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What's Another Night All Alone, When You're Spending Every Day On Your Own...

by NauticalStarGirl 3 reviews

Dylan is an unpopular teenage school boy, his interests in music and the way he dresses means he's tormented daily. He's hanging on by a thread, when he meets Heather, a girl that could either resc...

Category: Drama - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2011-10-05 - Updated: 2011-10-05 - 578 words

I stuffed my books from my locker to my bag, and quickly shut the door. I looked up and down the crowded hallway but couldn't see Jake or his gang, thank god. I was just about to step out into the flowing stream of students, when I felt a hand against my shoulder. I turned just in time to see a fist flying at my face, and feel the impact as I hit the lockers. I slid down onto the floor, blood dripping from my nose, my eyes watering, and watched Jake, Lewis and the rest of their gang walk away laughing down the hall. "Oh for fuck's sake..." I muttered, getting up and running to the boys toilet, blood soaking my fingerless gloves, while I tried to cling to my books. I opened the door and went to the mirror, putting my books down on the side of the sink, and inspected the damage to my face, as well as a bloody nose, I had black hair that fell over one side of my face, a lip ring and eyebrow piercing, and eyeliner, or as I like to call it, guyliner. I went into a cubicle and got a massive wad of toilet roll, clearing up the blood with it, god it hurt so much, and it just kept coming. What the fuck? It was dripping into the sink, and onto my books, just the sight was making me feel slightly ill. Eventually it stopped, I flushed the paper down the toilet and hurried to English, I was already ten minutes late, detention, here I come.

When lunch came, I went to the wall and sat down alone, pulled out my sketchbook, and started drawing. I like drawing, it takes my mind off the outside world, when I draw I can create my own reality, where I'm in charge and people like Jake and Lewis get what's coming to them. It goes without saying, that people have been disturbed by things I've drawn in the past...I was quite happily sitting on my wall, drawing in my small A5 sketchbook, when I saw a shadow cast over me, instinctively I put my pencil case and sketchbook back in my bag, not wanting whoever this was to see inside my diary of pictures. I looked up...It was a group of girls. Not the pretty kind, with the natural skin and simple make up, these were the kind of girls that looked like walking satsumas that'd been gang-banged by Crayola, and they were looking at me like I was a piece of shit beneath their 4 inch high stiletto heels. "Yes, what do you want?" I asked them, cautiously. They just laughed their high pitched stupid laugh, and said "Whatcha drawing...?
"None of your business." I replied, curtly. "You can't talk to us like that, we're ladies!" They squeaked at me, their high pitched voices annoyingly fake. Then one of them, the leader of this pack of wolves that were attempting to rip me to shreds, made a grab for my black messenger bag. "Get the fuck away from me!" I said, jumping up, and nearly tripping on the low wall. They crowded all around me, laughing and making snide comments. I just shut my eyes, kept my head down and ran off. Stupid fat bitches... I thought to myself Think they're so much better than everyone else with their disgusting fake tan and shrill voices..Well fuck them!!
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