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Chapter 2:No Escape from the Vampire World

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Fancy Suite, limo rides, and spa package for the next day all to good to be true. Till all this luxurious vacation surprises never get used when a interested clan leader takes Raylen away from her ...

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Ch. 2: No escape from the Vampire World

The white stretch limo arrived at her place of sleep where she stepped out into the autumn air of Chicago ,which felt so amazing and fresh compared to the feel of Shreveport outdoors. Then she walked into the towering hotel which the door guard almost kicked her out of because Raylen guessed she was not fancy enough. ‘Um hello Mr. door guard I’m in a flipping limo is that proof enough that I belong at this hotel.‘ She thought to herself before giving him her best smile and walking into the huge lobby.

Then after checking into the beautiful 5 star hotel, she took in the sites of the beautiful architect that adorn the huge lobby which for her childhood obsession she found a fountain with three levels of water flow, god did she love fountains better yet this fountain had a ledge around it. So making sure no one was looking Raylen hopped up on the ledge in went into her fake explorer mode. “Now here we are today on City Jungle and I’m your favorite explorer Raylen. Today’s show will focus on deep in the industrial jungle of the sleeping place. Within the sleeping place we can see the cart towing bell creatures.” She said making her hands like binoculars over her eyes looking at the bell boys. Raylen then jumped down and walked quietly up to the bell boys looking back at the imaginary camera filming her randomness. “And now we will attempt to approach such creature the bell creature very rare in smaller hotel .but can be found a lot in the bigger sleeping place regions of the world. This one we approach now folks has a name he has been classified by as Timmy.” She said reading his name tag as the bell boy turned around looking at her funny before speaking to her. “Can I help you miss?” He said before spotting her luggage next to the fountain “Hmm how about I help you take those to your room?” Then Raylen snapping out of random moment smiled at him and then pointed to her luggage. “Why yes, yes you can my luggage is over there and I’ll show you to my room?” She said as the bell boy grabbed her stuff then they went into the beautiful glass elevator.

At last they made it to her floor where she walked into a very beautiful suite which had two bedrooms wait a second two bedroom. Then as she thought this through a blonde with black underneath hair girl glomped her to the floor hugging and tickling. “Ray,Ray I missed my Ray, Ray. Everyday I’m without my Ray, Ray I have a bad day,day.” She said hugging the crap out Raylen before getting up and pulling Raylen up who was laughing to hard to stand up straight. “Wow that was a nice surprise nice to see you to Lee Lee. Now I hope you made me some sweet tea tea because I am thirsty. Just kidding I did not come to Chicago looking for sweet tea.” Raylen replied in a slightly toddler voice before getting up and looking over at the aroused bell boy. “Oh dear lord forgot you were here now please drop the luggage.” She said taking her luggage before handing him a tip then pushing him out the door. “And please whatever you thinking of please keep it out of the gutter.” Before slamming the door in his face and walking over to the couch. “So Leanne what is your list of plans tonight?”

The blonde stared at Raylen before remembering what the plans were for the night. “Oh my goss I almost forgot. First things first were not staying in here all night even if it’s a pretty fancy room. No were getting dinner, maybe a movie since a little birdie told me their having a Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings tonight, and then were checking out this awesome club I found out about. After that your paying for two chocolate frosties, fries, and nuggets at Wendy’s because all that dancing our asses off is bound to make us hungry for stuff like that.” Lee excitedly said before pointing at Raylen’s bedroom. “Now you get dressed in a sexy dress so we can get this party started on Saturday night.” Lee demanded before walking off to the other bedroom to get ready. That’s when Raylen remembered she never owned a clubbing like dress only her Lolita dresses she thought this through how she was going to get a sexy dress as she dragged her luggage into the very elegant and modern looking bedroom. Then her eyes caught a dress in a dress bag hanging on the closet door.

Taking it out she found a beautiful short blue dress with rhinestones on it and attached to its tag was a note. The note was addressed to her from her one and only boss Eric.
“Dear Raylen,
I remember clearly you never been one to go clubbing so after I found out your friends plans for the night of arrival. I decided to be a nice person and buy you a dress ,well Pam would pick out and buy the dress for me,that would suit you for clubbing. And when I found this blue one ,well Pam found the dress, I knew it make you sparkle in the night time life of Chicago. So I hope you have a fun and safe night? And please remember what I said and the promise your supposed to keep. I’ll know if you break the promise and become dinner for some one. Other than that I hope you have a nice time off of work and I expect to see your face back at Fangtasia on the day I set for you to return.

Take Care Sweetheart,
Eric Northman

PS: I like to hear a thank you for getting a two bedroom suite in an expensive hotel so you and your friend Lee is it can have what you human girls enjoy a sleepover.”

Raylen read the note over and smiled at the awesome dress Eric ,but really Pam bought for her. Then setting the note down she went to get ready, which did not take long till she was in the sparkling blue dress. To go with her dress she put on silver heels, wrapped a silky blue scarf around her neck to hide Eric’s bite mark, and then fixed her black hair so it was wavy and settled on her shoulders. Then walking out she found Lee dressed in a hot pink and gold dress that really brought her out ,and her blonde and black locks were put in a nice bun. “Ready to go Lee because I’m ready for the nightlife that does not require me working in it.” She said in getting pumped tone as Lee smirked at her and look over her friends dress before grabbing her purse and having Raylen follow her to the lobby where they would wait for the limo Eric had turned out giving Rayen for the week. Goss was she going have to hug that vampire god to death when she arrived at Fangtasia the following night of her return home.

As they waited for the limo to show up Lee gave a strange look in a certain direction that aimed at a building across the street and what she saw gave her burning glare before signaling her something. Then tapping Raylen on the shoulder she told her,she had forgotten her phone in the room and that if is right if Raylen wait here for the limo by herself. “Oh dear that would be something I would not want to forget. So I’ll see you in a little bit and do not worry I’ll be fine out here waiting for the limo.” She said going to sit on a bench next to the hotel watching as the cars went by down the busy street in front of her.

Then she remember her awesome iPhone that her Aunt got her with the special Phantom of the Opera case so pulling it out and her headphones she begin to immerse herself in one of her favorite POTO songs “All I Ask of You”, which she began to sing to herself in her best soprano voice. During the time she was immersed with the love ballad little did she notice the eyes that Lee saw before leaving now watching her from the shadows the eyes that belong to a very fascinated coven leader that disappeared as fast as they had arrived. That very time Raylen’s phone rang to have the name Pam on it, which she was glad since she really wanted to thank her and Eric for the dress and especially Eric for all these awesome surprises. “Pam!! How awesome is it to hear from my favorite fashion queen. I was planning on calling you and Eric soon, but you guys read my mind thank you so much for the dress it makes me look fabulous.” She said as Pam trying to reply back changed to Eric’s voice. “Well Raylen how is your night so far I am assuming you and your friend about to experience the nightlife. I am guessing you’re waiting for the limo to pick you guys up. Listen I need to talk to you about something please go somewhere in the hotel that is without people.” She paused before replying. “I am alone right now Lee had to go get her phone.” Then there was very angry and annoyed growl at the end of the phone. Before Eric responded in a much calmer tone from his growl, “You mean to tell me she left you alone outside I’m assuming waiting for the limo. Get your ass back in the hotel I know you’re in a nicer area of Chicago, but just because its nicer does not mean it is safe.” Raylen jumped at his calm anger grabbing her purse and walking back inside the hotel lobby then heading to the women’s bathroom that was empty. “Okay, okay what is that you need to tell me I am inside so no worries now. Now Mr. Northman you better tell me what is so damn important for me to know. Or so help me God I am hanging this phone up on you.” She responded to his silence waiting for a response from the Viking that was starting to get on her nerves.

Meanwhile, Lee had walked into the hotel and headed back to the last meeting room on the hall she was told to meet her new boss in. She hated she lied to Raylen ,but Lee had lost her modeling job and was now trying to find a way to survive and if it meant betraying her friend for the money to live then that was what she had to do. As she sat down in the chair just as a group of vampires known as the Dandies had arrived in the meeting room all in bowl shaped white hats. And one the black hair she remembered from the first meeting as Brendon approached her. “Seems like you did not chicken out on our deal Ms. Anderson that is good because Master William would have you in a grave faster than you could try to apologize for making that kind of mistake.” Brendon said in his sinister way as Lee looked up at him with an evil smile. “Of course I did not chicken out of the deal I brought that dumb bitch to you. Now where is the money I was promised I receive for bringing her?” She growled at Brendon before see felt a force push her and her chair hard against the wall. “No, no Leanne that is where you forget you have her yes I know that. But you have not yet brought her to me. So clearly you better watch your tongue till the girl is in my hands? As for the money I have something better for you then money.” Said the annoyed voice of the leader of Dandies ,which Lee almost had a heart attack from the terror she now felt for her new boss standing right next to her looking down at her with a dark glare. “Master Beckett um sir I did not mean it like that. You know what where was it you wanted me to bring her to you again Master.” She said with fear her tone making the vampires, other than William, want to rip her throat open and drink her dry, but before she could get and answer a powerful slap to the face brought her crying to the floor. “I do not want your pathetic apology you know to well where I wanted you to bring her. Now go to the girl and continue with….” He let out a snarl but then paused his anger looking up as he caught the cherry blossom scent coming off said girl they were talking about as she walked through the hallway passing the meeting room they were in ,but William saw she was distracted and on the phone. This caused him to send a kick to supposed girl’s friend on the floor before William strutted passed his clan walking out into the hallway following her quietly before she disappeared into the women’s bathroom and locked the door for some reason. With curiosity on his mind about the girl that Leanne was to bring to him, William decided to listen in on her conversation and put his ear to the door.
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