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chapter five

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I`m so sorry about the wait. I hope you like the chapter, please let me know if you do. Thanks for reading
Frank`s pov
“Y-you`re Frank.” Gerard was staring at me now, as opposed to the floor, his hazel green eyes wide with shock and possibly even slight fear. They looked like the innocent, confused eyes of a young child and reminded me so much of the blurred image of that dark haired boy in my head. Gerard`s jaw had dropped open slightly, and he was stood there gawping at me, utter disbelief clear on his pale, familiar face. I knew I had recognised him from somewhere. So why had he denied it earlier?
“Y-you… it can’t be-you can’t be here!” he comes out of his frozen trance like state and sharply closes his mouth, his eyes still wide and directed on me. It was a little unnerving to have someone staring at me so much; I was so used to people never taking any kind of interest in me. Slowly, hesitantly he raises a shaking hand as though he was going to reach out and touch me or something, like you would if you went sure if something was really there or not, but it freezes a few inches away from me, just hovering there.
“Y-it can’t be!” he backs away from me and the others slowly, his outstretched right hand falls back down to his side. Gerard looked frightened, surprised and extremely pale. The boy from my memory had been pale, but this was almost an unhealthy shade of white, like a corpse or vampire or something. “Y-you`re not….this isn’t possible… LEFT!” he screams, shaking his head furiously, his dyed bright hair going everywhere. His chapped, badly bitten bottom lip begins to tremble slightly, as though he was about to cry. “You…you left…me…”
He turns on his heels and runs, never once looking back. I couldn’t see it but stinging hit, salty tears were beginning to form in his eyes and slide down his cheeks, staining them, blinding him along with his crimson hair as he ran.
“Gerard, what the fuck, dude?!” Bob yells after him, cupping his hands around his mouth to try and make his voice louder.
“Come back, where are you going?!” Ray shots, confusion and worry in his eyes.
While my two, newly found friends call after him, I just stand there feeling shell-shocked, guilty and helpless.
“I don`t know what the fucks wrong with him,” Ray runs a hand through his hair, frowning in the direction Gerard had ran off in. “he`s usually such a…well not friendly, he hates most of the dicks in this shithole, but he is a real nice guy normally,” Bob rolls his eyes at his friends efforts and nudges him out of the way, walking over to me with a determined look on his face, biting at his lip ring as he moves.
“I may be going out on a limb here but did you two used to…know each other or something?” he asks, his eyes locked with mine, not blinking until I m forced to turn away.
“I…think so…” I frown and so do they. “I bumped into him this morning and I was sure I knew him from somewhere, he jut denied it though.” I shrug as though it was no big deal, though for some reason it actually felt like it to me.
“Go on,” Ray encourages me.
“I used to be best friends with a kid called Gerard, Gerard…Way.” the familiar surname slips of from my tongue easier than I would have imagined, everything coming back to me now. The long days spent at the park, swimming in the summer, hanging at each other’s houses for the whole day, my first sleepover at someone else’s house…
“I do know him, we were best friends.” their faces drop for a second, then they smile happily at me.
“That is so cool, it’s like one of those shows on T.V where you find people you used to know but forgot about.”
“Like, what happened?” Ray`s face scrunches up slightly. “No offence or nothing, but he didn`t seem to happy to see you, did you have fight or something?”
“What Ray meant to say,” Bob narrows his eyes at him, “was he seemed pretty surprised to see you.”
“Well I moved away when I was little, and we lost contact. And I grew up and I guess we just forgot everything, I mean little kids don`t have the greatest memories.”
“We need to go find him then, he could be anywhere right now, and a pissed off, freaked out Gerard is not a good thing.”
Ray nods, agreeing with Bob, “let`s go,”
Gerard`s pov
I turn and run, not thinking about anything sensible, just focusing on my need to get as far away from there, form him as possible. I must have sounded like a total nutter, a freak. I had made such a fool of myself in front of my old best friend and current ones that I couldn’t go back. They must think I was insane, what if Frank didn’t remember me anymore?
My converse clad feet carry me far away, past the school building and to the back exit where we went in case of a fire. The gate that led out into the outside world was shut and bolted, but I climbed it easily, adrenaline coursing through my veins.
I was away, I was safe, free…
“Gee, get back, please!” I turn, hearing a familiar voice call me, using my old nickname,. He didn’t sound angry, so I stopped and looked over my shoulder. He didn`t look angry either, he was smiling at me, and hesitantly raised one hand and waved. My heart almost skipped beat at what I saw, my cheeks reddened for some unknown reason.
“Hey, erm, Gerard, so you and Frank used to know each other, huh?” Bob asks, scratching his head, a small smile plying with the corners of his lips.
“Erm,” I glance across at frank, shooting him a questing glance. He had called me “gee,” did that mean he knew who I was? He smiles shyly at me, biting down on his pieced, bottom lip nervously.
“Yeah, we did when we were little kids.”
“Cool, so you wanna come back over and go to next lesson, or do you wanna skip and we can all talk and catch up and shit?”
We all look at Ray like he was crazy and simultaneously yell “Skip!”. Frank, ray and Bob quickly follow me over the fence, being careful to mind the spikes on top. Frank hadn’t grown all that much, he was so short that we all had to help him over the fence. Bob gave him a boost up and I had to help him haul his tiny little body over and down onto the ground.
“Thanks,” he says, cheeks just as red as mine. I wonder if he had felt it to. The wired, almost eclectic shock that had went through my hand and arm when our hands had touched. Probably not. I shock my head to clear it. I was just being odd as usual.
“Now what?” Frank asks when we were all on the other side of the gate.
I look at Bob and Ray. “RUN!!!” the three of us yell and we begin to race away from the evil building, feeling so free and happy.
“Where do you wanna go?” Ray asks as soon we were about ten, fifteen minutes away from the school building.
“Dunno, can’t really go anywhere where there’s a load of people.”
Frank`s face light ups, his eyes sparkling mischievously. “we can go back to my house, Mums out working until late, so it`s safe.”
“Great, what are you waiting fro Frankie, show us the way!” I get strange looks from everyone, Frank included but they all let it drop. I can feel Bob staring at me all of the way to Frank`s house…
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