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a perfect night benji madden chapter one

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benji's pov it was 7 am and i was the only one up. so i got in to the shower, made my way to the closet to pick out some clothes, brushed my hair and teeth and went down stairs for breakfast. Joel woke two hours after me because and 9:01 i could hear someone singing in the shower. so being a brother i sneak into his bedroom go in to his bathroom and flush the toilet. when i saw his face i laughed so hard i drooled. he chased me down the hall. into the back yard and all the way up the stairs to my bed room. which was a total mess. because i make my brother clean it up. my rooms a mess clean it up joel or i will pour water when you are sleeping in the middle of the night. Ok fine anything want annoying big brother. haha love you too. you annyoing little brother. how i make him clean my room is beyoned me but i make him do it anyways. because i clean his room for him. mom was always the one who cleaned are rooms for us even when we where gone on a trip or somthing its like we never had a messy room its fucking crazy. unfortionatly we still live with her and she has stopped doing that. so we made a deal that we tell her we cleaned are rooms but really he cleaned each others rooms i know it sounds confusing but thats not the point the point is my mom is so gulabule that she will believe anything. because when she always checks on us the room is spotless and she always smiles. unfortinatly she found out a few days ago that joel was the one cleaning my room she didnt get mad at all. which is very serprizing because she gets mad at everything i lie about to her. She will yell at me but never hit me she never believed in hiting her children because we are now almost ninteen years old but she still yells at us. because it is her house too and if break something she finds out a month later and grounds me. i dont have a hard life but i did when i had a dad. or should i even call him a dad? all the drinking hitting me and joel for no reason. and the yelling at us for no reason calling us names like you stupid fuck. or you worthless piece of shit. i dont think he wanted children but when we where sixteen he walked out on us for good i guess he couldnt take being a father all that well. him and my brother got in a huge fight and joel ended up at the hospital for eternal bleeding and a sever head injery i could never forgive my 'dad' For that and i never did im still pissed about it and i have two years till im 20. i can hold a grudge for a very long time and i probably will til im 32 years old i cant take that kind of crap
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