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Chapter Five: Taking Chances ♫

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Erotica,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2011-10-04 - Updated: 2011-10-04 - 602 words

Me and Gerard were sat on the sofa, and Mikey was on the floor infront of the sofa. The room was dark and gloomy, with only a thin flicker of light illuminating the outlines of the shapes surrounding us. Mikey was heavily engrossed in the old black and white horror film.. Something about vampires I think? But me and Gerard on the other hand, were engrossed in eachother. Gee had his legs sprawled out, resting gently on my abdomen. I was giving him a teasing leg massage, which involved me squeezing all of his legs, and gently rubbing his upper, inner thigh. His hard on was pushing against his black skin-tight jeans with a force, but so was mine so who was I to talk? He was just so fucking sexy! We shared long conversations just through eye contact. We had that kind of relationship where you could communticate through a look; so we did. He held a long, lust-laced glare as I grinned and winked playfully. Gee bit his lip sexily in an 'I want you so bad' kind of way.

My hand slipped up a few inches and was now hovering over Gee's hard; throbbing errection. I pressed my hand down and squeezed his package, causing his head to go back in pleasure. God.. if Mikey hadn't been there, I would be fucking him right there and then. I just wanted to feel his warmth inside me. I held back a lound moan and started rubbing his thighs again, for both our sakes. The tv let off a loud scream which made me jump. Without realising, I dug my nails into Gee's leg in shock. I heard a sharp intake in breath almost instantly after. I just bit my index finger lightly and smiled cutley. He smiled back so I knew I was in the clear.

It wasnt long before the film finished and we just all sat around talking some more and eating more. We all started yawning and decided it was time to call it a night and to settle down on our sofa's. It didn't take long before Mikey started to release barley audiable snores, and my heart began to pound. I knew Gerard was probably waiting for me to get up, so I folowed my instincts. I was so nervous! The floor was cold aftter my feet had been tucked up under the nice thick blanket. I padded over to where Gerard lay, and sat myself down by his legs. I leant over and kissed him. He kissed back, and I bit down on his lip as I grabbed his hand. I tugged gently on his hand while I let his lip slip from the clutches of my teeth.

"Come on?" I purred softly into his ear before nibbling on his fleshy lobe gently. Gee chuckled lightly, as he sat up, turned around and slipped out from underneath the covers. He bent down and put his arm just behind my knee's. He slipped his other arm underneath my arm and picked me up; cradling me like a baby. He was supprisingly strong. He carried me over to where the basement door was, kicked it open with his foot and took a small step down into the room, flicking a lightswitch on the way, illumingating the room I was about to spend the rest of the night in. He took me downstrairs and set me down lightly on the bed. He kept his arm around me and he stuck his tounge into my mouth. I sucked back egarly, mewling from the back of my throat in pleasure...
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