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Chapter 3: What I was told is not what my heart seems to know?

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let's just say you read and you'll find out. But oh i'll give you credit if you find the Bilvy quote that relates to a video he made with his friend Nicholas.

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Raylen about jumped when Eric finally responded. “I found out some quite interesting facts about your so called friend Lee. After having a good talk with the sheriff of the area you’re in. He happened to bring up a lot of interesting facts about your friend. Like how she lost her modeling job and became desperate that she met up with the vampire coven the Dandies. And supposedly their leader William has been quiet interested in obtaining a mate. So as a deal for money William is using Lee to capture you for some reason he wants you as his mate. But here is the thing William is no ordinary vampire I may be quite older than him, but apparently he has a lot more power than me. To top it off he is also not just the leader of a notorious coven he is the one and only Vampire King of Illinois and so the Sheriff there cannot help you if he gets his way and captures you. So I want you to get away from Lee and if you can fly out tonight?” He said more serious than he had ever been before towards Raylen. But this pissed her off he was trying to ruin her time off work that meant if she went home tonight she be back at work. Nope not happening and she really did not care what this damn vampire king wanted her for. “Listen Eric I happy your so protective ,but the hell I’m coming home and I highly doubt Lee would do some crap like that to me. So I will see you next Sunday as planned I’m not about to let you take away my time off of work.” She said ending the call and turning her phone off so he could not call her back. Then walking out of the bathroom ,not weary of the fact William Beckett had been listening in on her entire conversation and had disappeared to the hotel lobby where Leanne was, then she continued walking till she spotted Lee in the lobby waiting for her forgetting everything Eric just told her about her.

“Hey Lee did you get your phone because I’m sure the limo should be here by now.” exclaimed Raylen getting Lee’s attention who turned and walked up to her. “Yes I did get my phone and my other surprise.” Lee announced as William and Brendon stepped out of the waiting area in the lobby. “I got us both dates to go with us to dinner, movie, and clubbing.” She lied to Raylen, her eyes looking at William’s fake happy eyes who urged her to continue. “Anyways let me introduce them this fine tall, brunette is your date William Beckett and his friend the handsome dark haired one is my date Brendon Urie.”Lee said moving her hand to point each one out. Raylen smiled looking at both then looked at her date checking him out. From her observation he was very handsome man dressed in very nice gray suit adorned with a fur piece and a gray bowl hat then the name caught her attention did she just say William Beckett oh dear. ‘Eric was right about Lee and now here I was in front of the very vampire who wanted me as his mate. Should I run find something to use as a stake or should I just give into my fate that would probably catch up to me even if I did go back home. Hmm I could go back home or I could take in the things this Vampire King has to offer me.’ She thought about this as Lee introduced her. “Guys this my friend Raylen Leclerq she came all the way from Shreveport, LA to hang in Chicago on her week off from work.” Lee said happily as she wrapped her arm around Raylen in a fake manner. Raylen looked at her arm on her then back to William ‘well then fuck Eric’s warning I want to know what he has to offer me and besides William’s face is rather familiar had I not seen him at the Royals meeting that Sophie Anne had taken me to when I was 12. Yes I had seen him the vampire that could not take his eyes off of me during the whole meeting then he came up to me after the meeting and he played with my Barbies that I had brought with me. Hmm maybe his cruel side was not as bad as Eric told me perhaps he had a soft side for me.’ She thought as he walked up to taking her hand and kissing making her feel his cool breath start to make her hand tingle.

William’s fake smile started to turn more sincere as Raylen was introduced. My had it truly been 9 years ago that he had first laid his eyes on the little girl who now stood a grown woman before him. And he knew from that Royals meeting that he would one day make Queen Sophie Anne’s adopted human daughter his no matter what it took. From this memory he began to observe how much she had changed her curves perfectly made out her figure, along with the perfect size breast that were kept hidden behind her dress, her height fit perfectly under William’s height, and her smile oh how he loved that about her. He even picked up her thoughts exploring and finding them rather interested and happy to find out she was not planning on running away from him. William then took her hand in is kissing it taking in her beautiful scent. “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Ms. Leclerq.” He said with a slight purr that surprised Brendon, which made Raylen blush. “Oh no Mr. Beckett please just call me Raylen.” She said as he brought her hand into one of his white gloved hands leading her out of hotel with Brendon pulling Lee along while on occasion they share glares as they both followed their boss to the limo. Once they were outside the white limo Raylen ,remembered from early, had arrived when it came to the stop a man with similar hat to Brendon’s stepped out of the driver’s side walking over to open the door for William, Brendon, and both girls. “Ms. Leclerq I will be driving you and your company tonight I am Michael Carden, but I prefer to be addressed as Mike.” He said before motioning for them to get into the car him sending a respectful nod to his master and Brendon ,and then once they were all in he returned without someone blinking to the driver’s seat putting down the privacy window looking back at the group. “So if I’m guessing right that French restaurant, the movie still, and the club are your destination tonight Ms. Leclerq?”

Raylen looked away from William who just complimented her outfit, up to the driver Mike. “Why yes Mike those are the destinations I planned for though the movie I may have to leave out since we are all dressed up. It would be quiet awkward to go to a movie theater in nice dresses and suits.” Mike nodded at her looking her dressed self, up and down imaging this human naked and the taste of her virgin blood before William caught his gaze baring his fangs that Raylen could not see at Mike letting out a warning hiss that only Mike could hear, which he took as queue to keep his eyes off Raylen and drive before he faced punishment. “Very well Ms. Leclerq dinner and the club it is.” He said closing the window then pulling out of Hotel pick up and drop off area.

During the drive to the restaurant, William began to ask Raylen many questions about her life about her favorite things, where she went to school, whether or not she had any siblings, and then came the job question. “Hmm I find your very fascinating Raylen. So what do you do for living? From what your friend has told me your taking college courses online ,but I was wondering if you had a job of any sort.” This made Raylen pause thinking whether or not to lie and say she was a Starbuck’s barista instead of a waitress at a famous vampire bar. Oh well who was she hurting stating the truth “I waitress at a bar in Shreveport, LA called Fangtasia hence the name is not like a normal bar names since the bar I work at is primarily famous for being the only vampire bar in the area. Which goodness I hate hiding the fact I know damn well by now that Lee and I are the only humans in this vehicle?” Raylen said waiting to be attacked and killed but nothing happened except William smiling and showing his fangs. “Well I am impressed I thought I was coming across another naïve girl. Yes you are correct Leanne and you are the only humans in this car. Brendon, Mike, and I are very much vampires, but no worries I won’t bite you, If I’m correct what I picked up from your thoughts earlier you know oh to well why you’re here and why I won’t bite you yet.” William said assuring her that he wanted nothing, but to keep her safe which he added to his statement by pulling her closer to him wrapping his arms around her body then placing his chin in her hair. He purred to her while getting Brendon to tell Mike to head for the club, while Lee sat in the corner of a seat glaring at Brendon, but instantly stopping as William shot her a cold look causing her to shrink in fear.

As Raylen try to get out of his arms, but each time she tired he just tighten his hold on her. “Would you stop your squirming I already said I was not going to bite you yet and to make your feel better I’m not going to let any other vampire bite you?” William said hissing at her getting annoyed. Then deciding to give up trying to fighting his hold Raylen relaxed and let her head lean against her heartbeat missing chest. “See there you go just relax” He paused taking in a bit of her scent and picking up what her blood smelt like. “Oh, my little baby, baby, oh my sweet little baby,” William lustfully said.”Its been a long time, a little to long, but now your back with papa.” He said landing a cold kiss on her blushing cheeks before and evil smile appeared on his face his fangs bared. “Now I almost forgot that the club we are heading to is a very notorious vampire club. And it’s not as human friendly as your vampire bar. So like I said I was not going to bite you yet well the yet starts now.” William instincts kicking in some as he moved her hair exposing her scarf still wrapped around her neck.

“What wait why are you biting me now? Could you not wait till like some other time where I’m not being watched by other vampires?” She said shaking some as he let out a snarl as he pulled off the scarf and saw Eric’s bite mark. “Why Raylen you never told me you let another vampire bite your neck especially that fucking Swedish one?” William said his once happy tone turning quickly into his normal cold and angry one. “From now on you neck belongs to me and the rest of your spots that get me access to your powerful virgin blood. Besides I cannot have my queen to be being fed off by non-royal vampire sheriffs it would make her appear to be a filthy fang banger and not one who is to belong in the royal vampire bloodline.” He said letting go of her and pushing her sharply down on the seat before climbing on top of her. Pulling his gloves off so his claws could dig into her skin to hold her down then lowering his head and mouth to her neck William used his tongue to heal away Eric’s bite mark before replacing his tongue with the sharp bite of his fangs into a new spot on her neck. The taste of her sacred gift blood made his bloodlust dance as he moaned while drinking from her.

Raylen screamed as he bit down then eventually gave into his drinking for it made her feel sensations of pleasure. Then the pleasure stopped as William pulled away from her neck wiping the blood off his mouth and ignoring the bite mark that healed up to show the scars he made. “There now those low life vampires at the club will know to leave you the fuck alone because this proves even more that your mine.” He told her the very moment the limo pulled up to the club Fangtoria ,which one Raylen was pulled back up from the seat she almost laughed. “Wow seriously that is the name could we be more original people. Fangtasia, Fangtoria, Fanged, and goodness really let’s just state the obvious like ‘Looking for Death Bar’ or the ‘Blood Bank”. She laughed as the door open and Raylen grabbed onto William’s arm having a feeling that she would be attacked if she didn’t as they stepped out of the limo to be standing in front of the entrance of the club where a line of vampires and humans were waiting. “Oh wow I have to give them 5 stars they have a line we never really have a line at Fangtasia. Though the bouncer could use a little more..” She said observing the line before a white gloved hand came over her mouth stopping her from finishing her last statement and then her eyes stared up at William who was watching her not amused. Before he leaned his mouth next to her ear to whisper something. “It would be best you keep your mouth shut till we enter the doors of the club and settle at my usual booth in the club. I am King of them all, but you are not their queen quite yet so it’s best to keep your mouth shut about the vampires and keep your eyes off of them. If it helps focus on me unless one demands your attention.” He said before removing his hand and then walking with her arm wrapped around his to the bouncer. “Good Evening Marcus such a lovely night for me to come visit your fine club.” He said getting the bald headed wrestler looking vampire to look at him with fear before straightening up and taking a bow before his king. “Your majesty, King William what a pleasure to see you please enter with your second.” the bouncer said till he noticed Raylen. “And is this human with you or did you decide to bring Madame Sarius a virgin snack.” Raylen ,who was looking back at Lee who was clinging to Brendon’s arm trying to make a fake smile hiding her fear ,but Raylen turned back to face the bouncer hoping to God he was kidding. “I, I am with his royal highness sir and no offense but I wish not to be anyone’s meal or snack.” She said in her best confident tone forgetting that she was not to speak.

William growled giving a slap to Raylen. “You will speak when spoken to Ms. Leclerq. Marcus was addressing me not you.” He said before snarling at Marcus. “Both human girls are with me and Brendon this one especially is not to be anyone’s snack. As for the blonde if she acts up your welcome to have her as a snack. But the virgin is mine please do not question me why she is mine. Now move aside for your King before a side of me comes out that you will not want to see.” He snarled more his fangs bared as the bouncer quickly moved aside and allowed William and his group into the club where the once dancing and crazy actions of the club stopped as he walked through the now bowing crowd dragging Raylen roughly till he made it to his usual booth. Then dragging her behind him into the seat till her sat in the middle of the semi-circle booth. Finally once they were all sat he let go of Raylen’s arm and signaled for a waitress to come over. “Drinks ladies I know your bound to be thirsty.”

The waitress a dirty blonde vampiress strutted over in her pretty slutty outfit with her pad smiling at William before moving her eyes to look at both girls both hungrily and angrily. “Your Majesty and Master Urie what can I get you and your whores to drink?” which referring William’s queen to be as a whore offended him causing him to growl at the waitress. “I would appreciate you not calling my girls whores so I would watch your tongue you low life vampire slut. Now for my orders I will get my usual.” Then motioning his hand for Raylen and Leanne to place their orders as they looked up from the drink menus now in their hands. “Hmm can I get a lemon drop martini and I believe Raylen wants the yummy looking Strawberry Daiquiri.” Which Raylen nodded happily to before Brendon and Mike placed their orders then the waitress left glaring at both girls still. “So Ray how is your night so far?” Lee said watching as four more Dandies came in to sit at the booth who Lee remembered were Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Adam T. Siska, and Gabe Saporta who instantly join in a conversation with their master. “Oh its quiet lovely got a nice dress from my best friend Pam, got an all paid expense trip to Chicago, got a spa package I cannot use, got a hot date, got a betrayal from someone who I thought I was a friend, got to experience alcohol without food, and to top it off I got a new ringtone.” Raylen replied back with a fake happy tone as Lee winched about the betrayal part. “Oh sounds cool and don’t tell me you got another Zelda ringtone.” Making Raylen frown and let out her best low dog growl. “No but what is wrong with my Zelda obsession or you just being jealous because the Bolero of Fire is not your ringtone. Anyways my ringtone is a song from Inuyasha called Sango’s Theme. It is only right to have a Inuyasha ringtone to go with my phone’s wallpaper of Fluffykins.” She said showing Lee a picture of her beloved Inuyasha character Lord Sesshomaru. Lee sighed shaking her head before looking down to see her martini placed on the table. Raylen copied her and saw her Strawberry Daiquiri sitting oh pretty in front of her. Then she noticed William’s drink which was in the most interesting tea cup. Curious to why the hell a vampire would order tea she leaned over to the drink to see what the tea cup had in it blood of course. Which she immediately leaned away because she felt cold eyes looking down at her. “Sorry your majesty I was wondering what you would have in teacup first time I seen a vampire drink from a teacup.” She said watching his now annoyed eyes stare at hers before she turned away to take a sip of her drink ,which was pretty good yet she could taste a weird metallic flavor. ‘Oh dear god did someone mix blood into my drink because I would not notice since it went perfectly with the color of the drink’. Pushing it slightly aside she turned her eyes to look at the rest of the Dandies then her eyes drifted past them to the dancers. God how she wish Sophie Anne let her pursue her dancing ,but once she made it into LSU and was majoring in it the Queen pulled her out faster than Raylen could write a paper. But her fixation on the dancers lost focus as she scooted closer to William leaning her head against his shoulder and for a weird reason starting to become sleepy.

William was angry at Raylen how dare she go against what he just asked her not to do ,but as the night carried on in the club and he chatted with his coven members who had joined them he started to realize that she was beginning to go off into complete silence as he watch her gaze from his boys to the dancers on the stage of the club. Then after a few minutes he felt her head leaning against him. As much as he had angered her the usually cruel coven leader could not help the feelings for her that were growing on him. So without scaring her, William let his arm wrap around her waist and pulled her into him so her beginning to become sleepy self now had her head laying against his hard clothed chest. Then pressing his mouth into her soft black hair he began to purr her to sleep. Then at last his sweet baby was asleep ,which meant it was the right moment to leave and take her to the mansion without worrying about any annoying complaints or screams.
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