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suicidal love

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frank apolagises. but does he really mean it this time? will there be a FRERARD EXPLOSION?! READ.

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hey :D sorry my chapters have been really short! i'll try and make them a bit longer in the future! thanks for the nice comments, there isnt many but even those couple mean alot to me x

Franks POV

i upset him. why did i do that? he kissed me for fuck sake and i enjoyed it. i could have turned that into something beautiful but no, i had to turn it into a fucking hot mess. yeah, hot mess describes everything. its a mess, but a hot mess because, well! have you seen Gerard! im debating whether to appolagise and try and make things work out. i ran down the hall to try and find him.

i looked in every empty dorm, and then i found him in the janators closet, asleep? oh fuck, there was an empty box of sleeping pills next to him. did it cause this boy to take his own life? the cuts on his arms before, he did those himself? oh my god... i looked at him lying peacfully there. he was slashed to peices, the poor boy. i tapped his shoulder, he didnt move. i tried whispering his name. oh my god, was he actually dead?! he might just be a little unconsiouse, he couldnt of killed himself, surely.

i put my hand under the back of his neck and lifted his head, i lowered my body so our lips were touching. i kissed him. it was gently, very gentle, then i felt his eye lids flutter open. i gave a sigh of relief and pulled my head away. 'gerard' i whispered.
'f-frankie?' he said, there was fear in his voice.
'yes, its me. im so sorry, for everything that i've done. i didnt mean to hurt you like this, gerard. your a really amazing guy and to tell you the truth, the only reason i was so horrible to you was because i liked you. alot. i just couldnt accept me feeli-' and i was cut off my gerards sweet lips against mine. i pulled him closer resting my hands on his lower back, he gave a soft moan which was o-so-sweet. i ran my tongue on his lower lip, hoping he would get the message, he opened his mouth a little, just enough so i could slide my tongue in.

Gerards POV
i felt amazing. even though we were on the floor in a janators closet and i had just attempted to take my own life, it felt so right. i rubbed my tongue against franks i felt my pants get tight. oh god. my penis really did pick bad times to get turned on. but then i felt franks penis grow hard against me. this turned me on even more. i pulled away and smiled.

frank looked so sweet, so innocent. i wanted him more then anything. we stood up, i was about to walk out when frank pushed me against the wall and kissed me, it was a rough, passionate kiss. our tongues danced together. this was the only place i wanted to be right now. frank pulled away and licked the shell of my ear, this sent tingles down the back of my spine, he winked and pulled me towards our dorm. i felt like he was incharge of me, but i didnt mind, atleast he was taking an interest in me and making me feel like a fucking king.

he pushes me down on the bed, he ran his hands over my chest looking up at me, smirking. he slipped my shirt off and ran his tongue down my stomach. i moaned softly, i giggled so i could tell he liked it when i did that. he bagan to unbutton my pants, i wasnt sure i wanted this.
'uh frank?'
'o-oh, im s-sorry, gerard. i shouldnt of rushed into things like this'
'no, its ok.'
'no, gerard. its not.' he said firmly 'i was so horrible to you and now im doing this its just not right'
i kissed him softly and told him not to worry. i was going to make sure nothing would mess this up, not a thing.

Franks POV
i've really fucked things up this time. i had to go and push my luck. everything was perfect. now its a mess, i was beggining to feel something towards gerard, something i hadnt really felt before, it was a warm, fuzzy feeling and even the briefest touch would send shivers down my spine. i really should've made sure he was ready for this. he obviously wasnt, i felt bad. really bad.

but his kisses make everything better. i clambered next to him on the bed and rested my head in the crook of his next. he smelt nice, like coffee and cigarettes. when he rested his head against mine i felt exstatic. it was beautiful, i was enjoying just lying there with him. it coudlnt have been more perfect if either of us tried. his breathing started to become heavy, i think he was falling asleep, bless him, it was 4 in the afternoon. mind you, he did have a pretty rough day, i cant blame him. i decided to lay there with him, taking i his sweet scent.

i traced the cuts on his arms with my finger. i couldt help but cry when i realised that everything that had happened was my fault. the reason he cut. the reason he tried to take his own life. now, he just forgave me like that. i decided to try my best to make him feel like the greatest person on earth. i certainly didnt feel like the greatest person on earth. i felt like a scumbag. do you now how it feels to realise that someone inflicts pain on themselves because of you? well, its defenatelly not a pleasant feeling

i twiddled gerards hair withing my fingers waiting for him to wake up. i would appolagise and hope he would forgive me. well, it looked like he had forgiven me but the guilt wouldnt go away. i felt like a terrible person, i was a terrible person and this innocent boy who couldnt controll his heart was stuck in the middle of it. i kissed him on the cheak and drifted to sleep myself.

Gerards POV
when i fell asleep frank must of fell asleep after me. i woke him with soft kissed, he smiled a sweet smile and gently kissed me back. he really was amazing.
'hey there, gee' he said, his eye lids fluttering. ohh, he called me gee. what a cute nickname. it made me feel on top of the world.
'hello sleeping beauty' i replied
'i just wanted to tell you how sorry i am... i was a sick bastard. im really and truelly sorry, gerard.'
'its okay frank.' i said and brushed the hair out of his eyes.
he gave a gentle smile and pecked me on the cheak. i did a little school girl giggle and he giggled too. oh he was a beautiful boy.
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