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Chapter 1

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Amid family problems Kayley Walker decides to temporarily move in with her brother Jon. Kayley has a track record for playing with boys hearts, what will happen when she finds herself faced with ne...

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Hi guys! This is a collaboration between XxPerfectTomorrowxX and me (Sarahkilljoykid) hope you like it! :) This first one is by XxPerfectTomorrowxX

Jon was driving down the familiar road to the four bedroom house he shared with his bandmates. The only difference now was that his younger sister Kayley Walker was sitting in the passenger seat of his vehicle texting someone. He would ask but she had headphones in her ears, blocking him out completely. He wasn't offended because he knew she was upset. He was upset too. Their parents were going through a divorce. While they sorted through things Kayley had decided to move in with Jon so as to avoid the stress. Thankfully Spencer had made the entire transition easier by offering up his bedroom. He had decided to move in with his current girlfriend temporarily so it would just be Jon, Kayley, Ryan, and Brendon at the house.

Unfortunately something last minute had come up with his own girlfriend so Jon had to drop Kayley off at home and then book it to Lisa, his girlfriends, house. He knew that would make things even more awkward for his sister but thankfully she wasn't too shy. Jon already expected her to give his bandmates hell. The idea made him grin in amusement.

"Jon." Kayley complained, "I need money."

Jon rolled his eyes, "How much?"

"Like twenty-ish?" Kayley said, uncertainly. "I'm ordering pizza since you're bailing. I'm hungry."

Jon nodded, "I'll give you forty since Brendon and Ryan will probably want pizza too." He said, pulling in to the driveway.

"Thanks." Kayley muttered as Jon pulled forty dollars out of his wallet and handed it to her.

Jon nodded and leaned over, kissing Kayley on the forehead. "I'll be home soon and I'll bring your bags in when I get back." He assured her.

"Sure thing bro." Kayley said, saluting him as she got out of the car.

Jon quickly pulled away and Kayley looked towards her new home with a huge sigh. "Hopefully Jon remembered to remind his roommates that I was coming." She muttered, knowing very well that it would be just like her brother to completely forget.

She couldn't just stand out in the driveway forever though so she slowly made her way to the front door, pushing it open. She could hear a television loudly playing in the living room and decided to walk that way so that she could introduce herself and get some awkwardness out of the way.

As she walked in to the room she stumbled upon a brown haired guy lazily thrown across the couch, switching channels boredly. "Dude get me a beer." He muttered, burping.

Kayley rolled her eyes, "Do I look like your fucking maid?" She snapped.

The guy sat up quickly and looked towards her in utter confusion. The confusion only lasted a second though and then he threw a silly grin on his face and replied to her, "You look like a fucking stranger so get me a beer and come chill or get the fuck out."

Kayley sighed and wandered from the room, searching for the kitchen. Thankfully it wasn't hard to find and she quickly grabbed a beer, heading back to the living room. The guy was waiting with the volume on the television turned down. She sighed and opened the bottle of beer, tossing it to him. His eyes widened in horror as beer spilled across the room, the bottle landed on the floor with a thud and the rest of the liquid drizzled out. Kayley shrugged, "Well that was a terrible catch." She didn't like being bossed around.

"Fine. I'll get myself a fucking beer." The guy muttered, sounding annoyed.

"Good." Kayley said, cheering up. "And while you're at it order pizza. I want pepperoni." She tossed the cash Jon had given her at him.

He watched it fall to the ground.

"Dude. Did anyone ever teach you how to catch anything?" Kayley asked.

Brendon sighed, leaning down to pick up the money. "Who are you?" He asked, taking out his cell phone.

"Kayley Walker." Kayley replied, sitting next to him on the couch. She threw her hair over her shoulder and sighed in comfort at the feeling of laying against the cushioned couch. She was kind of tired after all of the driving.

Brendon's eyes widened, "Whoa, oh. Oh yeah. I didn't know you guys were back already. Wheres Jon?" He asked, searching his contacts for the pizza place they usually ordered from. "And take your money. I got it. I'm Brendon by the way!" She knew that. She had listened to their music and gotten pictures from her brother frequently.

Kayley gladly took her money back. Why not? They were rich. She wasn't. "Pepperoni." She reminded him, not answering his question about Jon as she stood up and left the room deciding to check the house out before she got too lazy on the couch.

The downstairs was fairly boring but at least it was clean. She was worried her brothers slob-like habits would ruin his house but someone obviously cleaned well. She slowly started up the stairs, pausing as she heard the sound of a guitar being played coming from a bedroom down the hall. She made her way to that bedroom, listening. Then she heard singing and smiled, loving the fact that she was going to be surrounded by such musically talented people.

She finally found the room that the music was coming from and sat down next to the door, listening through the wall. It was a pleasant noise and as she closed her eyes she felt herself start to relax. It wasn't really all that comfortable but right now her body was exhausted.

She started drifting off but when the door was yanked open she snapped awake, opening her eyes to find herself faced with Ryan Ross. He was ridiculously gorgeous in person. "Um." He licked his lips and stared at her in confusion. "Hi." He said.

"Oh Hi, I'm Kayley. I'm Jon's sister. I- I just moved here today." She said, trying to explain herself so that she seemed less creepy.

Ryan smiled kindly, "I know who you are but why are you sitting outside my room?" He asked curiously.

Kayley shrugged, "I'm kind of tired." As if that explained it. She cleared her throat. "I was also listening to you play the guitar and sing. It was beautiful from what I could hear." She said, deciding to go with the truth.

Ryan's smile widened, "Thank you."

"Can I hear more?" Kayley asked.

Ryan stared at her for a few minutes before slowly nodding, "... Sure." He extended his hand.

Kayley stared at it before grabbing on so that he could pull her up. She had been unsure because he was quite small but he proved to be fairly strong because he pulled her up without a problem. "Your room?" She asked, starting to get more comfortable with the situation. It didn't take long for her to get comfortable.

"Sure." Ryan replied softly, heading back in to his room.

Kayley looked around, noticing all the posters and pictures he had tacked to his wall. He had an array of instruments in the corner of his room but what mostly got her attention was the bed. It looked so comfortable. She was so damn tired. She immediately went to it, laying down and sighing blissfully. "Your bed feels so nice."

Ryan chuckled, "Tired?" He asked.

Kayley nodded, "Mind if I get comfortable?"

"Go for it." Ryan said, grabbing his guitar.

Kayley rearranged herself so that she was laying in his bed under the blankets. It was a strong possibility that she would fall asleep. "Play." She instructed Ryan as he sat next to her on the bed.

Ryan nodded, biting his lip nervously.
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