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Now that I've got her, what do I do?

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It's sequel time!
So everything seemed to work out perfectly. I knew Amri wanted to be with her dad who just happens to be Mikey Fucking Way!, so sooner or later, she had to go. What I didn't know was that she was dragging me along with her. Not that it mattered, I'm enjoying my current position, but she just told me one day...
"Victoria!!! Pack thy stuff, my good ma'am! We've leaving this place!"
Amri shouted at me through my bedroom door and I woke up with a start. After picking myself up off the floor where I'd fallen, I opened the door with a huff and turned to the kitchenette, "Amri, what are you going on about now??"
"Well, I'm moving to L.A. with Mikey and Alicia. I've decided your coming, so call your boyfriend, tell him to pack his stuff and let's go!"
My eyes widened at the beginning of her statement and only got wider with every word. Moving? L.A.? Go? "What?"
She hopped off the chair, "You heard me."
As she walked into her room to pack the rest of her few belongings, I scrambled after her, "Wait. You're going to L.A. and you're taking us with you? What about college?And you, with high school?"
"My high school sucks and you've said numerous times you wished you went to another college. Plus, think of all the bad things that's happened to us over the years. We can start fresh and new."
Amri stopped tossing things into the small suitcase on her bag, "C'mon Victoria. Please? I can't do anything without you."
Her eyes got big and glassy and I knew I wasn't going to be able to resist, "Alright! alright, alright, alright. I'll call him, but if he doesn't wanna leave, I'm staying."
Amri nodded, "Understandable. But if he says yes, we moving to L.A.!"
Of course, he said yes, which meant that I left my college town in Pennsylvania to the big city of Los Angeles. We got on the plane a couple hours before dawn. While my boyfriend slept, Amri and I played rock, paper, scissors for the first hour before we got bored and watched the movie playing on the big screen TV.
When we finally got down to L.A., went through the gates and got our bags, and made our way to the exit, we were already more exhausted than when we first got on.
"Amri! Victoria!"
I turned at the sound of my name and saw them. Alicia, LynZ, and Bandit waiting for us, a smile on their faces and a warm welcome calling us to them. Amri dropped her bags and ran to Alicia, once again happy to see her mom. It made me grin to see Amri so happy. The only contact the teen had with her parents was phone calls. Now that she actually got to see her in person was the best thing imaginable. My boyfriend picked up her two bags and we set off to be greeted by the waiting women.
"Hey Victoria! Welcome to L.A., I'm glad you decided to join us here," Alicia smiled and hugged me, "I'm sure you all know LynZ and Bandit. They decided to join me to find my girl."
LynZ shook our hands, "It's great to finally meet my new niece, I think Bandit's gonna love her."
Amri beamed at the cooing toddler, who grinned back. I slapped my hands together, "So who's ready for some geting the heck outta here? I know I am."
Amri giggled and we all walked ot of the airport to Alicia's car. Stuffing our bags in the trunk, we bid goobye to the other Ways and set out past the busy streets of L.A. to out new home.
Hey hey hey! I hope you start liking this sequel!
And I will always use the term 'my boyfriend' or 'Victoria's boyfriend' because A. I'm protecting his privacy. I don't know him, so he's safe. and 2. I'm not totally sure I'm gonna get his name right.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy this!
Amber (the author)
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