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This is quite important! (and a taster for the next chapter)

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Hey Killjoys,

I know I haven't updated in AGES and I feel really bad for not doing so, really really bad :/ So, I have decided to give you a teaser for the next chapter! :) The next two chapters will be darker than what I usually write but not drastically depressing or anything like that at all. I have tried to capture Gerard's, Aimee's and Frank's innocence as best I could but I hope you like it! :)

- Sara xoxo

I stared into the hole in the ground. It was six feet deep and five feet in width, the sides of it a deep muddy brown. The casket lay in the bottom silently, as quiet as Frank who stood next to me. Aimee sat on the bench right at the back of the yard, swinging her legs lazily as she pulled the petals off a rose she had plucked from the bushes. Bob stood behind me, looming over with a warm hand of comfort on my shoulder. Mikey stood the other side of the hole, tears running down his cheeks and steaming up his glasses. His hair was neat and tidy and he wore a small, black suit like me.

Mom waved to me, she was crying as well, just like all the other people here.
"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust," The vicar said, his voice low and boring as he stood at the head of the grave, dressed in traditional black and white. He started to throw the handful of dirt into the hole and Frank gripped his toy kitten tighter, were it real he would have strangled it to death. His mouth was twitching and I realised he was saying everything the vicar said simultaniously, lip-syncing to perfection.
He looked up at me with deep brown eyes, tears welling up.
"G-Gerard?" He croaked and I took his hand and squeezed it, comforting him the only way a friend could.
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