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Getting Home

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Dylan arrives home, where arguments begin with his mum.

Category: Drama - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2011-10-06 - Updated: 2011-10-06 - 774 words

After the school day was over, I walked home. I lived ten minutes down the road from the school, so at least I didn't have to get on the bus with Jake, Lewis and the other dickheads. A few years ago, when I lived further away from the school, I'd have to get the bus in every morning at eight AM and then get the same bus back at three-thirty PM. It was torture. I put my keys into the lock and stepped inside, it was relatively quite, except for the low hum of the TV upstairs, which told me mum still hadn't got out of bed, the lazy bitch. "Dylan!" I heard her call from her room, "Yeah!" I called back, taking my headphones out and putting my bag on the floor. "Get us a cup of coffee?" I sighed, she had her own legs, they worked perfectly fine, why couldn't she get her own fucking coffee? "Do I have to? I just got in!" I called up to her "Don't argue with me Dylan, I asked for a coffee!" I didn't bother fighting back, she'd only punish me, like the time I forgot to empty the bins and she ripped all of the My Chemical Romance posters off my walls and chucked them out. I still hadn't forgiven her for that. I walked into the kitchen and started making a pot of coffee, and got out two mugs, one for her and one for me. Although mum and I are related, we're nothing alike, for example, she likes weak, milky, sweet coffee, and I have my coffee strong, black and so caffeinated it could drive a brick to insanity. I put both coffees on a tray and walked them up to her room, went in, and put hers on the bedside table, and promptly disappeared into my own room, with my own coffee.

I spent the next few hours gaming on my computer, I didn't have any friends at school, and only one or two outside of school, for example, Nick, who'd been my friend since nursery, but whom I hadn't seen much since we separated to go to different secondary schools. I was in year 11 now, but could count on two hands the number of times we'd met up since year 6. Sad, really. At 11PM I decided it was time to hit the sack, I didn't bother getting changed, I had no energy anyway, I just lay in my bed and stared at the ceiling. Three hours later, when I was still staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep, I rolled over and got out of bed. I crept past mums room and into the bathroom, opened the cabinet and found the box of sleeping pills, popped two out of the shiny plastic container and swallowed them dry. Maybe now I could finally get some sleep, I went back into my room, and thought to myself, Perhaps if I take enough I'll never actually wake up... But then pushed those thoughts from my mind, suicide was the cowards way out. I got back into bed, pulled the covers over my head and within ten minutes was drifting into darkness, finally.

In my dream, I was walking down an empty hallway at school, there was noise all around though, people talking, gossiping, shouting, lockers being shut, footsteps, but no one was around. The place was deserted. I looked in each and every one of the classrooms, there were books on the desk and bags on the floor, but there was still no one to be seen. Maybe there was a fire bell... I thought to myself, but that wouldn't explain the noise all around me. I saw a shadow on the wall ahead, but when I turned around no one was there. Then I actually listened to what the voices all around me were saying "Freak" "Faggot" "Retard" I clasped my hands over my ears and turned a corner, more voices "Emo" "Cunt" "Loser" Everywhere I turned the voices were talking, shouting, screaming, louder and louder. "Weirdo" "Wrist slitter" "Mosher" I fell to my knees with my hands over my ears and screamed to the floor "Make it stop!! Fuck, fuck, make it stop! Please!! Then there was the sound of the bell, signalling the end of something, break? Lesson? I didn't care, so long as the voices stopped. People appeared from nowhere, walking on me, pushing me aside, kicking me, and still the bell grew louder, and louder, and louder.
Until it all stopped. Everything disappeared and I opened my eyes, my alarm clock was going off, 7AM, time for school.
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