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chapter two

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it was now the day me and joel turn ninteen and we decide to go to a party and drink but mom being striked and all has forbided us to go to any kind of parties like that so we wait til its midnight and sneak out of the house i mean we are fucking nineteen years old its not like we are doing drugs we get into the car and drive off to the party which is 9 blocks from are neighbor hood we make it to the house we party til atleast 4 am and go home we very quietly tiptoe to our rooms and pretend to sleep. Me and Joel are excited to be nineteen because that means they get to date people who are 20 or 21 my mom was stricked but not to stricked she let us date 20 year olds. we went back to the od school we graduated from and we took a tour we saw the places we would sneak are now girlfriends when we were 15 they were 16 and are hearts beated faster everytime we saw then they still do. we love our girlfriends too death i never knew they would choosed us over the jocks and i bet they still want revenge god i hated those jocks they only wanted julia and hilary for their looks not because they were sweet and sensitive like we wanted to be in love with some one who was pretty yet had no heart or who was insensitive yeah i did not think so. me and joel would always protect them from the jocks and always protect from any other danger that could happen to them. joel and me went to go and pick up are dates and bring them to a fancy restrant. so we drive to there house. They now live together. and knock on their door. ten seconds later our girlfriends come running to the door because i bet they thought it was someone else and got teird of telling them they really are dating us. yes we dating the madden brothers now leave us alone. now is that any way to treat your boyfriends? i said and they ran back to the door and leaded us into the house. so what are we going to do today? hilary said without taking her eyes of joel as did joel they both stared at each other for im not even kidding you two hours striaht. those two were deeply inlove and didnt even care who knew. they now kiss because they got tierd of staring at each other. my brother was inlove and so was i. but i was not to sure if she felt the same way. so on the drive home i asked her. Do you even love me? She giggled a little and asked what kind of silly question is that of course i do baby. i smiled. when ever she calls me baby i just cant help but smile i said to my self this is the one im going to have a kid with and get married with. she has my heart and she doesnt even know it. she has always been so beautiful and now that we are alittle bit older i ask her to marry me. but to my surprise she was pregnant. I WAS GOING TO BE A FUCKING DADDYYYYY!!!!!! :) "IM going to be a dad!" i screamed happly. she was laughing and smiling. wait im going to be a dad! im only nineteen and im going to be a dad. this is nerve wracking yet amazing. julia is 5 months pregnant and we need to get her to the doctors to do an aultra sound. we had only four weeks til she was due and she was so excited. the doctor could hear two heart beats. congradulations miss fearwell you are having twins. WHAT???? :D we are having twins? really oh this is so amazing i cant wait

julia is now six months pregnant now its only three weeks. till the due date i want the to come early so i can be a father two my twins. i said to myself and sure enough at midnight she was in labor. we arrived at the hospital and she was 5 cm dilated. which means we are 3 hours away from pushing. by the time we got to pushing it was her third push that baby number one came and then baby number two came a minute later. they where named leanna and brianna. two beautiful twin girls and they both had moms eyes and dads nose but they had aunties face.
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