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Chapter 2

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-- Child of the Goddess! --

--Chapter 2--

By: Gekigengar3
Disclaimer: All characters, and such are the copyrights and property of their respective owners. I claim no ownership of any character and such in any way."" = Spoken words* = ThoughtsIt had been a week since Sasami had fainted and Ayeka could do nothing but sigh and hope. Sitting by her sister's side, Ayeka softly pet the worried cabbit sitting in her lap with her left hand while gently, she ran the fingers of her right hand through her sister's hair..."Oh Sasami... Why won't you wake up? I'm so worried about you. Everyone is. Even that monster woman, Ryoko." Ayeka quietly said.In her lap, the worried little cabbit voiced her concern as well with a sad and quiet, "Miyah..."While Ayeka sat upstairs with Sasami, downstairs the rest of the Masaki family lounged around doing various things. Most were watching the television. There wasn't much they could do but sit and wait until things revealed themselves. Only three people were not watching television. The first was Ryoko, whom was lounging in the rafters, sleeping and dreaming of her Tenchi-sama and oddly enough, Ayeka. Oddly enough, there was a smile adorning her slumbering face. Quietly she murmured, "Tenchi-sama... Ayeka... Anata...."The second was Katsuhito, also known as Yosho to some. Silently he pondered the events that transpired a week ago, This week has been far too quiet. Normally I'd enjoy it, but with the events that transpired a week ago, well... Hmm, Who generated the wings? As far as I know, only Tench ever received that gift from Tsunami. And what did she mean by her child? I know that the space trees are her children but none of the trees have a humanoid form. Looking up at the stairs he hoped that Sasami would wake up soon. Wake up soon... Little Sister.Sitting at the dining table, a rather old, but young looking Washu worked diligently on her computer. She'd been hard at work for the past week trying to track down that signature she picked up just before Sasami fainted and was being hard pressed to track it.Where is that being that generated the wings? I would think that something that gave off that much power would be easy to detect but yet I can barely get a blip of their power. It's almost as if they have the ability to hide it. But that can't be either. Every so often a blip appears on my tracking devices. pondered a frazzled Washu.Bringing up a small map on her holo terminal, she plotted where the being was at the various times when their power was detected. Hrm, it seems as though it's heading toward Japan.Lapsing into a day dream of guinea pigs and solving the mysteries of the power of Jurai, she failed to notice Katsuhito giving her a look that said, 'I know what your thinking'.Hmm, Washu seems to be fantasizing about someone as her guinea pig again. If it's that power she detected, then I can only pray for whomever it is. mused Katsuhito.All the family was subdued and quiet. That was, before a shout of "SASAMI!" broke everyone out of their meandering. Ryoko tumbled off her rafter and shook her head before teleporting to the person whom gave the shout. Quickly everyone else followed suit and rushed upstairs. Once to the door and into the room, everyone was greeted with the sight of Sasami, wide awake and being crushed in a fierce embrace by her older sister, Ayeka. The small Cabbit, now happy, was sitting in her favorite person's lap snuggling up to her. In the corner stood Ryoko, leaning against the wall and smiling at the touching scene. "Ayeka....can't....breath...." squeaked Sasami. Quickly, Ayeka disengaged herself from Sasami while looking a little sheepish."Good going Princess. Trying to knock her out just after she woke up." said Ryoko with a hint of humor in her voice.Ayeka, not picking up on the humor in Ryoko's voice, responded, "Oh be quiet you old fossil!"Before things could degenerate into an all out brawl, Katsuhito interrupted with a small controlled cough. "Although it's good to see you two getting back to your usual selves, perhaps we should go downstairs and wait for Sasami to come and tell us what happened while she was unconscious. I believe that she was visiting a friend and has much to tell us. Right Sasami?"Nodding her head vigorously, Sasami smiled."Yes I do Grandpa. Lemme get cleaned up first and I'll tell everyone what happened." replied Sasami.Nodding, the old priest turned to leave with everyone following suit. Soon only Sasami, Ayeka, and Ryoko were left. After another moment of looking at the two sisters, Ryoko sighed and phased through the floor. Getting up, Sasami attempted to go clean herself up a little, but a hand on her wrist stopped her. Looking down, she could see it was Ayeka."What's the matter Oneechan?" inquired the young girl.Almost in tears, Ayeka hugged Sasami to herself."Please, don't ever worry me like that again Sasami. You fainted and wouldn't wake up. Every day I tried but it was as if you weren't there. I was so worried about you." sobbed Ayeka.Disengaging from Ayeka, Sasami looked down into her sisters eyes. "I'm sorry Oneechan, but Tsunami was sad and I had to help her. You understand, right?"Nodding gently, Ayeka smiled, "Yes, I understand Sasami. But a fair warning sometimes helps."Smiling, Sasami ran over to the door. Stopping at the door, she turned around and said, "I'll tell everyone what happened after I get cleaned up. Ok?"Ayeka nodded, "Ok Sasami"While Sasami headed off to the bath, Ayeka quietly went downstairs and sat at the table. Everyone was quiet, all trying to think of what Sasami would tell them. Well perhaps not everyone. A certain blonde haired Galaxy Police Officer seemed to be fascinated by a small piece of lint that was floating in front of her. A few minutes passed before the sound of footsteps turned everyone's head toward the stairs. There, Sasami descended in a fresh set of clothes with her hair done up in it's usual twin pigtails. Sitting between them was a very kawaii Cabbit whom would Miyah happily every so often. Arriving at the table, she sat between her sister and Katsuhito."Hello Sasami. How are you feeling?" inquired Katsuhito."I feel great Grandpa. But I'm still a little worried about Tsunami. She seemed happy yet sad when I last saw her. She was smiling but crying too." Sasami replied.All at once, everyone tried to ask Sasami something at the same time but they were halted due to Katsuhito's hand. "Everyone, please be quiet and let Sasami tell us her story."Everyone nodded to the old priest and turned their gazes upon the young lady with a Cabbit on her head.Blushing at all the attention, Sasami began, "Well, it all started when Washu-chan was talking about energy readings or something like that. Suddenly I felt a strong yet familiar power and heard Tsunami say My child. I felt what she was feeling and I went to her to find out what was wrong and to help her."*Flashback*/In a higher plane of existence, sitting under a lone tree surrounded by water, rested a lovely woman with long flowing silver blue hair in twin ponytails. She appeared to be crying but at the same time she was smiling. Nearby a shimmer of light appeared only to soon fade away to reveal a certain young princess. Looking around a moment, she saw Tsunami looking at her."What are you doing here little one?" inquired the lovely Goddess."I was worried about you Tsunami. I came cause I wanted to help you." replied the little girl.Smiling, Tsunami motioned for Sasami to come closer and sit on her lap. "Come. Sit."Nodding, the young princess happily sat herself upon the lap of Tsunami. Looking up, a worried Sasami asked, "Why are you crying?"Smiling down at Sasami, Tsunami answered, "I'm crying because I'm happy little one. Something I thought lost long ago has returned.""What's that Tsunami?" questioned Sasami.Still smiling, Tsunami replied, "My child"A little confused, Sasami asked, "Your child? You mean one of the Trees?""No little one. Not any of the Trees. Here, let me tell you a story from long ago and perhaps then you will understand better." replied Tsunami.Seeing Sasami nod her little head, Tsunami smiled and proceeded to tell the story of herself from so so long ago."This is the story of when I first came to Jurai little one. I was traveling the universe looking for a place where I could find people whom I could help nurture and grow. I traveled for a long while before I came upon the planet Jurai. When I arrived, I found people there. They were your ancestors little one. They had a great love for the life of nature and nurtured it well. I watched over them for some time before deciding that Jurai would be where I would reside from then on." began Tsunami before looking down to see that her precious little one was enraptured with the story."What happened next Tsunami? inquired Sasami."Well little one, I watched over the people for a few years. They did not know I was there though. It was a wonderful time full of joy and pain. Eventually I found myself fascinated with something. A miracle if you will. The miracle of children and the affect they had on the people around them. It seemed to me that a person's happiest moment in their life was when a new life was brought into the world. Someone whom they could love and truly call their own. I found myself so fascinated with this that I just had to go through it myself. It was a decision that led me to both the happiest days of my life and also one of the saddest." Tsunami continued before looking down again to see Sasami curled up in her lap. She lay there looking up with wide and enraptured eyes. "So what did you do Tsunami?" Sasami, clearly caught up in the story, asked.Tsunami, recalling more of her story, continued, "I chose to do something about it little one. I decided to live among the people of Jurai and have a child myself. However due to my nature, I could not go about the normal means of having a child. So I used my power and manipulated it to seed myself with the beginnings of life. I became pregnant and after 9 months, I gave birth to a beautiful baby. It was one of the happiest moments in my life as I held my child in my arms." Excited, Sasami squealed lightly, "Oh how wonderful! I can't wait till I'm old enough to have children!""Indeed young one. It was the happiest day of my life. But that is not where this story ends. You see, now was the time that I got to raise my child. To nurture and teach my bundle of joy as they grew up. My little baby grew up so fast that one moment they were just an infant. The next, a energetic 5 year old. It was on my child's fifth birthday that one of the saddest days of my life occurred." Tsunami said while holding back a painful sniffle. Another tear slowly made it's way down her face.Wrapping her arms around Tsunami, a concerned Sasami gave her a hug. "It's ok if you don't want to talk about it anymore Tsunami. I don't want you to be sad."Gently Tsunami ran her hand through Sasami's hair. "No little one. It's about time I told somebody this story. It has burdened me for far too long."Seeing Sasami smile and nod, Tsunami continued her story, "That day a darkness approached Jurai. To this day I still do not know what it was or where it came from. But I had to somehow stop it. Otherwise all the people I had grown to love along with my child would have perished. So, with my child asleep, I went to repel the dark power. But I should have known better. The dark power was after my precious little one. While I was away protecting Jurai, part of the dark power managed to find and kill my child while they slept. I did not realize this until the darkness was repelled and Jurai saved. Once I returned to Jurai, I found my child in their bed with no life. I cried little one. I cried so hard because it hurt so much. My child...The one whom I gave life to and whom filled me with so much happiness was gone. Taken from me before I knew it." Hugging Tsunami tighter, Sasami gently asked, "I'm sorry Tsunami if this brings back too many bad memories."With a sniffle and a sad yet happy smile, Tsunami said, "Do not worry yourself young one. It has been many millennia since then and now I have hope. Something I didn't have before.""Why's that Tsunami?" inquired Sasami."It would seem because of something I did little one. You see, I was grief stricken at the time. I could not return life to my child because of what I did to have a child in the first place. When I manipulated my power to bring life into my womb, I lost the ability to bring my child back from the dead. My child would be immune against my power. I did not think at the time it would be a problem because I didn't think anything would be able to harm the child. Since I could not return life to my child's body, I decided to take my child's essence, their power and such and let it disperse through the universe so that a small part of my child would always be around. But something happened. I'm not sure what but somehow my child's essence didn't disperse and found it's way to this planet where it was reborn somehow. I only hope I can find my child and be a part of their life again. I just hope they will remember and love me." replied Tsunami.Making herself more comfortable, Sasami leaned her head against Tsunami and asked, "I'm sure your child will still love you Tsunami and will remember you. But what happened to you Tsunami? What did you do after you thought that your child was gone?"Wiping a small tear from her eyes, Tsunami hugged Sasami to herself and smiled down at her. "I was grieving for my child and though they were gone, there were still others I loved. So I created the first Space Tree and unveiled myself to them as their Goddess. I told them I was there to give them a gift for being kind to nature and told them how to care for the trees I would leave for them. I created several first generation trees and imbued them with a portion of my power. That is how they are able to call forth the wings of the light hawk. But they were limited to only three wings. I and my child were the only ones that would have been capable of calling forth all 10 wings. This was because my child was a physical and spiritual part of me. Their own power was nearly equal to mine. But they had to learn how to wield the power where as I use it almost on instinct. Finally I created this place with the tree we are leaning against so I could watch over the people of Jurai. But it had an unfortunate side effect. I was unable to return physically to the physical realm. That was until a certain little princess got hurt near one of my trees.""I'm sorry Tsunami. I didn't mean to get hurt. And I'm sorry that you were trapped here." said Sasami quietly, obviously tired."It's all right little one. Eventually we will be one and you will know what I know. Until then, we will try to find my child and when that day comes, we will be both mother and sister to them. How does that sound to you little one?" asked Tsunami.Groggily, Sasami answered, "That sounds great Tsunami. I'd love to have a big or"Smiling down at the little sleeping bundle in her arms, Tsunami kissed her forehead and a small flare of power ignited. When it died down, Tsunami quietly said, "Sleep little one. Soon you will awake and ease the worries of your....No....Our family..."/*End Flashback*"And that's what happened. I spent another couple days with her after that to try and cheer her up." finished Sasami with her story.All the people around the table sat intrigued at the story that none had heard before. All the thoughts around the table mirrored each other. Tsunami had a child and the child was now on earth. While everyone pondered the new developments, Washu and Katsuhito were busy planning. Katsuhito pondered on how they were going to find the child and what they would tell them once found.Washu however thought about all the wonderful experiments she could perform on someone nearly equal to Tsunami in power. Only Tenchi in her book approached that level of power. The maniacal gleam in her eyes forced a certain ponytailed youth to scoot away. He knew what that look meant and he didn't want to be anywhere near her lest he receive her wrath as a guinea pig.Ayeka, quiet and subdued throughout the story asked a simple question which had been bothering her for a little while. "Sasami?""Yes Ayeka?" Sasami replied."You told us Tsunami had a child and that the child was now on earth, but you didn't tell us if her child was a boy or a girl." questioned Ayeka.Blinking, Sasami blushed a little bit in embarrassment. "I'm sorry, I forgot all about it. Tsunami told me that her child was...."Everyone leaned in to hear the answer, "....A Girl."Meanwhile, just outside Tokyo, a sneezing pigtailed martial artist trekked his way across the Japanese countryside with his companions on his way to Nerima. Hrm, someone must be talking about me...* he thought.Author Notes:Tsunami's Story has been told but what's with this revelation at the end? How will Ranma react to having a girls soul? What will happen when he relates the news of Akane's demise to the Tendo Sisters. What was the darkness that threatened Jurai? What will Cologne tell Yosho when she calls? All this and more in the Next chapter of: Child of the Goddess!
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