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You're my entire world.

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"Yes." Just one simple word. Yes. That's all it took to make me fall completely head-over-heels in love with him. Yes.

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We layed there for a couple minutes. Just watching each others every move as we waited for the ambulance. The door opened and the scent of alcohal filled the air again.
"Ryan, I love you." I said as I nuzzled my face into his bloddy neck.
"I love you too." He looked over my shoulder to the man standing above us. I started to cry thinking about if we were going to die.
"Who's this?" We both stood up. It was Ryan's father. His word's were slurred, but I heard what he said. He raised his arm like he was going to hit me.
"NO!" Ryan screamed, or atleast tried to, and pushed me behind him. "Don't touch her. Please, she's my entire world. Hurt me instead." His father looked shocked. He put his hand down and muttered something under his breath before leaving.
"Did he just come back to see if you were still alive or something?" I said with my hand on his ribs. He winced a little. I could tell he was trying to be strong. Trying not to cry.
"Probably." As he said that I heard the ambulance.
"That was really sweet, Ryan." I said as we walked to the door.
"What was?" He said trying to walk out to the ambulance.
"That whole me being your entire world thing. Do I really mean that much to you?" I opened the door and he smiled. His face was still full of blood and he could still hardly move without hurting. I was so surprised how he actually could stand up and push me behind him.
"Yes." Just one simple word. Yes. That's all it took to make me fall completely head-over-heels in love with him. Yes.
"Ryan," I tried to start before I was pushed away by some paramedic.
"Ma'am did you see who did this?" One of the paramedics asked. Ryan looked at me and shook his head.
"No I- I just came home and he was like this. I don't know who it was." I felt the tears form at my eyes. Why didn't I just say it was his father?
"Ok well would you like to ride in the ambulance with him?" The other paramedic asked. I nodded my head.


"So is he going to be ok?" I asked the nurse after Ryan had fallen asleep.
"I'm sure he'll be fine. Just don't let him sit up. He broke about three ribs on each side, and his arms and face is pretty bruised up." She said looking at the chart.
"Oh god." I said as the tears fell down my cheeks.
"It's ok sweety. Now you're sure you don't know who did this?" She said placing her hands on my shoulders and looking into my eyes.
"I- I'm sure." I wiped my eyes with my sleeve of my shirt.
"Ok call me when he wakes up." She walked out of the room.

Yaay! Did you guys miss me? No? Ok): well thought i should try and upload soo r&r pleease!! love you guys! i'll try to update either tommorrow or tuesday! baaai!

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