stuffed in in his bag and the girl crossed over to the table to roll the weed she'd just purchased.

"I'll buy and you can give me half the money later?" Bob offered. I frowned. 'No,' was on the tip of my tongue I swear I was. After all, it was doing stuff like this that got me stuck in California. And I had been doing so well - I hadn't touched any drugs other than weed since coming here, and even then it was only the occasional drag. That was nothing compared to the cocktail I'd been consuming weekly back in New Jersey.

But then, this was a party and everyone was going to be off their heads in a few hours. I was a shy person, and barely knew anyone here - drugs would help me with that, I knew. It was like I had a devil on one shoulder; egging me on, and an angel on the other; holding me back. You know - like in cartoons.

As ever, the devil won out. "Sure," I said, trying to banish the image of Mikey's disappointed face that swam before. Mikey isn't here, I told myself. He'll never know.

Bob walked over to the guy and muttered something to him. The guy grinned and said something back. Bob laughed and shook his head, talking again. I couldn't hear what either of the guys was saying because the music was as loud in here as it was anywhere else - which was really loud. But it was obvious they were arguing over prices. Eventually, Bob and the dealer came to an agreement. A bag of pills and several notes were exchanged.

Bob walked back over. "You owe me seven, fifty." he said. I nodded and reached out. The pills he put in it were small and blue. I had no idea what they were, but downed them anyway, dry swallowing the small blue narcotics. The older guy mimicked my actions.


It actually took a surprising amount of time for the pills to kick in. I wasn't sure how long it had been since we'd taken them but the party was in full swing by the time they hit me. Most people were dancing to the deafening music, and based on the wild movements, I wasn't the only one high. Or maybe they just liked the songs. I didn't recognise a lot of them, but it was the sort of stuff where the guitar throbbed in the air around you, the drums hit you and the singing filled you up. You had to jump or head bang, just move. But then, maybe it was just the drugs though.

Either way, I didn't care. It was amazing. The entire party was. Phin had rigged up proper disco lights which were flashing and pulsing in time with the music. Red, purple, blue, yellow, green, pink, amber - all flashed and swept across the area being used as a dance floor, mixed in with the occasional strobes - which made my head throb. I spotted Jenny from my drama lessons and headed over to her. She was very pretty really; tall with curly blonde hair. We'd become quite good friends over the last few weeks.

"Wanna dance?" I yelled at her. I tried to make my smile somewhat seductive, but the drugs probably just made me look stoned. Which I was, of course. That's what happens when you take drugs.

She looked kinda shocked, but grinned and nodded. So we made our way over to the floor and danced. It was easy - the crowd swallowed us and our bodies just moved in time to the music. We screamed out the lyrics and seemed to get closer with each song.

"Gerard?" I heard my name escape her lips and stared into her blue eyes. Then her hand was on the back of my neck, and my lips were on her. We were kissing in the middle of the dance floor. I kissed her back, tasting the vodka in her mouth. Considering how drunk/high we both were it was a good kiss. In my opinion at least.

When we broke apart, I patted her head. She looked at me questioningly and I smiled down at her. "Sorry babe." I coo-ed. "It could never work." She smiled a little regretfully at me, before disappearing off in to the crowd.

"Hahahaha! Just casually breaking the girl's heart!" A voice yelled behind me. I turned around to see Lena and Amy clinging to each other and laughing. I wasn't sure who had spoken but joined in their laughter. Under the flashing lights, everything seemed hilarious. I grabbed a girl with each hand and we began to dance.

>Frank's POV<

"Soooo.....?" I slurred at the girl I was talking to. Although I had been introduced to him just five minutes ago. Hang on, her. God - I was completely wasted. So far, my night was going to plan.

"Huh?" She looked up at me, blinking her wide brown eyes. She looked like a startled rabbit.

"What do you want to do?" I tried to make my voice sexy and suggestive, but it didn't really work. Alcohol could be a bitch at times. Not to mention the fact I had to shout over the music.

"Look - you're a nice dude." The girl assured me and my grin widened, not seeing where she was heading. "But I can't remember your name, even know you told me, like, five minutes ago. My head's killing me and the room won't stay fucking still. I'm 'bout to puke so I'm calling it a night." And with that she disappeared. I doubted I'd even be able to remember what she looked like tomorrow.

I headed towards the dance floor, trying to spot some other single guy or girl who was decent looking. I didn't see one but I did spot Jared apparently flirting with that jock guy he'd fought with a few weeks back. I grinned, remembering the dare I'd set him on Wednesday. Bob and Lissa were standing in a corner, laughing at how awkward the jock looked. In fact - he looked fucking terrified!

"Hey," Phin appeared at my shoulder. "I just heard Bob and Lissa threatening Jared - telling him he had to go chat Ben up."

"Yeah," I yelled back at her - did I mention the music was really loud? "Look over there!" I pointed at where Jared stood, leaning on the wall, looking as stoned as I felt.

Phin laughed. "Have you seen Andy?" She asked.

"Nope! I haven't seen anyone in ages." I replied. Then an idea hit me. "You seen Gerard?"

"Uh, he was dancing with Lena and Amy 'bout fifteen minutes ago. Last I saw of him, he was going into the kitchen."

"Cool, thanks Phin."

I was about to go in the direction Phin had pointed out when her voice stopped me. "Hey Frank. What are you planning to do with the kid?"

I turned back to see the girl grinning at mischievously. She wasn't going to insult or critisise me for my harsh treatment - Phin just wanted to be in on my plans. It was then I noticed how beautiful my friend was under the pulsing lights. Her hair fell loose over her shoulders, darker than ebony and five times as enticing. Her skin seemed to glow and her facial expression was radiant with life. Seraphin's eyes glittered, reeling me in and without hesitation I leaned in to kiss her.

Our lips worked together fiercely but it was gentler than our usual kissing. She didn't try and stick her tongue down my throat the way she usually did, which I thanked God for. Being this drunk, she'd definitely trigger my gag reflex and I'd probably end up puking down the girl's throat. When we broke apart, I opened my eyes to see her green eyes blazing at me. Still expecting an answer.

"Well..." I dragged out my words. "Basically I'm gonna seduce him, screw him, then screw him over!"

"Break his heart?" she grinned.

"In a nutshell." That made Phin double over laughing. I have no idea what was so funny, but suddenly I found myself sniggering. Within minutes I was clutching my sides which were hurting from me laughing so much.

"Oh there's Andy!" Phin straightened up - her laughter disappearing as quickly as it hard appeared. Which was odd - I didn't know laughter could appear at all. Well apparently it could. And I was using a lot of words with 'app' in them. Odd.

Still giggling to myself, I headed towards the kitchen. There were quite a few people in there, searching out snacks or drinks, or sucking face.Gerard wasn't in there though, so I went into the adjoining dining room.

Good news and bad news. Good news - Gerard was in there. Bad news - he was sucking someone's face off. And it wasn't mine.

The couple sitting in one of the armchair by the French windows. They were open letting a soft breeze enter the room and cool my pounding head slightly. The fact there was no music or flashing lights helped too. My eyes however, were burning at the sight in front of me. There was a red haired guy was sitting in the chair, with Gerard straddling his hips. They were making out furiously, the occasional moan escaping into the other's mouth. Gerard hand's were on the guy's shoulders, who had his arms wrapped round the boy I'd marked as my own weeks back.

I knew most of my furious reaction was due to the drugs and alcohol I'd consumed that evening, but that didn't make me any calmer. I didn't allow my anger to break through tough, just strolled up the open window. I lit up a fag (which I had kept in my back pocket) and blew the smoke across the couple, who, as of yet, had not noticed me.

Soon enough, the ginger guy broke off for air and to investigate the source of the fumes that were drifting over him and Gerard. The latter just collapsed forward, resting his head on the guy's shoulder.

"Oh," the ginger kid muttered, seeing me. "Sorry dude... we were just..."

"Getting off?" I helped him finish his sentence. I sounded surprisingly sober. "I noticed. Now you can leave." I nodded to the door. The kid sprang up, apparently aware of my badass reputation. Gerard was left sprawled on the chair, looking very confused.

"Way," I used his last name. God only knows why - it just sounded better. He looked round to see me sitting on the windowsill and - predictably - blushed. I rolled my eyes. "Your ass is mine. Don't forget that."

>Gerard's POV<

I frowned. I was sick of Frank pissing around with me. He could either have me or leave me the fuck alone. So I did something complete out of character and told him so.

"You know'hat? I've got not fuckin' idea wha' th' fuck you're on 'bout!" My words were slurring and I shook myself, trying to clear my head. "You spen' half your time comin' on ta me, Frank. 'Alf your time pushin' me 'way and half your time tryna emba'ess me." Did that work? Three halves? Probably not. Oh well, I suck at math.

To my disbelief, Frank began laughing.

"Wha's so funny?" I asked furiously.

"You're fecking wasted, dude!"

"Yeah? Well, I'mma sick of you!"

"N'awww baby, don't say that!"

"I mean it! 'N' I'm not your ba'y. I'm not your anythin'!"

"Wanna bet?" Frank slid off the windowsill and walked over to me, his signature smirk painted over his face. He straddled me like I had the last guy had (I'd already forgotten his name - booze, pills and Frank do that to you) and without thinking, I pressed my lips to his.

Something I'd been dying to do for so long.

>Frank's POV<

The kid surprised me. I'd expected to kiss him, but never expected him to be the one to initiate it. He was even more spun round my finger than I'd thought.

The kiss was far from perfect. It was rough and sloppy, our mouths slipping against one another's without any real rhyme. It was mindless. Just two drunk guys indulging themselves in something they'd really regret later. Well one - not being me of course -would. I opened my mouth, causing Gerard to do the same. He poked his tongue in my mouth and I tasted cheap beer in his breathe. It made me want to be sick but I carried on kissing him, just to give the kid more to stress over in the morning.

The kiss didn't last very long. My head was spinning from the booze and Gerard had obviously had more to drink than me so I dread to think what he felt. I wasn't surprised when he pulled back and collapsed into the chair.

I leaned forward and he tried to capture my lips in his own again. I dodged though and put my mouth next to his ear, the same way I had done the previous night. "You're right, Gerard." I whispered, making sure my warm breath flowed over his skin. "You're not my baby - you're my bitch."

And like the previous night, I pulled off of the kid, leaving him extremely confused. Only this time, I was looking for someone else to fuck with. Gerard looked as though he was about to pass out, but where his night was nearly over - mine had only just begun.

I was about to walk out of the room when I spotted a black pen lying on one of the desks. I grinned to myself then walked back over to Gerard who was still sitting dazed in the arm chair. I pressed the pen to the skin on his forearm and began to write. The kid was so out of it, he didn't even protest.

When I was done, black ink trailed over Gerard's pale skin, etching the words 'Frank's Bitch'. I smiled at my handiwork, then finally left the room. My plan of making last night up to the kid had gone out the window but oh well - I had enjoyed myself.

>Gerard's POV<

I sat in the arm chair for goodness only knows how long after Frank left. There was no one else in the room - thank God. I felt like a train wreck so fuck only knows how bad I looked. But if there was no one there to see, it didn't matter.

I remember Frank writing something on my arm but every time I squinted at the words, the room span out of control and I felt like I was going to throw up. I felt fuckin' awful. I wanted to get up - go to bed or join in partying again, but my limbs felt paralysed. I panicked, and desperately tried to move them, only managing a small wriggle of my fingers. I opened my mouth and screamed but over the music, no one heard. So I stayed, sat there, trapped in my own private horror movie and praying to God the night would just end.

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