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These dreams

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My dream had just became my nightmare.

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"Ryan are you sure?" She asked while looking down at the buttons on my shirt. I held her face in my hands and stared into her eyes.
"I've been ready for so long. I need you. I want to be close to you. No I need to be close to you. Only if you're ready." I said looking concerned.
"Ryan I'm ready I'm just worried. I get that we're old enough I mean we're seventeen. We've been together for two years now, but I- I guess I'm nervous. I'm sorry." She backed away from me and crossed her arms across her stomach. I was nervous too, and I had to respect that she wan't ready.
"Listen," I gently grabbed her arms and stared into her eyes "don't be sorry. You have every right to be nervous. We can wait." I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her.
"Ryan," she said as she started to unbotton my shirt "that was a test, and you passed. You really do respect me and that makes me want you even more." She smiled. I wasn't even sure what was going on until it was over. I had blacked out. All I remember was her taking off my shirt, me trying to unclasp her bra but then her having to because I couldn't figure out how, falling down on the bed, and then wave after wave of pleasure filled me. The screams and moans could probably be heard from downstairs. Wait where were we? Some standard motel on the corner of fourth and freemont street? No we were in a house. Who's house? Hers. Her mom wasn't home. Not like she would care anyway. We layed next to eachother. We were both naked and sweating. I looked over to her and smiled.
"I love you." I managed to say.
"I love you too." She got closer to me.
"I" I tried to start I didn't think I could say it. Not after what just happened. "I think we should breakup." I almost started to cry. I almost did. She did.
"What?! After what just happened?! Ryan that's fucked up you know I had a hard time trusting anyone after what happened and when I actually trust you enough to have sex with you you break up with me?! What the fuck?!" She shot out of her bed grabbing her clothes and putting them on as fast as possible.
"I- I'm sorry! I didn't want it to be like this I just-" I tried to think of a reasonable explanation for doing this to her. She was a really sweet girl and I didn't want to hurt her that's why I had to let her go. I was going on tour and I couldn't bring her. I wanted to so badly, I begged and pleaded but they all said no. Even Brendon her 'best friend.'
"You know what save it Ryan I don't give a fuck anymore just get the fuck out of my house!" She screamed and threw my clothes at me.
"I'm sorry I-" I atleast had to try to explain why I was leaving.
"Ryan I don't even care anymore get the fuck out ot I'm calling Pete!" Pete Wentz. They got really close when we started the band and Pete signed us. He said if she ever needed help to call him. He was like the older, protective, brother that she never had. Pete was alot stronger than me, and he really scared me even when he was just joking around about beating me up. I quickly got dressed and stood up.
"I'm going on tour! I couldn't bring you any it's going to be for almost a year! It's easier this way!" I screamed through tears. She didn't even say anything. She looked really shocked and scared. I don't think I've ever screamed at her except for when I found her at a party making out with another guy. Wait? I'v enever been to her house. We aren't even dating. What's going on? I think I'm dreaming.

I'M BAACK! FINALLY UPDATING!! did u guys miss me? at all? no? not one bit:(. ok so obviously this is ryan's dream. it's going to go on for about 2-3 chapters. also i had to add the build god then we'll talk line because i love that song:3 love you guys so r&r bizznitchess! also check out my other story 'where did all the good times go.'
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