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And in my heart, I can’t contain it.

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Frank likes Gerard. Gerard likes Frank. Will they ever tell each other how they feel?

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A/N: Ok so I have only written one-shots before. And well only two of them –le feels like a noob at writing- Any way I hope you enjoy and please R&R?

Chapter 1
Franks P.O.V

I brought the razor to my arm. I can stop any time. I know I can but I need it, just for tonight, tomorrow I will stop. I promise. 5 cuts. That’s enough for tonight. I will stop. I can stop.

These were the thoughts going through my mind as I drifted into a deep sleep.

I groaned and rolled over. ‘Shit!’ I had fallen off my bed. I need to remember I only have a single bed now.
I started to rush around my room, pulling on my black skinny jeans, Green Day t-shirt and Misfits hoodie. I had to be careful because of the cuts last night they sting so much. But it’s worth it. I smudged black eyeliner round my eyes and ran down stairs.
I made my way to the door but was stopped by my mother. ‘Frank, honey you really should eat something.’
‘I’ll get something at school’ I shouted back as I ran out the door, to be greeted by Gerard.
I stopped moving and stared at him for a while. So yeah I have a huge crush on my best friend, as long as he doesn’t find out it will be ok. Wait how tight are those jeans?
‘Frank are you ok?’
‘hmm what?’
‘I said are you ok you seem a bit out of it?’ he said and chuckled slightly’
I just laughed and nodded. We started walking to school. Luckily at school nobody noticed us. They didn’t care we were just the emo kids and nobody wanted anything to do with us, and our other friends. Mikey, who is also Gerard’s brother, Ray, Bob and Zoe. We all loved the same music I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends.

Gerard’s P.O.V

Why is Frank looking so sexy today? Then again he always does. Sigh.
Shut the fuck up brain.
Oh but it’s oh so true.
Yes but I don’t particularly want a boner right now.
Good point I’ll shut up now.
Thank you!
Wait I just told myself to shut up. Wait I’m talking to myself!
‘Huh what?’
‘Woah. You thought I was out of it earlier. Do you just realise you trod in dog shit?’ He giggled. Oh that giggle is fucking adorable. Wait did he just say I trod in dog shit? I looked at my shoe.
‘Oh shit.’ I groaned.
‘Yes you are very observant. It is shit!’ He was in tears of laughter by this point. I got some tissue to wipe it off at least it doesn’t smell. Frank was still laughing when I had finished and it is contagious. We were still laughing when we got to school to find Ray, Bob, Mikey and Zoe already there.
‘Hey guys what you chatting about?’ Frank asked with a huge grin on his face.
‘Oh not much just about how we can hear your girly laughing all the way down the street’ Zoe replied and winked at us.
‘Yeah’ Mikey started. ‘What were you guys laughing at anyway?’
‘Gee trod in dog shit whilst day dreaming.’
‘Oh I wonder what or WHO he could have been day dreaming about.’ Mikey winked at me. How the fuck can he see I have a crush on Frank and but Frank can’t? Ok all our friends can tell but still. Maybe he does know but just doesn’t care! Yeah that’s probably it. Why would he care about me. I’m just a loser, who is weak. I’m weak because I cut, it was 3 last night. But I can stop. Anytime. Maybe I will stop from now on. Yes I promise myself.
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