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chapter four

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“Oh my fucking God.You`re him."

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Hey, I`m really sorry about the wait. I hope that you like the chapter. Please tell me if you do.* For once I haven`t got that much to say]

Gerard`s pov
Stupid fucking school.
I rush out of the gym as fast as I could as soon as the bell went; I wasn’t hanging around any longer than I had to. I change in a hurry, kicking off my gym trainers and shove on my black converse, not bothering to fix the laces that were trailing the dirty floor. I pull my shirt over my head, instantly messing up my already dishevelled bright red hair, and ease the grey skinnies up and over my legs. Deciding that it was a little chilly outside due to the wind I also pull on my jacket, a simple black leather one that I had had for years that was looking more than a little sorry for itself.
By now all of the other boys were in the changing rooms, some ignored me, but others glared at me and spat hateful words at me, which hurt more that I was ever going to let on. I keep my pale face expressionless, never once letting my mask falter “Hey, Freak, what ya doing here, didn’t we tell ya last week to go and fucking die?!” A short haired, brown haired boy with expensive blonde highlights grins stupidly, his cruel comment earning a loud round of laughter from all of the others.
I say nothing and turn to the small, cracked mirror in front of me, picking up my red and black striped tie and loosely secure it around my neck, being careful not to dislodge one of the badges or pins, not wanting to lose one of stab myself on the sharp end. A small frown threatens my chapped lips as I take in my reflection in the glass. My eyeliner was smudged and running, my red hair was sticking slightly to the back of my neck and face with sweat, and I somehow managed to wake up looking even paler than usual today. My eyes were tired looking and surrounded by dark circles ,a lingering pain in them that had become a constant over the past few years seemed more noticeable today, and I wondered if it was due to my eyes being a bit puffy and sore looking from crying myself to sleep last night.
I rummage through my bag, triumphantly returning to the mirror with my black eyeliner in hand. I reapply it lightly around my hazel- green eyes. The other dickheads-I mean students laugh and tease me some more for this but I ignore it, I was used to it. I grab hold of my safety pin adorned bag and walk quickly and determinedly out of the changing rooms, plugging my earphones in and select a song by one of my favourite bands and click play, the familiar, comforting music lasting through the small buds and into my ears, thankfully blocks out the sounds of the other hormone crazed, idiot teens. My feet lead me down and out of the corridor, across the yard and down to the grassy almost forgotten by teachers, land that was enclosed by trees, where me and my friends and fellow misfits often went to skip or talk in private.
As I pass the god awful smelling toilet block, I can see my two best friends were already there, probably having skipped their first lesson, maths like I was almost certain they were going to. Ray, the slightly more sensible one of our group sees me and runs to great me, his legendary hair bouncing and flying around him in the slight breeze as he moves.
“Hey Bob, Ray!” I close the short distance between us and remove my earphones, tucking them away inside my jacket pocket. I was smiling madly, happy to see my best friends again, even though it had been little over an hour since I had seen them. It had felt much longer, being alone in gym without them. Usually I skipped P.E, but I had been warned that If I missed done more lesson, I was going to be suspended for two weeks, something I normally wouldn’t have given a flying fuck about, but if I wanted to go to that concert next month, I had to stay in school.
Standing awkwardly behind Ray and Bob was the red and black haired boy from earlier, the one who I swear I recognised form somewhere. The one who had called me by my old, old nickname-Gee. My huge grin fades straight away, and he continues to fidget, biting on his bottom lip nervously.
“Oh, Gerard, this is Frank, he`s new today and he ditched first period with us.” Bob explains, noticing my face and mistaking he look on it for confusion, it could have been, I suppose. I certainly was confused. Who was this kid, this Frank person? Why was he familiar to me? How did he know my old nickname?
“Bob bumped into him on our way here, literally knocked him right over so we brought him here.”Bob scowls as Ray adds in that little detail he missed out.
“He`s pretty cool, seriously, Gerard, he likes our kind of music and shit. And I said I was sorry!” I half expect him to stamp his foot but he didn`t.
The red and blacked haired boy stands there, not making eye contact, silently, shuffling his feet. After a few seconds I realise that everyone was waiting for me to say something. Then it hit me.
“Frank?! Your name is Frank?!”
He nods once, shyly, barely lowering his head, a blushing slightly.
“Yeah, I`m Frank, Frank Iero.”
“Oh, I erm-err do I…um…” I mumble, unable to stop myself. I knew this guy, I did. I was certain of it. My mind takes me back, months, years, back to a happier, more simple time. Past all the dark, painful memories of nights crying myself to sleep, blood dripping all over the floor, the awful, terrifying memories of stupid, fights echo in my head, but I don’t let it show on my face. I`m taken back to a warm summers evening, relaxing in my back yard when I was a young child. I couldn`t have been more than five or six. I`m stood up singing in front of a brown haired boy, it was blurred, but it was there.
“Oh my fucking God.” I whisper, unaware I had spoken aloud. “You`re him. You’re the boy from all those memories.” I continue, mercifully unaware of how mental I sounded. “Y-you’re Frank.”
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