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it's not your time honey,but you have a choice

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it starts with how amber feels and her finding the note onyx wrote for frank then what will onyx choose wake up or stay with the black parade

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(Amber’s P.O.V)
why oh why did I kiss him argh now my best friend is going to die because of me oh god now frank is giving me evils while he’s showing the ambulance people where to find onyx oh god here comes gerard and he looks mad “how could you Amber you knew Onyx liked Craig and you just let him do that to her after the night they spent together and don’t think I don’t know what they did because they seemed way to close this morning to just be good friends he’s took her fucking innocence you know what I’m gonna fucking kill him” he shouted at me all while I whimpered apologies at him after he said the last part he started to storm towards the door the next thing I hear is the door slamming shut with gerard on Craig’s side of the door then screaming and shouting crying and whimpering and then a loud snap and crunch noise then gerard walked back in the house “well the bastard was lucky he could still fucking run” he chuckled darkly I just grimaced as he passed me to get to the stairs but the ambulance men were already carting Onyx downstairs on a stretcher with the length of her left fore arm was securely bandaged up to stop the bleed when Gerard and Frank left with the ambulance Bob and ray who had been trying to control their anger by clutching on to the couch got up and left to ray’s car to follow the ambulance to the hospital when I tried to follow ray slammed the door in my face before I could walk out of it and I took that as my cue to stay away when I walked to the kitchen I saw the note onyx wrote for frank it read,

I’m really sorry I love u and I always will, kick Craig’s ass for me will ya I was too weak Onyx .M. Iero xxx
’ I cringed when I read the words ‘I was too weak’ I knew that this was not true because she was strong enough to get through 16 years of abuse and neglect and a addiction to alcohol at the age of 10, “Onny honey you are strong you are not fucking weak whatever made you feel weak!” I cried to myself knowing the answer to my own question and walked out of the door to find Craig standing there and remembered what gerard had said “how could you cheat on Onyx with me after you slept with her she was a fucking virgin, onyx’s family fucking hate me now because of you, you fucking twat I’m gonna fucking kill you!” I shouted my voice knocking up a octave every time I formed a new word then I lunged at him he screamed when I knocked him to the floor and started clawing at the flesh of his face so hard it caused beads of crimson red blood to surface on his cheeks then I kneed him it the crown jewels and got up dropping onyx’s note to frank next to him so he could read it and ran to my car and sped to the nearest hospital.

(Onyx’s P.O.V)

all I could see was dark then a white haired man in a marching band uniform came out of the dark with four other men following him on a float, I recognized one of them he looked like my dad and the white haired guy looked like my uncle Gee “Onyx it’s not your time yet honey, but you do have a choice either go back to your uncles and your heartbroken father and at this very moment in time he is considering suicide because of your soon to be death if that is what you choose of course I mean death I don’t mean that you choose for you father to kill himself oh no I could never ask that of you Niece” I looked at the white haired man with wide eyes “uncle Gee” I muttered he nodded “the other choice of course Onyx dear is to join the Black parade and us the incarnations of your fathers and uncles past their black parade Era if you will, well dear niece which do you choose, when you decide go and tell little Frankie over there” the ‘memory’ of my uncle gee’s character from the black parade told me pointing to frank I made my choice in seconds and walked sluggishly towards my fathers black parade character and whispered “I want my life back, I love you Daddy” and with that gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked around all of ‘The Black Parade’ giving them hugs then they started to slip away as I well I suppose I was waking up then I heard faint voices around me,

“do you think she will be ok?” a worried voice said and then I answered it “I’m sure I’ll be fine in about a week or so” I chuckled hoarsely my dad looked over at me as it was him who had asked the question to gerard probably, he froze when he saw my eyes wide open, then pulled me into a tight hug as he cried “never do that again and you are not fucking weak” he said through tears “yeah she sure as hell ain’t weak” a hoarse and strained female voice graced the room more like made everyone in the room freeze “haven’t you done enough amber leave her alone” Ray snarled at her his afro made him look like a angry poodle and at that I started giggling a very hoarse giggle “guys can you leave us alone for a couple of minutes,” I looked at my dad especially “please daddy?” I asked sweetly batting my sleep coated eyelashes he just nodded he got up to leave when I stopped him “dad how long have I been out for and why do I feel dizzy?” I asked him after grabbing his forearm with my good arm “you have been out for about 6 days and the reason feel dizzy is because the docs did a test while you were out and found out that,” he gritted his teeth like it was something that I might not want to hear “Onyx sweetheart your pregnant, baby girl your gonna be a mommy” my uncle Mikey said with a fake smile on his face and fake happiness in his voice I looked at all of them wide eyed and slightly scared but most of all angry “where’s Craig, I’m gonna kill him” I screamed I let go of my dad’s arm and he cupped my face in his hands and I broke down crying throwing my arms around him and cried my eyes out “Onyx, Craig is in the hospital,” Amber started to tell me with a apologetic tone to her voice but I cut her of by growling “why is he here?” I screeched “I put him here he has twenty different depths of flesh wound scars on his face because of these babies,” she said wiggling her hands meaning she had clawed him in the face leaving deep flesh wound scars “and I kicked him in the crown jewels” she smirked half heartedly but I sniggered “your not mad at me still for earlier?” she asked my dad looked at her then at me and softened slightly “we were just upset because we thought the worst of onyx’s condition and we took it out on you when it wasn’t even entirely your fault, I’m sorry” he frowned and I reached my left hand to his cheek “I’m really sorry dad” he nodded and let go of my face I was about to ask for my dad and uncles to leave again when someone barged into my room “What the fuck do you want?” my uncle bob said stalking towards the figure standing in the bright blinding light of the door way when they moved closer I saw it was,

A/N Dun Dun Dun another cliff hanger i'm so mean but it's better this way and who do you think it is that has just turned up is Craig or is it her bitch face of a mother hmm think it over lol lol lol ugh it's too early for me one more update then i'm off to bed,and what will onyx do about the baby will she keep it should i bring the black parade back in her dreams as a sort of mental problem that she develops or just as a way of someone helping her R&R let me know what you think plz Amy Beth xxx
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