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I do care for you, Yeah sure you do mom

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what happen when liza turns up at the hospital and what happened to craig and what's with the purple boots

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(Liza’s P.O.V)
I got a phone call from the hospital saying that onyx was in hospital and why she was there ‘severe blood loss’ I had felt extremely guilty for all the years I had neglected onyx and not told her about frank in that same second, as I walked in the hospital I was in a great hurry because I was also told she was in a coma right now and they didn’t know if she was going to wake up, I walked up to the reception desk “hi I’m looking for Onyx mortisha Ryte” I didn’t know if frank had used his last name or mine as we had never got married and Onyx was born out of wedlock “sorry there isn’t a Onyx mortisha Ryte on our system does she go by any other names or are you sure you got the right hospital?” she asked me “well she might be going by her fathers last name I guess” she nodded “and what is her fathers name?” she asked “umm...Frank Iero” she nodded “can you spell Iero for me” oh frank would hate her she pronounced iero wrong “of course but it is pronounced eye-er-o not I-ear-o and is spelt I-E-R-O sorry about being picky my ex is very tetchy about people pronouncing his last name right and I guess it stuck” I chuckled slightly she just smiled and said “ah I see so you are onyx’s mother,” I nodded “well she is in room 666 her father asks for it specifically every time he is here” she chuckled that sounds like Frank to me I thanked her and ran to room 666 and burst through the door to see all of Franks band members and Amber crowding around Onyx’s bed and frank was standing with his back to the door looking at onyx “what the fuck do you want?” bob shouted at me stalking me like a lion would a gazelle “I came to see if my Daughter was okay” I mumbled not wanting a fight I was over with the fighting with them if onyx didn’t want me around I would respect her wishes and leave her alone “Get out I want nothing to do with you, you COW!” I heard a hoarse female screech from behind Frank “Onyx, Honey your Ok” I said happy even though my daughter had just told me to leave “Get out I said I want nothing to do with you Get out and leave me alone” frank had moved out of the way of onyx’s view and I saw the large bandage going down her left forearm then from behind me a nurse came in and saw onyx was awake and set to work on changing her bandages when she took the last piece of gauze off her arm I gasped when I saw the large sleek red throbbing scar that led from the very top of her wrist to the crease of her elbow onyx hissed when she used rubbing alcohol to clean her scar and the nurse pressed the assistance button and a doctor and another nurse came in and I thought that it was best that I left just as I was leaving I saw my daughter’s boyfriend in a hospital bed with deep flesh wounds on his face “hello Craig” I said politely “what do you want Liza?” he asked with hostility in his ragged voice “what happened to you?” I asked nicely “Amber beat me up after onyx slit all the way down her wrist to her elbow which was my fault entirely when I got up I found this note on the floor addressed to frank he must have dropped it when he got in the ambulance with onyx and Gee he pointed to a worn piece of purple paper I read the note and gasped Craig was close to crying.

(Onyx’s P.O.V)
after my mother left for a second time I was lying there with my real family they may be all boys but at least they care and I had amber as well and she really was sorry unlike Craig it seemed “I brought some of your clothes with me my lil demon” amber said showing me a pile of clothes with my purple high heeled knee length boots “oh amber you know me too well” my dad just looked between me and amber weirdly “when Onyx was 14 she got Ran over and had to stay in hospital for 2 nights so as a pick me up I bought her these purple high heeled boots and now when ever she is in hospital over night or longer she asks me to bring them for her it’s sort of a tradition” amber explains smiling “it’s also coz they are my favourite shoes” I giggled she placed the pile of clothes on the end of my bed I didn’t recognized the hoodie that was underneath the boots “amber that’s not my hoodie” she smiled at my dad and uncles “no but your dad and uncles bought it for you look” she said holding it up it was dark purple with Onyx.M.Iero sewn on it in shining black thread and had little black gems as a trim on the hood then she turned it round and it had little notes written all over the back of it in black fabric marker with each of the persons names underneath the statement there was ‘Stay Strong And live on Gerard.A.Way’ then ‘There is Always Something Brilliant To Live For in Life honey Amber.S.McCartland x’ then ‘Never Give Up, Fight for what and who you love and for who love you Ray Toro’ then ‘Life is what you make of it so it’s up to you to make it shine Mikey.J.Way’ then ‘Never let Assholes Get ya down Bob.Kick ass drumming Legend.Bryar’ I giggled at that then read the next statement ‘Nothing is so bad that it could make you Want to end something as beautiful as a life Dale.K.Harrison’ how did Dale find out oh yeah he stayed over the night before but must have slept through all of the commotion as is per usual for dale then I read the last statement ‘Life Always Gets Better Frank.A.Iero xx’ I smiled at it then I looked further down to the sleeves to see lyrics written down both the sleeves when I looked closer at the lyrics on the Left Arm they were the lyrics to First Day of my life By the Rasmus and on the Right Arm was My way home is Through you by MCR and when I looked back at the front I saw a statement that had just been written underneath my name in Fabric marker it said ‘Daughter Of Frank Iero Rhythm guitarist of MCR’ I laughed and looked at my dad who was silently whistling with the marker sticking out of his back pocket “dad pass me the marker a second” he chucked me the marker and I laid the hoodie out it front of me and next to where my dad had just written daughter of Frank iero rhythm guitarist of MCR I drew a smiley with crosses for eyes (X__X) my dad laughed and I turned the hoodie over then motioned to my uncle Gee to come over and he walked over to me and whispered in his ear to draw their killjoy’s and then draw me, Amber and Dale as killjoys and write the killjoy names underneath then passed him the hoodie and marker and he took them over to the small table in the corner and started drawing,
(A/N what can i say i like cliffhangers lol thanks for all ur graious reviews there will be more up soon i promise but i've been grounded recently with no computer privlidges thanks again Amy-Beth xxx
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