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It's the best of us

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"I love you so much. Please never leave me." "I love you too, Ryan. I'll never leave you I promise."

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We must have been sitting there for hours because when I woke up it started to get dark out. I blinked about six or seven times before I really opened my eyes. Ryan was just staring at me laughing.
"What's so funny?" I said looking at him.
"You're just so cute when you sleep." He said running his fingers through my hair.
"Thanks." I laughed and kissed his cheek.
"Humph!" Spencer said looking down at us.
"Oh hey Spencer." Ryan said standing up. I rolled onto my back and stared up at Spencer and smiled.
"Hi Spence!" I laughed and got up and hugged him. I knew it would drive Ryan crazy and that's why I did it.
"Hi Alex." He hugged me back while Ryan's fists clenched and he grabbed me from Spencer's grip and pulled me into a kiss. I didn't care that he wasn't my boyfriend, I let him kiss me. I didn't care that his tongue ran across my bottom lip, I gave him entrance. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist.
"Woah if I'm interupting something I can like go." Spencer said and I pulled away from Ryan and smiled.
"No you're not interupting something we were just hanging out." I put my arms by my side and turned to Spencer and laughed.
"Looked like you were hanging out alright." Spencer scratched the back of his head.
"No, no it's not like that." Ryan said shaking his hands left to right.
"Mmhmm listen dude you don't need to explain your sex life to me. Bye" Spencer laughed and walked away.
"Bye." I said laughing. I could tell Ryan was embarassed and mad. "Hey," I started while putting my arms around his neck "you don't need to get all mad about it he was only joking." I kissed him, but he didn't kiss back so I pulled away and grabbed my bag and sweatpants.
"Do you want to come over? I have homework and I could use some help plus I want someone to talk to." He said and smiled.
"Yeah sure I need to do my homework too and I really don't want to go home." He grabbed my hand and we walked to his house.


"Look's like my dad's not home." He said while opening the door.
"So," I started while letting go of his hand "where do you parents work?" I tried to start a conversation.
"My dad works odd jobs and my mom's dead." He looked down and threw his bookbag at the couch "What about yours?"
"My mom's a pornstar and I've never met my dad." I threw my bag next to his.
"Oh well we kind of have the same home life I guess." Just as he said that his dad came through the door. The smell of alcohal filled the room quickly. "Alex, go upstairs. My rooms the second one on the right." I looked at him questionably and nodded my head.
"Ok." I said while walking up the stairs. His room was blue with black carpet and Fall Out Boy and Blink-182 posters all over the room. I heard shouting downstairs. I figured it was his dad.
"YOU'RE A FUCKING DISSAPOINTMENT!" I heard his dad shout. Something broke.
"HOW DAD BECAUSE I'M NOT A GODDAMN LOSER LIKE YOU?! BECAUSE I DON'T GET FUCKING DRUNK EVERYDAY?! I'M A DISSAPOINTMENT BECAUSE I LOVE SOMEONE?! BECAUSE SHE'S PERFECT AND YOU CAN'T STAND THE FACT THAT I'M HAPPY?!" Ryan screamed. Something downstairs broke again and I heard Ryan scream when, what sounded like, he was thrown into the wall. The door slammed shut. I was nervous about going downstairs in case his dad was still there, but I pushed myself to go downstairs into the livingroom.
"Ryan?" I looked around to find Ryan laying on the floor with blood on his face and broken glass around him. "Oh god Ryan!" I ran over to him and tried to pull him close to me, but he just pushed me away.
"Call an ambulance," He tried to say but it came out kind of airy and quiet "I think I broke my ribs." Without a second thought I grabbed my phone from my pocket and dialed the police.
"Mmhmm," I said into the phone "he was in a fight and I need an ambulance." I gave them the address and looked over to Ryan. He looked so broken and battered, not like the happy boy I saw only a couple hours ago. "They'll be here in fifteen minutes." I cupped his face with my hands and stared into his eyes. He cried and I wiped off the blood and tears with my thumb. "Shh it's ok I'm here. The ambulance is on it's way. Everything will be ok soon." I tried to reassure both of us.
"Alex I didn't want you to see me like this I should've never invited you over I'm so sorry." He started to cry even harder.
"Without me being here you could've died." I could feel the tears run down my cheeks.
"I love you so much. Please never leave me." He said as I wiped his hair off that stuck to his face from the blood.
"I love you too, Ryan. I'll never leave you I promise."

ok so I'm trying to update as soon as possible. also I'll possibly be gone the entire weekend and won't have access to my laptop but I'll still try to update. review please!
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