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chapter 4

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Hi guys! whats up? ok benji's wife is having a birthday party and its all planed by benji he loves her so muche even put a trip to paris into the plan Julia's dream was to go to paris. She never go...

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benji's pov its my wife birthday and i planed the whole family to go to paris. its her dream and she never got to live it because her dad was a fucking dick. Here she comes. Babe i didnt see you come in. i have here in my hands three tickes to go to Paris. My wife jumped up and down until she settled down and kissed me. this has been my whole dream benj how did you know i wanted to go to paris? because i read your diary. lol What? nothing. ahh i love my life and my wife and my kids i smiled to her. she smiled back and said benj i love you too. i just need to go to bed. Well hun you cant go to bed now. i have something for you and then you can sleep til friday if you want. Haha baby your funny. ok then i can go to bed? yes hun. ok :) awesome. wait i have to say something. What? im pregnant again. What??????? again? omg i will call the doctor in the morning to make meeting how many months? 5 what lets get you to the clinic the thing can wait. k babe? ok she smiled. i love you. i said as we made are way to the car. I love you more jeeze you are being more sweet then i ever imagined i LOVE IT :) haha hun have i ever told you how you make my heart go crazy and how beautiful you look today? awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hun but im pregnant. it doesnt matter you are still beautiful no matter how big you are. jeeze you make me a happy girl :) we have such happy little girls im glad i dumped that stupid jock for you. i know im glad to hun it was for the best.

julia's pov benji is so sweet today i wish he was this romantic every night. "i said to my self" well i just hope we can get this over with its only 3 and im already wanting to know what you are planing besides paris. "we are going tomorrow night babe. I just need to figure out what to bring well first we are bringing food and then we are brining my gituar just incase someone see's me oh then we are bringing the kids cousins." haha babe calm down. we are going to go to paris but we dont need to go over board hun well we sould get home and go to the surprise party. "What how the fuck did you know"? well hun does it really matter i could always just fake it. "true." Yes that is true lol. lets go home it turns out that I'm having just a baby. no twins so its going to be a long time and i told her that i was having a surprise party i just need to ask my daddy about tomorrow night. OK? "Diealing" hello a man awnsers. Hey Dad whats up? look benji made plans for paris tomorrow night with the kids and i was wondering if you would like to come with to see your grandchildren. NO you no how much i hate benji and you and espcially your little kids go away you stupid little whore. Dad its been 21 years and you still hate me? why what would mom say? oh and you hating my husband has totally ruined our realastionship. good bye dad.
"so babe how did it go?" it didnt go so well he said he hates me you and the kids. face it benj im not going to get through to him. he has made up his mind and he ruined our realstionship. "and what did he say after that?" he said he didnt care we didnt even have a realstionship any way. well it was kinda true but you know what i dont even care anymore if he doesnt want to be apart of his grandchildren life. He is officially out of my life. i hate him too. Well i need to go have a nap. i need to rest up before the party i love you and lets go. ok babe it just needs to be a two hour nap joel and hilary are coming over early. Ok babe. im glad you understand and i will call them right now to tell them you already know about the party lol. ok babe a minuet later we got home. And i got to sleep. Benji made me a coffee because he know's i like coffee. two hours later i got up and saw joel and hilary. well hello sleepy head. lol benji told me what happend. I'm so sorry about what your dad said your only twenty one and you dont need that crap. thanks hilary so when is your wedding. we already had it? she said with an apologetic smile you BITCH! lol why didnt you tell me? we thought it be to much for you hun im sorry lol its okay hil i still love you. so cant wait for the party. me either.

chapter five will be about the party. sorry its 12 and i need some sleep.
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