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Part 10: Families and Fires

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Mikey is faced with a decision.

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Part 10: Families and Fires

Frank, Mikey, and Ray found themselves facing the same argument that they had at the beginning of their ordeal: to leave, or not to leave. This time however, two things were different. One, was that by sticking around, they ran the risk of drowning. Two, was that if they were to leave, they would be leaving behind a bit more than a cave and some rocks. Gerard lay silent, perched against the wall as his three bandmates argued with one another in front of him.

"You can't seriously expect me to just leave my brother to rot here!" Mikey flung his arms into the air.

"We don't really have a choice in the matter, Mikey!" Frank frowned.

"Can we carry him with us?" Ray proposed.

"He's too much dead weight!" said Frank. "If were going to ever make it home, we can't risk exhausting ourselves by carrying him!"

"How dare you!" Mikey scolded him, "My brother is the fucking reason your ass is as wealthy and famous as you are, and he's just fucking dead weight to you now?!?"

"Okay first of all, he would never have gotten where he was in life without all our help! But that's besides the point Mikes, you know I don't mean it like that!" Frank sniped.

"This whole stupid fucking band was his idea!" Mikey said stubbornly, "We would have never had gotten together had he not called us! He had faith in you! He fucking loved you --- "

"And I loved him, Mikey!" Frank interrupted, "I loved him more than you will ever know! But I am not so selfish as to let that get in the way of Ray going home to Christa, or you going home to Alicia! Are you really going to risk Cherry and Lily never seeing their father again, because you were too selfish to let go of a corpse?"

Mikey shook his head, "You don't understand." he said shakily.

"Oh I understand Mikey. I know how much you loved Gerard." Frank told him. His voice had softened, but he spoke with such a serious tone that it cause both Mikey and Ray to freeze. "But what about Alicia? Haven't you two ever talked about having babies one day? Maybe moving into a nice house with her, starting your own family? Imagine how heartbroken she would be, if she was forced to move on without you. Even if she found some other man, she will always remember that it was you she was supposed to be sharing that nice house or that baby with, not some guy she barely knows! She is your wife Mikey, you vowed to her that you would always take care of her on your wedding day! Gerard might be your brother, but eventually everyone has to let go of the family they knew growing up, and begin a family of their own! Just like Gerard did with you!"

"No!" Mikey shook his head again, his hands balling into fists.

"Yes!" Frank went on, seeing that Mikey was visibly breaking, "Gerard moved on with Lindsay and Bandit! He barely called anyone after B was born! He moved on from you, Mikey! It's damn well time that you do the same! Not only for Ray, or Christa, or Jamia, or Cherry or Lily, or me, but for yourself!"

"GERARD NEEDS ME!" Mikey screamed, not acknowledging anything Frank was saying.

"THE GERARD YOU KNOW IS GONE MIKEY! HE IS GONE!", it was Ray's turn to yell this time.

Suddenly, Frank turned to Gerard. He knelt down and waved his hands in front of Gerard's face.

"Gerard, if you can hear me, move something. Blink. Anything at all." Frank told him slowly and clearly. Mikey and Ray watched, but all Gerard did was stare and be still.

Frank looked up at Mikey and said, "Well, there you go."

Mikey was on the verge of tears. For the most part he continued to protest in gibberish. "I can't.. I can't..." he repeated.

Frank stood and grabbed him firmly by the shoulders. He looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Yes, you can Mikey. It's just like I told you. You can face the world without him. Gerard would tell you the same thing. We need to go. Think of Alicia."

And Mikey did think of Alicia. He thought of her staring up at a white, two story picket fence home like she had always wanted. Yet she was alone, and thinking of him. He thought of her pregnant, with what should be his child. For as Frank had said, they had indeed discussed a child many times in recent years. And it was time to move on. He knew what he had to do -- for all of them.

A few teardrops finally fell from his eyes, although the rain disguised his face to be expressionless. Finally, he bent down to face his brother. His best friend who had taken care of him for so many years looked back at him with a dead expression. Yet it was the same face Mikey had come to know so well.

"I'm so sorry Gerard." Mikey said as he raked a hand through Gerard's hair. "I love you so much."

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Frank and Ray already packing up whatever supplies could be spared. Mikey placed a tender kiss on Gerard's forehead. His lips lingered slightly on his skin, and Mikey remembered when they were children, and Mikey used to kiss Gerard sweetly on the forehead whenever he came down with a cold or a flu. A feeling of doubt rose up in him again.

"Mikey." Ray suddenly spoke, perhaps seeing Mikey's hesitation. Mikey nodded and got up, forcing himself to look at Gerard no longer. Ray and Frank did not say any sort of goodbye, but both took a last look at their singer and beloved friend, before a mighty roar of thunder pushed them forward. They walked away together, into the unknown.

It was once they were long gone that the water was nearly up to Gerard's shoulders. He stared straight ahead, where his letter to Lindsay and Bandit was written on the wall.

Quietly, he whispered, "I love you too, Mikey." before the filthy water finally reached his chin.

The last thing he saw were the words he had written, as they became smeared and indistinguishable by the rain.

Meanwhile, televisions all over the country were broadcasting news reports about a heavy rainstorm that had befallen Death Valley. News reporters told of how four people had gone missing just a few weeks ago, and how help had been unable to find them due to a raging brush fire started by a single cigarette.

However the rain had finally extinguished this uncontrollable fire, and all roads were finally open once more.


A/N: So like, this was really just supposed to be a one shot. However I doubted that all of this could fit into a one shot. And I was right! Thanks for the reviews. :)

As for what happened to Gerard, there might be some confusion about that, I know. In my head, when I originally thought it up, Gerard had been sort of pretending to be gone, in order to encourage Mikey to go on without him since he knew he would just slow them down anyway. But you can interpret that however you want. As for the cigarette, it’s mentioned at the very beginning of the story. Of course we don’t know for sure if that’s exactly the same cigarette, but who knows, ay?

I have something else planned, but its just a one shot. A one shot of epic proportions.

Until then, I’ll be seein’ ya.

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