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Part 9: Floods and Failure

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Frank is at his wit's end.

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A/N: Ah! I was in such a hurry to post my last chapter that I forgot to add an author’s note. That being said, yes I do watch House M.D. It’s probably my favorite running TV show at the moment, although I do feel it’s gone a bit… downhill lately.

That being said, my apologies for the lack of updates on 100 Ways To Torture Gerard Way. I‘ve been a busy bee the past week, and I do sort of want to get this story over with. There’s only one chapter left after this one anyway. Hopefully the torture story may be updated tomorrow. Toodles.

Part 9: Floods and Failure

Rain is typically a welcomed thing in a hot atmosphere. However, it is very unwelcome if your means of shelter happens to have a few holes in it ceiling. This was the case for Mikey, Gerard, Ray, and Frank.

What started as a drizzle very rapidly became an on pour overnight. The heavy rain dropped in through the cavern ceiling as if there was not one at all. Not only did this make the surrounding area uncomfortable, but it posed a large threat, as the cavern itself was relatively shallow. Thunder soon followed, along with its comrade known as lighting. It was the strangest freak storm any of them had ever seen. To Ray, it almost felt as though nature was literally trying to throw them out of the cave.

The ground became wet and muddy. The food became soggy, although all of it was stale by then anyway. The only blanket they had was taken by the neediest member of their group, who could no longer speak. It was a very sad situation indeed.

The moment for apologies had been short lived. As the situation worsened, tempers began to rise once more.

"C'mon, Gee..." Mikey frowned as he tried to stuff some food into his brother's unwilling mouth, only to have it come spilling down his front. "Please, you haven't eaten in two days!" He pleaded, the pitch of his voice rising.

Mikey saw Ray walk over to them and suddenly, he snatched the food from his hand. Ray shoved Mikey out of the way, and he grabbed Gerard's jaw, yanking it down painfully. He stuffed the food inside Gerard's mouth and then forced his mouth closed. Ray then tilted Gerard's head upward and applied pressure on his throat, stroking it in an attempt to force him to swallow.

"Don't hurt him!" Mikey screeched at Ray, who did not respond.

Although Frank had said earlier that he had not been mad at Gerard, Mikey knew there was an animosity growing towards Gerard for taking most of the supplies. This caused Mikey to grow somewhat of a mistrust towards the other two. Paranoia caused him to wonder whether or not Ray or Frank might murder Gerard, in order to save the rest of the supplies.

As for Gerard himself, he was not getting any better. It was difficult to tell what exactly was wrong without any sort of medically knowledgeable person around. Although Frank was more than willing to share his opinion at every moment possible.

"He's brain dead." Frank would declare after staring at Gerard for some time.

"He is not!" Mikey growled defensively, his arms wrapping around Gerard as though they were physically attacking him.

"Well Mikey..." Ray sighed, "You have to admit, he hasn't even moved."

It was true. Gerard's mouth gaped open slightly, and his arms were limp at his hands. If he hadn't been breathing, anyone could have easily mistaken Gerard for a dead man. Yet Mikey still refused to believe it, in what Ray and Frank saw as desperate denial. Mikey saw it however, as Ray and Frank's attempts to convince Mikey to discard his brother.

It had finally gotten to the point where neither party could hear the other out, without feeling as though there was some sort of ulterior motive.

“I’m hungry, toss me the salad yeah?” Mikey asked at another point, his stomach growling. Instead, he felt something much smaller fall into his hands.

“Suck on a ketchup packet.” Frank told him.

“But I’m hungry!” Mikey yelled over another thunder roll.

“Yeah, well so was I before you gave all the food to Gerard!” Frank snapped at him, “We all know that’s just what you’re going to do if I give you the salad anyway. There’s only one left.”

Mikey was about to argue, but he backed down and opened the small packet of ketchup, sucking on it hungrily. He had betrayed his friends, and so was his punishment. It was even more punishing that his betrayal had been for nothing. Despite all the food Mikey had snuck him, Gerard had not gotten any better.

Despite what Mikey may have thought neither Frank nor Ray were really the “bad guys” in this situation, of course. Any man would become slightly selfish, when all their food and comforts had been taken by a man who had lied and betrayed them before. They felt as though sitting ducks for an unspeakable fate, trapped there by someone who was long gone. And while they had both always loved Gerard dearly, they had families who they also loved, and who they both missed sorely.

Meanwhile, the water became so heavy that the boys found themselves up to their ankles in mud and rain. Watching for help had become long forgotten, as they finally realized the truth.

Help was never coming.

The rest of their time in the cave was spent huddled inside, trying to protect themselves from the rain. Although it became clear that the cave might have been the problem itself. The rest of the terrain outside did not look so bad. It was due to the cave’s enclosed space that they ran the risk of drowning in it, all their supplies becoming drenched in the process.

It was when the water had almost reached their knees, that Ray finally said, or more like screamed, “WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!”

Mikey asked the question they all knew he would ask. “What about Gerard?”

To that was a response that they all knew had been coming for a very long time.

“We have to leave him, Mikey.”

Next chapter: The decision.
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