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The Morning After

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I woke up in pain and fear, but mostly pain. Pain in my heart, pain everywhere. How could he do this to me? I was in his room alone, I didn't dare to move in fear that someone would hear me and know I was awake. Who knows what they have planned for me. Would the guys ever find me?

I stayed still in hopes that sleep would take over again, but it never came. Before I knew it I heard the door creak open and closed. I was facing away from it so I could only guess that it was Gerard. I didn't turn around, I didn't want to look him in the eyes. He just wasn't Gerard anymore, he was something awful, a demon.

"I know you're awake, sugar. No use in pretending," I felt lips on my cheek, they were cold, so damn cold. I cringed away, not wanting to be touched by this monster.

He gave a displeased sigh. Then something changed, like a flash in his eyes. "Leda?" He shook his head violently and seemed to go back to normal.

"That keeps happening, he wants to come back you know. Gotta stop letting that slip," He shrugged. I gave a confused look.

"Who wants to come back?" I whispered. Gerard smiled, "so now you're talking… Gerard wants to come back, of course." I was just as confused as ever.

"But you're Gerard, an evil one, but you're still him," I kept my voice low.

He sat on the bed, making me move as far away as I could without falling off.

"No, sugar, I'm not Gerard. I'm just taking over his body."

"So you're possessing him or something?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's stronger than I thought, he keeps slipping through," The demon looked away, thinking.

"So the real Gerard, he's in there somewhere, right?" I asked, hopeful that he was.

"Yes but he's not coming out anytime soon," The demon smiled again. "But you shouldn't worry about any of that, we have things to do today Lina so I think you better get dressed," I looked at him with pure hatred, "And If I don't?"

He kept that stupid grin. "You can stay undressed and we can reenact last night," He said coldly.

I sprung up, horrified and grabbed my clothes off the floor. I threw everything on under his sickening gaze. Then he pushed me out the door. He took me threw the many halls and doors till we came to the head demon room again.

He was sitting in his throne eating raw meat, with two gorgeous angels on each side. They had plain white wings which reminded me of Mikey's. I guess all angels had white wings and demons/others had other colors. Speaking of Mikey, I missed him and Frankie, and even Ray. Where they planning my escape right now?

The head demon guy, whose name I could not recall, dropped his meat and greeted us.

"Ah, welcome. Come, sit." Gerard yanked me into the same chair I had been in last time and stood next to me with his arms crossed.

"So I presume you did the deed, right Gerard?" The demon asked.

'Gerard' nodded.

The demon broke into a huge grin, "So when will we find out?"

"I'd say in about a week." I looked back and forth between them, confused as fuck.

"So shall I arrange the wedding?" The demon asked.

'Gerard' nodded, "that would be great."

The demon whispered into one of the angel's ears. The angel nodded and walked out.

"You've done well Gerard, the Devil will be quite proud of you." The demon turned his attention o me, "You must be confused chosen one, you see we made this plan. And it's a rather long story so I'll just cut to the chase, Gerard's getting you nocked up and you two are engaged to be married. He needs an equally powerful bride to help him rule over all of humanity and the otherworlds. You'll be sure to have an indescribably powerful son." I took in the new found information and almost fainted.

"But that's not even Gerard, it's some evil demon, I can't have a demon baby!" I cried.

"It's still Gerard, honey, we just have a demon taking control of him." The demon and Gerard laughed together. I gulped, did he succeed? Was I pregnant with a half demon child?
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