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Chapter 1: Another Night of Desperate Humans

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Aother Sixteen Candles Fic. Raylen was a one of the kind girl in Shreveport, LA where she worked at the famous vampire bar Fangtasia as the viking vampire owner's favorite waitress and the one huma...

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Chapter 1: Another Night of Desperate Humans

The alarm clock went off signaling the day was over and it was time for Raylen to get her ass out of bed and get ready for her favorite job. Where her Viking king kept his watchful eyes on each of the tables she waitressed. Yes Viking King could you imagine one of those still existed well of course one did for this Viking King had been kept the way he was through the gift of the immortality. In other words what the world came to know as vampire is who Raylen’s boss Eric Northman was and where you ask she works well of course the popular vampire bar known as Fangtasia in Shreveport, LA.

After getting a quick shower she threw on her normal Goth like black and white dress that gave her the appearance of a gothic Lolita and with her matching black boots they more then added to the look. Then with a check polish of makeup on her face the only real waitress at Fangtasia made her way out of her apartment locking it with her key before heading towards the fancy Italian black sports car her boss had giving her for her birthday along with the highest quality apartment the city of Shreveport could offer her that was payed for by her aunt ,she made her call her, the one and only Queen Sophie Anne the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. Then with her baby Lestat, she named after her fave fictional vampire, started up she headed to her job that amused her more than anything especially over the humans that showed up looking for someone to bite their neck mainly her boss Eric’s bite to be exact.

Lestat purred to her slightly as she drove him down the road letting the crisp and slightly cold air of this early Autumn whip around her black and highlighted locks. Then as time allowed she pulled in 5 minutes early before her job was to start that night. Stepping out she strode over to the vampire Pam ,who was Eric's vampire progeny and the co-owner of Fangtasia, she was dressed in a Goth like fashion also except with a curve hugging black strapless leather dress. “My, my Raylen has Eric have you turning faster into a porcelain doll then I could get him to lend me money for a fancy pair of Italian pumps.” She said with her normal sarcastic tone watching Raylen walk up to Pam glancing down to Lolita dress or the uniform as Eric called it that she was required to wear. “I must ask myself that question everyday ,but as long as I never have to pay for them then sure I’ll just keep turning into a porcelain doll. Now has Ginger and Chow arrived yet or am I early as usual.” She replied to the comment with a smirk now sitting on her face. “Why no your early as usual, which is a good thing Eric wants to see you in his office now. Then on to that job I’m glad he never makes me do.” Pam said with disgust over her last statement before walking into the bar with Raylen who followed behind her.

Fangtasia look so different without the vampires and humans there even with its usually colors of Red and Black it felt less amusing and dangerous for the matter. Raylen enjoyed this time before the bar opened to the public for the night ,because this time made her feel safe from the annoying vampires that kept trying to exchange their bottles of Tru Blood for her neck. Of course Eric never allowed them to do so being the vampire sheriff of the area he had the power to make biting her was illegal plus Queen Sophie Anne did not find it pleasing for any vampires to attack her adopted daughter I mean niece. After taking in the atmosphere Raylen clicked her boots heels all the way to the back of the bar where Eric awaited in his office with the normal look on his face when he was looking through papers. As she walked in his eyes lifted up to her presence with amusement gathering across his face. “Aw hello sweetheart you sleep well today.” He said standing up in a height that towered a lot over Raylen little figure. “Yes Master Eric I did sleep quite well.” She said watching as this blonde Viking god-like vampire walked over to her brushing his hand along her right cheek. “Hmm very good then I hope your not to tired to complete the following job I need you to do tonight. And if I checked my calendar correctly its Friday night and you know what that means.” Eric replied as he walked behind her to shut the door and closed the office blinds before walking towards her till she backed up against the desk. “Oh that means the teenagers are out of school for the weekend and were bound to get curious ones at the bar who hold a fake id. Since that Pam cannot pick them all out you want me to find the fake id teens and make sure they leave. Before they get killed…” She paused as Eric pulled her black hair away from her neck admiring the only human he sought useful besides the Bon Temps waitress Sookie whose only use was telepathy which came in handy in finding out who took money from Fangtasia. With that said Eric is one vampire who rarely shows any attachment to humans, however, this particular one came into his hands due to Queen Sophie Anne wanting the girl to return to semi-normal human lifestyle despite the fact she still wanted the girl protected and for Eric to look out for her since he owed her a debt.

Eric then smiled at her before lowering his mouth to her neck. “I would say killed is a bit much more of drained almost dead. The main reason I want you to keep them out is because I do not want the god awful American Vampire League bugging the shit out of me.” He said with a slight growl before starting to kiss down her neck raising the vein that his instincts had him focused on. “Hmm you know I would say its about time for your monthly bonus.” Eric sensing her blood start to pick up in horny way. “Oh Master Eric we can’t the bar will be opening soon I have my job to do.” Raylen said trying to push him away causing Eric to let out a growl. “The bar will not be opening till 11:00 pm tonight it is only 9:30 pm besides i’m your boss and you know all to well what my bonuses are for you.” He said alittle anger in his voice. “Now do what you bodies want I can feel it give in to me. And don’t you tell me what you body does not want I can feel your blood prepare its self.” Eric said before sticking his hand under her dresses skirt to stroke her clothed crotch. Before he could go any farther, Raylen with all her might pushed him away even if it was really hard to knock off a 1,000 year old vampire. “Dammit stop Eric I’m not ready not now. Your my boss for crying out loud. And last time I checked my bonuses were not getting sex from you they were money and this time I don’t want money. I want time off from work a week perhaps so I can go visit a friend up in Chicago.” He paused raising his hand to slap her for being disobedient ,but then he relaxed looking down disappointed after all he done for her that her sacred gift could be given to him. Yet he understood that as much as his needs wanted this she was not one bit ready to take on the responsibilities of sex.

After it felt like hours of him not responding even if it only been 5 minutes he looked up at her with eyes that gave into her wants. “Very well if that’s what you truly want then fine you can have next week off to go travel somewhere ,bout time you go somewhere other than Louisiana. You got your bonus now time to go start your job for tonight and remember what I want you to do.” He said watching as she got down from his desk leaving with a look of embarrassment on her face. She felt embarrassed that she could not please him ,but still she was not ready and especially with a vampire from hearing it and accidently witnessing vampire sex did not seem to be very gentle when it comes between a human and vampire. So she was not about to be pain during se especially since she still had her virginity to protect and losing the virginity was not something comfortable she come to understand. So fixing her dress skirt she went and greeted her co-workers Chow and the annoying Ginger before getting her tray and order pad. Then as time passed the bar opened and the vampires and humans ,who pretty much sought death, came in which her pad began to fill up with orders for True Blood, wine, beer, and numerous cocktails some just plain silly.

After 2 or 3 hours of waitressing Eric beckoned her over to him where he sat in his throne that overlooked the people of the club. Of course like always there were those humans who attempted to get him to drink from them though not many of these humans ever got the chance before they made a move to touch him that provoked his foot to kick them across the bar. “Master Eric you summoned me.” She said smiling at her boss who motioned for her to sit. “So Raylen have you been doing what I asked just how many fake ids have you found among the humans?” he said looking down at the waitress closing her eyes to remember how many before she looked up at him with smirk on her face. “Hmm 6 boys from one of the private schools ,who you think be at a strip club looking for someone to give them a good blow job, 7 desperate girls who look like ones who never get a dance with a jock at their school and are seen as outcast by their peers, and” she paused watching the dark hair boy wearing his fancy athletic jacket over a red polo and wearing a pair of dark washed blue jeans walking up to her with a smirk on his face. “My, my who we got here Miss oh my she fine. When you get off of work babe maybe you and me could I don’t know maybe I can take you for ride.” The boy said to Raylen making Eric’s head turn and send a glare at the boy. "Excuse me young man aren’t you bit a young to be in a bar especially this one of all matters wouldn’t you rather be home with your friends playing video games.” She said before holding her hand out as to receive something. “Show me your id now and I might spare you the pleasure of what might happen to you if you don’t.” She demanded waiting for him to give it to her. So he pulled out his wallet and handed it to her. Raylen examined it and stood grabbing the boys arm real hard and started to drag him to the entrance. “Yeah nice try child get your ass home before you wind your ass up in the earth.” She said watching the boy who grew a smirk on his face. “Oh my sexy lady wants to go on a ride now my aren’t we horny tonight.” He said before what was Raylen’s hand changed into the angry and very death-like squeezing hand of Eric’s. “Get your horny teenage ass the fuck out of my club and stay the fuck away from my waitress she does not need a pathetic boy like yourself attempting to harass her. Besides god knows how many girls you spread you STDs too since I’m sure you like to fuck the whores at your school every weekend.” He said before without ease tossing the teenager out. “Damn idiot teenagers.” He said turning to look at the rest of the bar. “There better not be any more teenagers in here attempting to get by with a fake id you better leave before I take you on a field trip to see the inside of a coffin.” Eric said before with a vampire run disappeared into his office and this was Raylen’s queue to finish up her shift which went by fast. And then the closed sign made its way up on the door, which brought a relief to Raylen as she plopped her aching self next to the throne which Eric had returned to before the club closed.

“Wow tonight was a crazy and busy night I’m so ready for that week off.” She said to herself but Eric overheard her standing up from his throne walking up to her and picking her up before returning to his spot with her in his lap now. Eric knew he could not have her for sex but he did like holding on to this human she just had that unique smell of jasmine and lavender with the smell of Irish seaside plus the minty smell that came from shampoo that lingered on her hair from her shower early that night. So his nose was buried in her hair caressing her scent while he sensed her heart calming down from working so hard. “Hmm yes I could not agree more you could use that week off soon that is why it will begin tomorrow and you will return to Louisiana next Sunday.” He quietly stated with his nose lifted from her hair before pulling out plane tickets, a unlimited balance credit card, an envelope of cash, a hotel confirmation sheet, and book on things to do in Chicago and handed it to Raylen. “So you are to go home pack your bags and you fly out at 9:45 am on American Airlines and arrive at O’Hare at 3:30 am there a limo should be waiting to pick you up and take you to your hotel and I would call you friend if I were you so you can meet up for dinner because humans I keep forgetting need to eat 3 meals a day at least. Plus I have an unlimited balance credit card so you can go on a shopping spree since you seriously need some new clothes. But here is the catch Raylen I need you to make me a promise.” She paused taking this all in getting super excited before looking at him with worry about this promise. “That you and your friend will stay out of trouble for as amazing as Chicago seems as a city it has bigger history of disappearances and random deaths in other words it’s a city filled with a quiet a few vampire covens. Some are not to worry about since they hang out in the bad parts of Chicago; however, there is one notorious group that especially you need to be wary of even if you have hung around enough vampires. This group call themselves the Dandies and they are led by a ruthless and cruel leader William Beckett even if I can be quite cruel and ruthless at time his actions are pretty dark towards his fellow coven, humans, and other vampires. So avoid them as much as possible and I taught you how to avoid a vampire trying to glamour you even if we know well that never works on you.” He said with a very serious tone and his eyes watching her nod and agree to promise she is to keep. “Very well Eric I will avoid this group as much as possible.” Eric hugged her before pulling her hair back from her neck and then with his fangs extended he plugged them into her throbbing vein drinking some of her blood for his pleasure which made her moan before pulling away and biting his wrist to feed her some his blood. “Drink my blood so I can have a track on you just in case something goes wrong that I will be able to locate you and save you from those stupid Chicago vampires.” Eric assisted as she took his wrist and drank some if his blood before he stopped her then took her off his lap and setting her feet on the floor. “Now time for you to go home, pack, get some rest, and fly out and remember what I just told you. I don’t want Sophie-Anne to be pissed that I let you go off to Chicago and get yourself killed. So please come back the way I saw you leave here.”

He said before Raylen turned heading out of the club and to Lestat and starting her engine before heading home to pack, sleep a little then made her way to the Shreveport airport where she waited at her terminal to take off to Dallas/Fort Worth then change planes then eventually arrive in Chicago. After getting her luggage she walked till she found the limo Eric promised her. So she was going to arrive at her hotel in style that was alright with her.

(Well kids that is it for this chapter now you ask where William and the rest of the normal sixteen candle folks are no worries their coming perhaps in the next chapter. Hope you liked what I have so far. Oh sorry for any grammar, spelling, or other mistakes. I am not an expert writer so back off critics. Other than that feel free to give me your reviews and ratings.)
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