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first day... worst day.

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next chapter... :) hope you like, frank and gerard meet. things get messy.

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Franks POV

oh my god! the new kid! haha what a dork! he's similar to me, music taste ad shit. except hes a loser. from the first time i saw him i knew he would be an easy target.

'HEY, VAMPIRE FREAK!' i called over to him
he just shrugged. i walked over and gave him a gentle shove. he moaned slightly, i shoved him harder this time causing him to wince. i laughed at his insicurity, this would be fun. turns out he has art next, i do too. i watched his every move as we walked to the art classroom. if he slipped up or did anything stupid i would make sure he would get embarassed. he was suprisingly calm, he just kept to himself and spoke to no one. he was a mysteriouse boy.

it turns out he's fantastic at art. im doing all i can to make his life hell here but i have to admit, its pretty amazing. art was the last lesson of the day. i assumed he's mist the first lessons getting used to the place, unpacking and things.

Gerards POV

why does this boy hate me so much? i didnt even glance at him, never mind do or say anything to upset or annoy him. i felt quite smug when i saw him admiring my artwork earlier. it made me feel proud. i was lost in my own thoughts when... 'FRANK IERO TO THE PRINCIPLES OFFICE' god that made me jump. i was just outside the principles office door when i saw the boy who had been tormenting me walk through. so that was Frank Iero.

i saw him walk out, cursing under his breath. i decided it was best to make my way back to my dorm room. i quickly walked over, hoping i wouldnt get in franks way. when i got there i automatically shut the curtains, i liked things dark, i stuck a Black Flag CD in the player and began to drift away in my own thoughts. i was once again inturpted but this time not buy the principle making an announcement but by the one and only Frank Iero barging through my dorm room door.
i panicked.
why was he here?
was he going to beat me up?
he looked pretty angyry...

Franks POV

the boy looked like a deer in headlights. he was startled. was he scared of me? i gave a smug grin at the thought. he probably wont be going any where this weekend... this is where the hell begins. i decided to get to know him more. 'HEY.' i shreaked
'oh, h-hey th-there' he mumbled
'so tell me about yourself?' i asked, trying not to sound like a stalker.
'uh, i-i like music and art...' he said, practically whispering
'ok then' i said jumping up and making myself at home. he looked so vunerable, should i really be this harsh on him? i saw him stand up and take off his black hoodie, i must admit, it was pretty warm in that room.
'what exactly are you doing here?' he asked me
'well...' i explained 'im your new roommate'
he lay on his bed and faced the wall, sighing. did i hurt his feelings that much? man, i felt bad. he looked so cute when he was sleeping. oh, my, god. did i just say he was cute? i've accepted that i am indeed gay but, no. i cant be falling for him, i fucking cant. to prove im not falling for him i shall continue my plans of ruining his life.

Gerards POV

man, the kid that wants to make my life hell is my room mate. god. god. god. i just focused on the pale wall i was staring at and tried not to concentrate on what frank was going to do or say next. the words that came from his pale lips left me in shock
'im not going to hurt you, im sorry...'
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