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The Anthem Won't Explain it.

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Frank likes Gerard. Gerard likes Frank. Will they ever tell each other how they feel?

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A/N: WOW Updating in two consecutive days B|. Uhmm so I’m writing it so it’s set in America. But I’m British, so I’m sorry if I get detail wrong about the way schools are and stuff. Just to clear things up both Gerard and Frank have come out in this story I didn’t know how I could put it in. Hope you enjoy! And R&R Please?
~Transmission Exploder (yeah this is my Killjoy name) xoxo
Frank’s P.O.V

The day seemed to drag on and on. Nothing interesting happens in this hell hole it doesn’t help that Gerard keeps distracting me with his oh so tight jeans. I actually have detention because I wasn’t paying attention.


Gerard was bending down to pick up something he managed to drop. Oh my, he has one fine arse.
‘Frank.’ The teacher called but I didn’t really hear him. Or I was ignoring him. I would so much rather stare for a moment or two longer.
‘FRANK ANTHONY IERO This is the last time I will stand for you not paying attention in my class! Detention Tuesday after school.’
‘Whatever.’ I replied then started doodling on my work book.
‘Don’t use that attitude with me or it will be longer!’ I sighed as he turned away and Gerard started giggling.
‘Frankie you need to start paying attention. Why are you so distracted today?’ Oh trust me Gerard you don’t want to know the thoughts going through my mind. In fact I feel sorry for anyone who may have the ability to read minds.

BRRIINNGG. FUCK YES, School is finally over and my mum is away for a week so I have the house all to myself. I ran out of the classroom after shoving my work into my bag. I got to my locker to find Gerard waiting for me. My smile grew as I got closer. ‘Hey Gee, what you doing here?’ He blushed. Woah what’s up with him he usually stays as pale as the walls in this school.
‘Just thought we could walk together.’ He replied whilst nibbling on his lower lip. Is this meant to be the best day ever? Gerard wanting to spend more time with me?
‘Oh Gerard I’m flattered walking me to and from school! You’re such a gentleman’ I replied in the best girly voice I could whilst fluttering my eyelashes and started giggling. He chuckled nervously something’s wrong I know it. Maybe that’s why he wants to walk with me to talk about it.

Gerard’s P.O.V

‘Gerard are you ok?’ I nodded. Sure it was a lie but I can’t just say Hey Frank you might hate me after this but I fucking like you more than a friend. ‘You sure you don’t seem, yourself?’
‘I’m sure Frankie I just got a lot to think about.’ A panicked look crossed his face for a split second. I wonder what that was about. ‘Ok if you want to talk tho-’
‘Yeah I know, I can talk to you.’ I gave him the best smile I could manage at the moment. He gave an evil smile. Wait what is he planning? Then he jumped on my back. ‘PIGGYBACK!’ He shouted for the whole world to hear.
I just chuckled and carried him back to his house.

I let him down so he could open the door.
‘Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?’ I asked not sure as it’s a Saturday. But also hoping he would ask me in for a bit.
‘Well duh remember you’re all coming round? My mum’s away for the week.’ I had forgotten about that now that he mentions it. He started biting his lip. ‘You know you don’t have to go just yet you can... Uh... You know come in for a while.’ Why did he seem so nervous? Maybe he knew I liked him and wasn’t sure if he wanted to hang around with me. Oh shit. Please let this just be my imagination.
I remained calm on the outside. But on the inside my heart was thumping.
‘I mean we haven’t hung out just us two in ages?’ He actually wanted to spend more time with me? Well we are best friends what else did I expect. Or maybe he really did know. Maybe he wanted to shout at me, tell me he doesn’t want to see me ever again.
Shut up brain how could he know?
Oh shit I haven’t answered him yet. ‘Uh.. Yeah sure.’ His face lit up when I said this.

Why does he seem so happy when only moments ago he was so nervous? This is making no sense to me.
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