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Moving in

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Take a look at Amri's room

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I heard the front door slam from downstairs. I was lying across my bed, reading the latest comic strips from this mornings newspaper. Throwing the paper onto the sheets, I ran down the stairs, first checking to see if the two rooms were ready for the girls.
"Woah! Biggest house I've ever seen, I know that." I grinned at Amri's voice.
Taking the step two at a time, I finally got to where the girls and Tom, Victoria's boyfriend stood. Amri spun in circles, marveling at the house that wasn't all that exciting. I laughed and she stopped spinning, stumbling around, "Dad!!!"
Dropping the bags, she ran into my open arms and hugged me. I layed my head on hers, drinking in the moment. My little girl was finally home. She let go and stepped back, "Dad, your house is amazing."
I waved my hand as she picked up her bags again, "Naw, you've just not gotten used to it. It's not all that great. C'mon, I'll take you guys to your rooms."
I led them up that stairs, "Your guy's rooms are the first two. Amri's on the right, Victoria, left. Tom, I didn't know you were coming, so you've got the couch downstairs until we work something out."
He shrugged, "Fine by me."
He opened the door to Victoria's room and they walked in, observing. I pushed open Amri's door and she ran in. The first thing she did was drop the bags and jump onto the bed, "Wow!! This... is... AWESOME!"
My eyes flicked to everything in my new room. My desk and laptop, that I'd be using quite often, the really big closet, my giant bed that I sunk into as soon as I landed. The furniture was amazing, but whaty caught my eyes were the walls. They were light grey, with every My Chemical Romance lyric written. From 'Bullets' to 'Danger Days'. The words were tiny, and it looked like it took more than a few months to finish. And when the lyrics ran out, there were quotes from all the guys. Inspirational ones that had helped me in the past, funny ones that made me laugh, even some from the wives that were equally charming. Everything was almost perfect and now that I was here, it was completely.
I read everything on those walls. It took me a few minutes and when I was done, I turned to Mikey, "Dad, did you paint all this?"
He gave me a small smile, "Alicia helped."
"Wow, Dad. You didn't havta do this... but this is amazing."
"I know, but it felt kinda special that I did. I know how much you love the lyrics, so... yeah."
I beamed at him and he ruffled my hair, "I hope you like it, Ammy."
Grinning once again, he put an arm around my shoulder and led me downstairs, where the others gathered in the living room. Alicia smiled when she saw us, 'Didya see your room?"
I nodded and she put her hands together, "Oh yay! I hoped you liked it, it took a few months."
Victoria looked confused and I swung my head to my room, "Take a look see in my living space."
She shrugged and got up off the couch. She and Tom ran up the stairs and into my room. I sat between Alicia and Mikey, folding my hands in my lap, "Well, now that I'm settled in, what do we do now?"
Yes, short, I know. But this is sorta a special one to me. Not sure why, it just is.
Anyways, stay tuned for the next CH!
Amber (the author)
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