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Do you trust me?

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"Say you love me."

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"Close you eyes." He said smiling.
"Ok?" I kept walking with one hand over my eye, the other in his hand.
"Hey you're wearing shorts under your sweatpants right?" He pulled on the side of my pants.
"Yeah and they're pretty friking awesome!" I laughed.
"Do you trust me?" He stood in front of me.
"Yes." I said taking my hand off of my face.
"Surprise!" He said pointing out onto a beach. It was beautiful, like something you'd only see in the movies.
"Oh my god Ryan! This place is beautiful! Thank you so much for taking me here!" I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.
"I'm so glad I didn't know if you'd like the beach or not." He said laughing. Well that was the first time I've heard him laugh. It was really the perfect moment.
"So do you wanna go swimming?" He looked at the water. It was pretty hot out so I was happy when he said that.
"Yes!" I ran towards the water, taking off my sweatpants to reveal my black shorts with different colors splattered across them, and taking off my jacket and shirt not even realizing it would show my cuts on my arms.
"Alex?" He said looking at my wrists.
"What? Oh..." I crossed my arms.
"It's ok." He took off his shirt to show his cuts. I gasped in horror, his were much more worse.
"Oh god Ryan..." I started.
"So are we gonna swim or not" He said looking towards the water. I just kept staring at his arms.
"Yeah lets go!" I looked up at his face and smiled and started running after I kicked off my shoes. I only got so far before Ryan picked me and put me over his shoulder. I hated being carried. "Ryaaaaaan! Put me down!" I was laughing as we got closer to the water.
"Nope!" He laughed holding my body above the water. He was now holding me bridal style.
"Oh my god you better not drop me or I swear I will hurt you!" I was serious and laughing at the same time. He dipped the tips of my hair in. "What's it gonna take for you to not drop me?!" He stared at me for a second.
"Say you love me." He laughed. I looked at him for a second. I did love him, that was just something I couldn't hide. I fall way to easily.
"I loooove you!" I drug out the word 'love' to make it sound like I wasn't serious even though I was.
"Love you too!" He smiled and threw me into the water.
"You ass!" I laughed and splashed him with water. I walked out of the water and layed down on my back on the sand and stared at the sky. I heard him walk over so I closed my eyes.
"You know I was being serious." He said and he layed next to me. I opened my eyes and looked over to him. I brushed his chesnut hair out of his eyes.
"So was I." I said through a laugh.
"Your eyes are so pretty." He laughed as a wave hit us. "Haha I think the ocean's jealous that your eyes are more bluer that it." He laughed and touched my cheek.
"Can we stay like this forever? I never wanna leave this spot." I said out loud I didn't mean to though. He kissed me again. The kiss was better than last time. It was loving and not enough because when he pulled away I wanted more.
"We can try." He laughed and I fell asleep with his arm around me.
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