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feeling the romance?

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things start to work out between frank and gerard. frank still taunts gerard a little. he finds it hard to except his feelings for him XD

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Franks POV
its night time, watching gerard sleep is so comforting. he just looks so gorgeouse. wait, i called Gerard Way gorgeouse?! oh fuck... this really cant be happening. i cant be falling for him, i just cant. i watched him peacefully sleep until i fell asleep myself.

when i woke up, i found Gerard sitting on the end of his bed drawing. i slid off my matress to go see what amazing picture he was creating, when i poked my head over his shoulder he quickly hid the drawing, i wonder why? i didnt really see much, it looked quite detailed, mayby a drawing of a person? i couldnt make anything out.
'hey faggot' i called to him
'i thought you were gonna stop being mean to me...' he sighed
'o-oh yeah...' SHIT. why did i have to let my heart controll my head. 'sorry' i murmured.
'so watcha drawing?' i asked him
'oh nothing' he said, i could here panic in his voice.
'it looks real good, from what i saw, anyway. can i see?
'w-well, i dunno, i dont want you to be freaked out by it' he said, closing his sketch book.
'why would i be freaked out?! haha' and i grabbed the sketch book and opened it, to my suprise i found a drawing of me. ME! 'WOW, gerard this is amazing!'
'y-you think? y-you n-not freaked out that i drew you?' he said, stuttering.
'cours not!!' i said grinning 'like i say, were buddies from now on'
gerard came closer to me, what the fuck was he doing? i then felt his soft lips on mine. he moved his mouth slowly around mine, then backing away quickly. 's-sorry, frankie' my heart melted when he called me frankie... then before i knew it he ran out the door. i sat there. shocked. did i enjoy it? hell yeah, did i want him? i really dont know. i decided to sit there until he got back.

Gerards POV
oh for fucks sake. why did i have to be such a twat and do that? just as we were getting along. now he's probably going to tell everyone and then they'd hate me even more. frank would probably make my life hell, god why do i ruin everything? i fumbled in my pocket, ah, my trusty razor blade. i dug deep against my skin, beads of scarlette blood looked beautiful on my pale skin. i dug deeper, dragging the blade accross my inner arm, i leaned my head back and just my eyes, embrassing the pain that i enflicted on my self.

i heard the door slam open. i quickly pulled down my sleaves and shoved the razor blade back in my pocket. i didnt want anybody to see me like this. i stared at the door, it was frank.

was he going to kill me? does he hate me? why is he here? was he looking for me or was it just coincidence? so many questions ran through my head. i stood up, pushed right passed him and ran through the hall. i ran back to our dorm and flopped on to my bed and hid under the covers, heard frank come in called my name. what the fuck did he want from me?!! i could feel myself burning with rage and emotion. WHY WOULDNT HE LEAVE ME ALONE?!

i felt a warm hand lift up the covers. oh fan-fucking-tastic. franks hand. i wanted to scream at him. i was so scared he was going to hurt me, but i guessed i would have to face the wrath of Iero sooner or later so i pushed the covers off me and stared at him. my eyes sparkling with tears. i was about to cry. i could see him looking deep into my eyes. he pulled up my sleave, and mumbled a little, how did he know about this? was he watching me?
'g-gerard, im sorry. im so, so sorry... THAT YOUR A FUCKING FAG!!'
and then i ran out the door. i didnt want to see him ever again.

i didnt care about anyone. or anything. nobody cared anyway so i pulled out the blade once again and slashed myself to shreads. blood dripping everywhere. i wanted to cry, wait? i was crying. more than i'd ever cried before. all because of one person and something that lasted 10 seconds.

i wanted to kill myself.
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