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Ola crashqueens and motorbabies ^.^ So ive been thinking should I continue with song Fics , Id be posting them as chapters of this but they wouldn't be connected plotwise like but they'd all be Frerard of some kind and every now and then you'll get the chance to audition and be part of the story or choose what songs I base it on and so forth , Sound good ? please give feedback and let me know , because your opinions really help me ^.^ If you want leave song suggestions in the reviews , ita be much appreciated and I'll see if I can work them into a story :D Thanks ^.^

Major killjoy love and big shout out to Layla who like reviews all my storys and is like my number one fan ^.^ Thank you do much your reviews make my day and show me that at least one person is reading and enjoying all my work and thanks to all my other reviewers too ye are amazing ^.^

-DisenchantedDestroya XOXO
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