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chapter 3 the twins

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it is now the twins birthdays and they are turnig one years old. Its not that easy being a dad but hey what is? i still love them and i still want to be with them i just dont live with them at the moment and its hard being a dad and i would never hit them or call them names and say you ruined my life. I love them with all my life and always will its just so over whelming to pick them up from baby sitters house when the baby sitter has to work and the mom is out for a week. leanna can be a pain but she is my daughter and i still love her brianna is the one always constanly crying because she wants something. leanna is the quiet one out of the family. I just cant wait til she is ten and she is in 5th grade. She will beat the hell out of the guys if anyone messes with brianna or her. she has always been the protective one she is already protective of her sister and shes only one years old. im very proud of my girls they are doing so well. and they are already saying full words. and they have already took their first steps its good being a father. i am already proud to be a father of too beautiful little twin girls i can tell they are identical because they look exactly alike. hilary is coming home in two hours and i havent cleaned in two days so i better get cracking i have been on tour for three days and i have not been home until now two hours later julia comes home too a clean house and two clean twin girls.

julia's pov i always knew he would make me come home to a clean house and clean twins i love this guy with all my life i can see us being married and having a good life. i have always hated my ex ryan always consantly asking me if we where going to have sex i never really like the jerk anyways he was the one who asked me out and i was confused if i liked him or not. he was the first guy i have ever kissed and benji is the second and last guy i will ever have a family with there is no way im breaking up with him.

two weeks later. julia is getting ready for her wedding. and so is benji. as they say it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. benji proposed when i was eighteen and i said yes but we knew it would take a year to have the wedding. benji was a romantic guy so you can believe that i had little tears when he proposed because usually he never did anything like this too his past girlfriends he just never felt the same way they did and they understood. one hour later julia was walking down the asile and benji was all nervous and sweaty.
the preist walked in and started do you benji levi madden take julia lin fearwell to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold for better or for worse til death do you part? i do
do you julia lin fearwell take benji levi madden to be your lawfully wedded husband to have and too hold for better or for worse til death do you part? i do. joel the rings. benji and julia slip on thier rings i now pronounce you husband and wife you may now kiss the bride. the priest gives them the papers to sign. ladies and gentleman i now give you mr and mrs benji madden. Benji and Julia madden get in to the just married car and drive off to their honeymoon. as me and julia got to our destination got to sleep the first time. julia looked so stunning in her black sparkled dress and her clury hair with her slight eyeliner and her beautiful face. gosh she is so beautiful im so happy to call her mrs madden. we had our kids have are middle names because it wouldve taken all night. to figure out a middle name.

well thats it im sorry its short. chapter 4 coming soon
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